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(ALL RADIO SAFE) Friends, this episode, recorded live at 24X-Day at Land of Id in Land o' Lakes Florida, with special guests Dr. Hal and Papa Joe Mama, may be a bit of a challenge for the listener because the recording quality was affected by seriously loud torrential rains, and, though we were under a roof, we were outside in it. This recording took some SERIOUS filtering with the Levelator to be comprehensible, and Dr. Hal especially was horribly overmodulated, but, we think it's worth it. The Woker Than Thou will face The Judgment. Unfortunately the Judgmental will also face the Judgment.

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Hour of Slack - keep it to an hour cause Im TIRED. Florida the Sunshine State? No, the Reclaimed Water State. state bird is the mosquito. Chiggers as vegans once they are adults. Torrential rain happening - on X-Day it will be BLOOD. Then the volcanos. Florida has sinholes instead of volcanos for sacrifices. Radio listeners can't see that we're naked and soaked in rain. Doris Wishman the film maker of NUDE ON THE MOON. Stang reads the Dobbstown Weekly Whiffreader headlines! Sheets of rain hiding the huge audience (of 12). Stang can't hear Father Joe Mama over rain.

7 min BEAR GATE survivors speak out against new Fidd Chewley joke! Legume's allegory about the fear of camping -- not very PC. Papa Joe brought the Hammer of Legume! Like Thor's hammer - delivered by Onan. Plane couldn't take off; only a holy man can lift it. Legume hammered a lot of Bobbies with that thing. Will deliver it to Legume in person. BUTTFUCKED THEMSELVES to death! You can't say BUTT because it offends the unbutted. We don't like to trigger the Conspiracy... on July 5 they'll find out what triggering really means... Roy Roger's horse Trigger triggers many. Hollywood horses that actors liked. Then the horses that were trained to fall and break their legs. Stunt-horses with wooden legs. 1 Million BC has tons of animals harmed, forced to fight and kill each other. It was before they knew about Dinosaur Appropriation. The Woker Than Thou will face The Judgment. Unfortunately the Judgmental will also face the Judgment.

The movie they show in Heaven of all your sins -- B&W or color? EVERYBODY watches YOUR sins. They have eternity to do it in. Wait'll Mrs. Darden sees the home movies I have in store for her. Does the audience applaud? Or boo? The audience is also people waiting to be judged. None are enjoying it. Chick's relishing the cruelty.

The unfortunate War on God. He must like it or Stang's be struck down by now. When I go to meet my Unmaker. On X-Day could we resurrect Jack Chick and force him to finish that anti-SubG comic? HOW MUCH YOU PAY "BOB" is how you stay out of Hell as a SubG. Stang whines about terrible Swag sales. Book "Lords of the Left Hand Path" - everything about devil worshippers is written by their enemies. Temple of Set, Critical Religion Theory. Stang plugs "God's Cartoonist." Hitler was bad, but he made Hogan's Heroes possible. Schulz and Klink were Jewish actors. They seem based on a Daffy Duck wartime cartoon. Bing Crosby and Groucho Marx backed Hogan's Heroes? Shared universe with Petticoat Junction and Green Acres.

Stang and Wei and Green Acres... Lisa and Mr. Douglas - scriptwriters getting ripped all the time. Characters could see the subtitle letters. Meta ahead of its time. The radio show had Gale Gordon as Mr. Douglas; the TV show was an improvement. Jeb was the same. Jeb Bush... I'm not a farmer but Philo IS. Mr. Green genes. Theater in one of his barns. "BOB" PAID STANG AND PHILO PRETTY WELL IN THE END... 40 acres and a mule. Stang was upset because needed cheap immigrant labor, but Trump had built wall. peas suggested Eskimos because they work at night and like the Texas weather. Hard to keep the igloos refrigerated. The woman who invented Eskimo Pies. Stang was overthinking Eskimo Pies. Hal as Universal Poet Laureate.

31 The Whiffreader doesn't have any pic of Dobbs, just peas!Peas wants to be High Epopt! Accent on the high and popped. Trump did recognize the camel toe in his IQ test. What happened to Fidd Chewley's feet? Bloody mess. He's an idiot. We prefer the word SubGenius.

35 Humidity killed Stang's hearing aids. Joke on Stang. Old monster movie trivia and bulldada... but from their grandparents' time. "Trivia" - The tripod breaking drunk man, Fidd Chewley. Tripod breaking man is at every devival. With 50 cases of beer, there are 50 tripod breaking men. Idiots- sorry SUBGENIUSES can't do that. "I'm not a rebel, I'm just an IDIOT." "We didn't call it Church of the Genius for a reason." "Earth really is the most beautiful planet in the whole world."

All the people who can afford to are going into space in their own spaceships. The gov't UFO report works for both believers and nonbelievers. John Galt's behind it. Like the climate change acclimation process -- when X-Day comes nobody believes it. Stang thinks it's the smartest rich people from 500 years ago, hidden for all that time, now just teasing the rest of us. "But the Xists ain't saucer-crashing ninnies! A Xist don't even need a body! (Nice Stang rant re: real aliens!) DOBBSLY SCIENTIFIC MAGIC. Point of life is to HAVE FUN! Slack comes first, that's it! If you have to wait 1000 years it's worth it! I know, I tried that!" Stang wakes up long enough to do a pretty good old timey rant here. The SubGenius Hell and the Spanking Machine. The point of the dogma isn't to make sense. Using your mind for religion is gonna backfire on ya. The genius part is that you know you're a SubGenius. Stang's sentence about what he identified ass. BITCH ASS SUBGENIUS! What would Dolemite say and how? I'm not supposed to. But I could. Worked with Rudy Ray Moore. ((Bitches bulldaggers cocksuckers and queers!!)) I can edit that out. Appropriation is appropriate to me. Aproprpo of Appropriation... are you gonna hinder my ability to identify as an Appropriationist? NAZI!!

Rev. Nagative and Rev. Katana 007 - got engaged and will be married at X-Day! We're charging $35 to go to space but billionaiirres charge million! And this one's FREE! And nobody bought anything! If I don't sell stuff "Bob's" gonna call me home if we don't raise that money. Not that home's a bad place to be." You can max out that credit card, I don't care. I only keep what we need to keep the Foundation going. EBay gate cut out Paypal.

Don't they have hurricanes here? Himacanes, not sexist. ((REALLY LOUD RAIN)) John Shirley's novel about unending hurricanes. Stang's all-John Shirley shelf and a half. A sick, twisted SubG and really good writer.

THUNDER noise! Electro-storms. Rain helps thin the reclaimed water. The rain will make a steaming X-Day and hinder the cops. Red clay looks like blood... the pay dirt of X-Day!

53 How do you get a cat to eat coffee beans? Get a CIVIT cat. Eat coffee beans and SHIT them. Gourmand treat! Coffee ground up with excrement - better than Starbucks!



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