Hour of Slack #1844 - Rubix Pube Special and 24X-Day

Internet and Broadcast Versions: 59:43

The day before X-Day, or so we thought, Dr. Hal, Stang, Peas, and (later) Papa Joe Mama did one final live "Hour of Slack" from the stage at Land of Id resort in Land o' Lakes, Florida. It's quite the nerd-out! To prevent an outbreak of nerdophrenia in listeners, the elevated man-blabber is punctuated by rockin' doktor songs by Rubix Pube -- not the live recordings from X-Day, but their studio albums Hypnostank and BobComp 1 (available on bandcamp.com). The wonderful girl-voice of Rev. Lochness Cleaver serves as a needed respite from the yabbering grandpas.

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1 LeMur - HOS_Intro815 00:43
2 Rubix Pube - HYPNOSTANK - 01 Wheeeieiei 02:53
3 Stang Intro 01:08

4 24X-4-A-OCD vs ADHD 06:45
Talking about the problem of the unlimited free beer. Stang does clean-up due to OCD. ADHD vs. OCD. Grandson's brain works better, but grandpa knows more -- Must Work Together! Legos Vs. American Plastic Bricks. The skyscraper set vs. Erector Set. Once again talking about toys from the 50s and 60s. The Great Garloo. All the toys we'll beam up in The Rupture. Mr. Machine. Rock-em-sock-em Robots. Japanese real robots.

5 Rubix Pube - HYPNOSTANK - 02 Spinning Top 02:02

6 24X-4-B-The Rupsture and Time Control 06:49
Rev. Trixie Von Mothersbaugh looks so cute, like a Raggedy Anne doll. Like she just walked out of a lollypop song in an MGM musical. Anyway tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow will no longer creep along in a petty pace. The last Tomorrow. Not a large spacecraft, but a large planet. Preserve the life forms of Earth. Just plan to torture a few select -- mostly preservation. Not PDFs, the real thing. Peas will make the alphebet match how he spells -- reverse proofreading. Go back in time, step on a butterfly. Were there butterflies in the Cretaceous? Yes, grasses and flowers started then. Proto-flowers. They had crude butterflies. Stepping on the first butterfly on your trip to the past. Any time you go back in time you break something, now stuck in new timeline that you created. Stang's screenplay HAROLD AND KUMAR MEET HITLER.

7 LeMur - PR_Gnus1943 00:49
8 24X-4-C-Bob and Peas win by fucking up XX 03:42
Modern world created by Annie Oakley. German prince insisted on being the guy who got the cigaret shot from his mouth. No Kaiser Wilhelm or WW1 or Hitler had she missed. It's how "Bob" does everything. FUCKING up XXX
is Peas hard path. No Dobbs in the WhiffReader, just Peas. FUCK UP Peas is more Bob-like. As Landing approaches, be ready. Chemical attractants of "Sex Goddesses"

9 Rubix Pube - HYPNOSTANK - 03 Grandma (MEOW) 02:44
10 LeMur - PR_Gnus1944 00:18

11 24X-4-Da-Walking Catfish 03:40
Turning off coffee machine. Hal's iron tongue from reciting poetry. How does Peas like Walking Catfish? Their walk across America for funds. Philo's daughter afraid to see naked people or hear cussing.
God's Cartoonist DVD for auction. John 3:16 and the $3.16 store.

12 LeMur - PR_Gnus1945 00:14

13 24X-4-E-16 min XX 16:13
The Don't Think button with Stang's fave shirt. SubG Olympic Doping Committee. Dope such an ugly word -- prefer "SubGenius"-The Olymdicks. Stang's multiple limp dicks. Autosuck crossed with garbage disposal and garage door opener. Walking Catfish secretions. Stang and the catfish and tripping -- Acid Test - Stang passed it. Stang and the Merry Pranksters. SubG did the national freakout thing better! Key and SubG. Zane Kesey sending "Bob" blotter replicas. Stang's heart attack. Peas leaves to make room for Papa Joe. Bobtism in pool and gene pool and each other's germs. Pol masturbators and pregnancy. Takes too long now to squeeze one out. Califrnia and fruits and nuts. Rural Texans hate CA. Polarization in religion and politics. Hating the other tribes. "Lock us up! Lock us up!" -- the free thinkers wearing identical hats calling others "sheeple." Cave-tribalism. Convenience of always wearing blue jeans - Brindlefly School of Fashion. Don't give a SHIT XX abot how I look. Papa Joe's Stalinist hat. Highest genocide score. ~~ The last Doc Savage novel - Doc vs. Russians, The Red Spider. Onan sent ALL Doc Savage comics - ~~ Batman and Doc. Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne were of age to be reading those novels.

14 Rubix Pube - HYPNOSTANK - Sellphone II 03:26

15 24X-4-F- Nerd Trivia 05:47
Anti-shark repellent in Papa Joe's Pants. Draws women who are always circling him. The Mystery Men and the Blue Raja. Bouncing Boy was at Dokstok tape. Now a right wing crank in nursing home. Johnny Weismuller's nurse said he would grab asses and do the Tarzan yell in the nursing home. Creature from the Black Lagoon filmed near Tallahassee, Doris Wishman movie NUDE ON THE MOON filmed here? And HIDEOUT IN THE SUN. DINOSAUR VALLEY GIRLS, partly filmed in Glen Rose. Cave girls and oafs. Hal's room.

16 Credits-url-to Rubix 00:51
17 Rubix Pube - Bacteria Records Presents- -Bobcomp I- - 03 Yeti-Ism in a Young Female XX 01:09
18 Rubix Pube - Bacteria Records Presents- -Bobcomp I- - 07 -Bob- Luvs You 00:24



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