Hour of Slack #1829 - Rerun of 1149 - A Bunch of Nonsex


Rerun of #1149 (2008). A live broadcast from WCSB Cleveland, in which Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Rev. Stang and Princess Wei attempt to adjust moment-by-moment to the Rural War Room background music. The subject matter is primarily sex, sexual issues, and fluids that issue from "Bob." A rare 1929 SubGenius recording is played. Deluxe extra texture by LeMur, Norel Pref.

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1 LeMur: PR Gnus #1396 00:41
2 LeMur: PHOS_Intro773 00:19
3 Rev. Norel Pref -- Sermon_ Directions for Inward Filthy Lusts 01:08
4 LeMur: PBeave It To Lemur #05 - I Oughta Clop Ya 00:35
5 Rev. Norel Pref -- Winnie the pooh finds tail 00:48
6 LeMur: PSexual Action #2 01:22
7 50-foot Woman 00:16
8 Onan's "B.O.B." (Banana Club Banger rmx)-brother jessbone 02:28

LIVE YAK w/ Rev. Ivan Stang, Princess Wei 'R.' Doe & Lonesome Cowboy Dave

Creds, upcoming shows - Seattle, Amino Acids Cleveland, see SubSITE. Wei and her sister Dave, and Popular Bullgirl Davina. Takes all kinds but Davina is the kind it doesn't take. The Kind. Sex-love show intro. Rural War Room explan and bg. Dave's pancreas now a sexual organ. Palpating pancreas = 5th base. Not spleenless, but neither heavily spleened. News of the Cult - X-Day. X-Days of Yore X-Rated Pictorial. X-Days of the 20s, 30s, 40s. Sexy! Follow the Naturist Bob's droppings. Hamburg Devival. Ubergross SubG events all on news page of subgenius.com. Wei's band at Hester St Fair. The law: we can't tell you anything that might do us good. Anything more than one SG businessman does is legal. Not businessPERSONS. Dave's Commie Party at the Grand Function. P.o.C. = PP on Cleveland. SubGenius vs. Commies. "Customer is the sucker of the world." We're all suckers but some suckers are more equal than others and I'm one of the more equal ones. Commisar Pig Stang. Wearing Lenin's underwear linens. Insane Dave monolog w/ Rural War Room. U Can Fly.. the wings in yr MAHND, MAN! Stang does Drelloid "Bob" quote. SubGenius hillbilly gospel song we'll play later.

9 Rev. Norel Pref -- bob the girls flip 00:57
10 Rev. Norel Pref -- let me wallow in ignorance 00:55
11 Rev. Norel Pref -- do you plan_ 00:24
12 Rev. Norel Pref -- san francisco 00:58
13 Frankenstein19703-InterestedInCorpses?IDunno 00:43

Dave, Stang speaking in tongues and Angelic-English translations. The pure language of God. Upcoming programs on this fine radio station. Dave and Wei's leiderhosen. Pick-up-lines.
Intro Rev. Samantha's discovery of old 78 rpm record by Mutant Mountain Boys, apparent depression-ere SubGenius Hillybilly Gospel song!

14 "Look Away From The Pinks" - The Mutant Mountain Boys (overdub by Rev. Samantha, Princess Wei, Stang, Dave) 02:35

Dave declares love for Samantha's knees. Polygamists in Stang County, Texas. Texas and cults. Food riots in India, Haiti, Columbus, Eating our 'merkins. Dayton Place, where the UFOs crashed (Roswel was a cover-up). Corpse and zombie sex - Fast Running Zombies or Shuffling Zombies? Hooker zombies, Sales Zombies, Meth Zombies. Cochasa zombies. I had one too many myself. I have had a zombie, yes, when I was younger. Have to cut their hands off, and muzzle them. And the smell. And the bits falling off. The Texas businessman and the zombie bordellos. Out near Alpine. The Alpine Lights -- most dependable UFOs, and nearby headlights. A mirage? That's as supernatural as the UFOs! Whatcha gonna do. Dave and Wei sickness

15 Rev. Norel Pref -- you're still sick 01:33

We want you to praise "Bob" - among other things. Dave on Zombies and Dobbs. How often do we ascribe to "Bob" feelings that are our own? He was lying but it sounds great and that's all that matters. The antecedent -- is that what we ran over? Dave and Wei skull implants and biological urges down there. Ugly babies... we wouldn't do that to a rabbit. But a red-headed step-child, . . . He'll save your career but won't tell you what it is! A Mystery God. "Bob" plays with himself in strange places. His smelly Pipe. Real 'frop. When "Bob" Wafts By. If only frop grew in halfbreed droppings. This show makes me feel like I'm on something. Vision of Hitlr or Groucho. The easy way OUCH. We're not all we're cranked out to be. HoSlack promo. URL.
Speaking of dots we started searching for animalcules in the microscope. Evil worms in your tear ducts. We scraped the newt cage (desc. Of Fig the newt), found one nematode. A wee tubular life, unseen to the nude eye. The wonder of a $30 kid's microscope -- the reality of the ORGANISMS in your nostrils. Dirt is mostly poo and poo is mostly corpses. The circle of life. There's more crap than living breathing noncrap -- their biomass outweighs ours. And they smell funny. We'll live forever in our own feces!! THINGS live in your creases. The original theater of the crack of your behind. We're going to 1998 now.

16 Rev. Norel Pref -- biological urges-1998 00:42
17 Hell C17-BodeFamilyReunionWedding 01:29
18 Rev. Norel Pref -- rise the ugly baby 00:18
19 LeMur: Old Radio_Adv--Boy_Scouts 00:10

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