Hour of Slack #1846 - The Ins and Outs of SubGenius Porn Stardom

Internet: 60:26 Radio version: 59:40

Three different shows are interspersed: The Too Late Show from the wee hours of July 5, a live Hour of Slack with Stang, Dr. Hal and Papa Joe Mama from July 4 (also recorded at Land of Id Resort in Florida), and a phone-in from Lonesome Cowboy Dave recorded at Tarzan's on Stang Ranch. The Too Late Show was hosted by Rev. Fidd Chewley and features an interview with Rev. Purge, an actual adult film star, who answer's Fidd's lascivious questions about the behind-the-scenes details of her work. These are all fractions of longer shows and will be continued next week. In fact The Too Late Show went on all night.

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1 LeMur - HOS_Intro814 00:21
2 Stang intro 01:53
3 The Too Late Show 1A-a Intro, Purge XXX 10:36

Old Crow sound check - We are live! The Too Late Show! Nudist vs FUCKING parts of resort - What's this X-Day thing? This SHIT is WEIRD - SHIT people do while we do this show - drugs - our friends - small time slot, 10 minutes, then 8 hours... long trip down Bob Dobbs lane. I'm half son of Satan, used to heat - Producer Cosmac joins in. Dr. Purge joins in - has been a Subg for several years. Leadership roles at X-Day. Expected bad white people but it was all love and welcoming. Have to bring your own jenkem. The sarcastic edge to the Church, but everyone was so kind vs edge humor. Clean burning hateful ASSHOLES.

4 LeMur - PR_Gnus1942 00:41

5 Lonesome Cowboy Dave Call A 16:16

Stang's flying saucer - and cognitive problem. I didn't cut any clumsy sound problems from the beginning. Dogs might start barking at tribe of deer like things using our back yard as their toilet. No bums just animals. Maybe shouldn't leave toilet paper in the woods hanging from trees. Fenced yard vs back yard which is infinite. All the varmints play poker with the cats under the porch. Wasps don't bother them, but put me in the hospital - Nurse Anna Phylaxis saved me, now I have a shot. Cops might chase me all summer - tired of running. Can't run. My secret trails in case of Black Helicopters - Stang-sniffing dogs. Stang now hates adventures. 5:32 Confuse the animals by dressing as the Queen of England. (From Cheech and Chong game - Chong is Canadian. Mayor tried to seduce Chong, then Bigfoot showed up, and aliens. Also in TPB Greasy Money. Assloadtillions. Stang speaks like Queen. Beard might throw 'em off. Phone app that replaces movie actor with your face, but "Bob" doesn't work. Instant deep-fake. Add my face to Biden since my stutter matches. Falling sleep senile. Senility the last thing you have to worry about. Stang's face on female characters look like his mom with a beard. In the Suicide Squad movie, Polka Dot Man sees everyone as looking like his evil mom. Shoots polka dot tumors from his body. Bad Supervillain Names FB page, Mystery Men bad heros. The Old Guard has two gay Immortals as part of a five-Immortal team. Dave and Hal and Stang crush each other's brains. Philo and Stang sound alike.

6 The Too Late Show A-b-Purge is Adult Film Star XXX 05:15

So what do you do outside Church? I'm an adult film star. Let's get into sausage. How'd you become a porn star? Trans... easier to be a porn star if you're a girl. Scheduling your porn shoots. Porn girls pack lots of lingerie. Repeating the porno for stills. Production details. How long does a scene go on?

7 LeMur - PR_Gnus1941 00:43

8 Lonesome Cowboy Dave Call B 10:04

Recorder batteries running out. Not getting bars... it's a dry county. WAS dry until Pappy moved here... then he quit drinking! Guesses about why he quit. Stang drank then quit then started again but only drives drunk on own property after making dinosaur track casts. Free to do anything in Texas except get a shot, abortion, or wear a mask. Mom's nurse went to Rangers game... then got Covid. Legalized pot in AR and OK but not Texas. They thought Covid would only kill Democrats, and did... at first. But there're be fewer red state voters -- a silver lining. Sturgis biker rally. It's my freedom to drive 120 mph at night with no headlights. Pappy's cousin vs. traffic light robots. Dave on robotic law. Beijing in 1986 had no traffic lights, cabs wouldn't stop for anything. Chinese folk music vs. Chinese opera. LI LI-JING (25:30) Stang on Chinese opera bizarreness.

9 24X-Day Hour of Slack with Dr. Hal, Father Joe Mama, Stang 7-4-H-Monster stuff XXX 14:11

Rev. Cosmac is dead -- face down in pool. He spouted through a hole in his back. Back on Mars Attacks... now it's every TV show: Tragic Super Heroes. Got tired of werewolf transformation. As opposed to the Lon Chaney ones. Rare then, now you can do it on your phone. The Con does it to death until the fun's gone. Hippies.. punks.. all become beer commercials. Every world changing turns into fads. Stang's ponytail,,, along with every other retired redneck in Texas. No longer hiding the ponytail SHIT,, every old bastard. Like Chinese ponytail? Ching Chong Chinaman. The Monster Hunter movie and Chi-knees. Edited out but Chinese still hated it. Accurate to the game -- only time for two boss fights. Other MH players won't watch it due to modern characters. All giant monsters violate laws of physics. WARCRAFT movie. Elves and trolls. How to piss off old monster fans on FB -- say new Kong is better or Lon Chaney Jr. was terrible actor. Lon Chaney III goes to conventions. Unions wouldn't let Chaney Jr. do makeup. UNIONS! House of Dracula scientific werewolf stuff. Wolfman got cured but it came back - Abbot and Costello. Wolfman never realized he was on the monster's side. OF MICE AND MEN. Lon Chaney TV shows. Ten minutes later we're still on Lon Chaney Jr. The HoS with all the Dr explan from Hose of Dracula. The gorgeous hunchback girl -- gave us mixed feelings. Chaney did all his stunts. He was big. Evelyn Ankers was scare to be carried by the drunken Chaney in Mummy movies. Tana leaf tea was only in the later movies. The slurping of tana tea off the floor in one. Optically blacked his eye sockets.

10 PO Box 807 00:21



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