Hour of Slack #1843 - Lonesome Cowboy Dave Returns Again

Internet: 66:08 Broadcast: 60:00

Lonesome Cowboy Dave is back in the house! We recorded a phone-in to Tarzan's Radio Station at Fossil House on Stang Ranch in Stangsville, Texas on 2021-08-09, and none of us had died yet... although according to the news, the world might end before you get a chance to hear this show all the way to the end. But, what better way to spend your time just before the atmosphere either freezes entirely, or boils away? (... Depending on your location.) Three classic songs by Dave and ESO are included, plus live versions of two of them at the end! Good luck living through the Weather Apocalypse that long! (Note: Apologies to Larry Blamire for the title. Correction: The movie GASLIGHT is actually from 1944.)

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1 LeMur - HOS_Intro816 00:24
2 Quickie clip from later in show, censored: Steve Rogers censored 00:21
3 Lonesome Cowboy Dave and the Mondo Retardo Band - Beat Me To A Pulpit 00:53
4 Stang Intro 00:39

5 2021-08-08 Dave Call Show a 18:58
Beat You to a Pulpit. Dave brains and hats. It's hot here, can't go near airlock. Had to repair it with snot and scotch tape. Wei had her gums removed from her hair with lasers at Dental mental hospital. At dentist everybody wears mask but you the patient! Stang still wears mask just to tick off The Others i.e. Ignorant Rednecks. With mask they can't see you drooling. I could drool all I wanted! None the wiser or wetter! Glue hair to inside of mask, keeps bad germs out but you can eat the good germs if there are any left in the ocean after the heat wave. They all died yesterday and there were a krillion funerals. Thought I'd die before the planet did, but the snowball's rolling through Hell. Was hoping to avoid seeing the whole ecosystem get called home before me. Theym will charge double for tickets to watch yourself die. In North Texas we're having NORMAL weather; everybody else getting Texas weather. Allergies from inhaling the burning homes and appliances in California. Stang will go to bed and cower and tremble, as close to sex as I get at my age... use your fear or palsy's quivering energy to save on electric bills. The old woman just came home - Wei makes pit stop because of her pits. Pittsburgh - Pittsburrough. French Indians of Detroi - Fort Pitt. Cleveland baseball team now the Guardians of the Galaxy. The Tribe? Tribe must kill other tribe if you have the wrong totem pole. But house is already on fire from climate change. Ocean off coat of Canada now dead zones. Everybody in the NW is already dead. They'll die clean because the water from instantly melted glaciers will wash over them soon. The Day After Tomorrow. Just a minute ago the air froze in Manhattan and glaciers in NYC, but water evaporating so fast in West that they're now crisps. So funny I remembered to laugh.

6 Lonesome Cowboy Dave and Einstein's Secret Orchestra - Iodine 131 03:27

7 5 Dave Call Show c - Getting Butt Wiped 05:34
So exciting sometimes! Now we're serious... Stang will be able to hear LATER on the recording. The space shift of Stang's headphone. "What kind of equipment do you use Stang?" - list of old Radio Shack doohickies, iPhone 6 and a box of matches. The 4-track reel to reel is just there to look cool. Has a spider farm inside. So dusty there are dinosaur footprints within view from here. What? It's not 1987?!? Whoa, thought I'd had a stroke. Of bad luck. Easy when you're young -- somebody wipes your butt for you. It'll happen again if you're LUCKY. Wiping with a plastic spoon. Stang saw Reagan at a party doing that. Got his autograph but written with one of those spoons. Flies ate it. I simply dunt know!

8 Lonesome Cowboy Dave and the Mondo Retardo Band - The President's On Phone X 03:13

9 7 Dave Call Show D XXX 21:42
Listeners will be glad to hear Dave still alive. Only been on reruns. Welcome back. He has fictitious idea of what's going on in the world. Stang glad Wei doesn't read news. Compared Fake News CNN BBC headlines (World Ending via Climate Change) with Breitbart -- not even mentioned, just about Hollywood elites, the Rapist and the Sniffer. Sniffing and whispering. Cuomo's attempted gropes. Hand on butt used to be standard for 1950s boss. You can grab 'em by the CUNT-ry, if it's a right winger, but a sniffer can't. Quoting Shakespiere, rude crude joke. Looking at each other in Knowing Ways. Sexetaries and COCK-SUCKATARY -- Stang quoted taboo Dolemite in Rudy Ray Moore voice. If you're not woke, you're asleep, but if you're woker than though, that's even worse. Got ya comin' and goin'. Oops I said comin'! And Going, that means #2, back door... it's a bum...mer. "Yeah Monte Hall, let's find out what's behind Door Number Two!" - quoting TPB Greasy Money game. Oh I said ADDICTED. Got an unwoke word in it. I'm adricharded to this game. Canadians have no freedoms like USA so they can say anything they want. Steve Rogers COCKSUCKER AUDIENCE rant! That'll be a bunch of meep meep meep for the radio audience. Curse words are in cursive now, kids under 30 can't hear it, never learned cursive. Kids can't tell what the Declaration of Independence is. Kids also can't read clocks unless digital. Didn't stare at that round thing at 2:55. Phone has countdown and sex pictures. Fox news said all they teach in school is sexties and Marxism, Mic techniques of memory-less radio doktors. Hal falls asleep on the mic and even while awoke. Dave doesn't like new vocubulary. What gaslighting really means -- the old movie, 150,000 years ago... not extinct but lynching and gaslighting, speedboat to hell. Motorboated Stang. Bowling balls in boats -- they quit doing that in 2030, Dave! Right wingers hated the racks, lefties hated the balls. The pins were fine. Can't have balls. Both sides don't like balls. I had balls, but don't tell the cops. Easy to sit on balls. Balls is a figure of speech in my case. They finally told the truth about UFOs -- THEY DON'T KNOW. They released the info, but didn't explain anything. Nazis from Hollow Earth? Aliens? Creatures of Light that were always here! Or rich secret geniuses from 500 years ago that hid away and became advanced until they emerged to tease the suckers. Like Wakanda. Stang explains Wakanda from Black Panther... Wei never saw it. Probably free on pay per view - free if you pay. SubG movie still on Fandango and Hulu and Apple. We have bootleg copies. Dave hasn't seen the SubG movie. Stang filmed Dave and others but they didn't use the footage. Went to Portugal and ate goat. Anyway the movie came out good. They didn't use Wei either. The fake 7 am filmed at 7 pm.. more people. Film crew probably sorry they came. The hour is ending. Glad the world isn't ending quite yet. By the time we get upstairs the sky will have fallen. Countdown... The Day Called X. Not really... Gonna go back to what I don't want to say I was doing. Don't know what the kids call it now. Hogfishing. Something girls do better than boys. Dave signs off... script pages catching on fire... the last Hour of Slack. 1843 -- longer than Johnny Carson or David Letterman were on, and just as tired. Tired as Johnny Carson now. Fun to do show. Battery goes fast -- I know how it feels.

10 Stang End url, outro 00:32

11 Lonesome Cowboy Dave and Einstein's Secret Orchestra - Iodine 131 (live version) 04:14

12 Lonesome Cowboy Dave and the Mondo Retardo Band - Beat Me To A Pulpit (live version) 00:32
((End of Radio Version)

13 Stang Intros Technical Difficulties bonus 01:02

14 Dave Call Bonus - Headphone Problems - Pole in Hole 04:30
Fixed the sound by NOT putting the pole all the way into the hole. Pole isn't working right anymore. Earhole is a different hole, vs. port. It's fine now. Something for dinner and chocolate pudding? Don't worry about her ear. If split the port, Stang can't hear.



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