Hour of Slack #1842 - 24X-Day - But... There Is No July 5 In This Building!

Internet and Broadcast: 59:50

Daring songs by The Rudy Schwartz Project and The Swinging Love Corpses bracket a pretty lively "Live Hour of Slack" on the day before X-Day (July 4) at what sadly turned out to be the 26th X-Day Drill. "Panelists" include Dr. Hal, Rev. Stang, Rev. Peas and Rev. Fidd Chewley, not necessarily in that order. Topics include... well, let's not get into all that. More dMore detailed log is below.

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1 LeMur - HOS_Intro817 00:35
2 The Rudy Schwartz Project - Minnesota 02:23
3 Stang cred RSP and Intro 00:49
4 Hal Stang Peas 07-04-21-A.output X 51:58

Sound check - Fidd will do Bits - bits taken by Xists - Stang lost some dicks - Freethink pissing - "He's "Bob"" song - "Stay on the Grinnin' Side of "Bob"" - Stang's computer audio - Whiffreader headlines - MINESHAFT comic and Dead cartoonists - Sudden death - Free bag of art supplies - Intro HoS - Fidd's bloody feet - Mrs. Olsen's movie career & Folgers - Frop and Bloody Marys - X-Day better happen - worried about dogs- Dogs and Facetime and Dammett radio - Stang on dogs at X-Day - Alpha vs Call of the Wild - Fake anything - Dope - do Gift memberships work? The Book of Life and the Lake of Fire and mispelled names - The RIVERWORLD TV movie - Covid and 9-11 and fropping in radio stations - broadcast radio vs. podcasts -Occupy X-Day - AntiPi - We're anti-Pink.

28 Cool Water - Hearing aids shorting out - Time is Running Out - There IS no July 5 in this building! Peas appears. The Rain of Prairie Squid - Meeting Philo! Stang's first and last hit of Frop. The Xists have those memories. Stang's Saucer dibs. Fighting Legume at X-Day! Peas will get Stang's ponytail - new bodies - Third Arm and Hand - Rocnar's body - Rocnar as punching bag - Rocnar Gov - 23 vs. 273! 13013 and 999 Vs. $35! Postage prices - comics inflation - Jeff R's comic collection - $40 in lottery - The puppies eat stuff - secondary teeth - beam up dogs THEN kids and wife - Life on the Saucers and MWOWM being a little too much like the government - The secret: Put a spell on yourself to avoid the problem of Hell - SubGenoius Hell - Hearing aids - drink water!

5 Stang outro to SLC X 00:42
6 The Swinging Love Corpses - TFBAB Bummer X 03:19



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