Hour of Slack #1671 - Gary G'Broagfran and Puzzling Evidence at Stang Ranch

"Live" 2018-04-22


SHOW CRASH!The Puzzling Evidence Show physically crashed into The Hour of Slack! To make matters even more severe, it was the OLDEST version of The Puzzling Evidence Show, because it included Dr. Gary G'Broagfran! It happened because a plane with Doug Wellman, Gary G'Broagfran, and Rev. Eohippus Lovechild (who'll be on next week) went out of control while flying over Flyover Country, and crashed on Stang Ranch in rutal Texas, right next to Tarzan's Radio Station! What could we do but activate The Third Miicrophone and call Lonesome Cowboy Dave? So what you get here -- and it is truly unique -- is, first, Gary ALL BY HIMSELF because Wellman and Stang abandoned him to the mix board (this is actually the funniest part of the show), and then the first and only known interaction between THE Puzzling Evidence and THE Lonesome Cowboy Dave... PLUS GARY!! The Dr. Hal part of The Puzzling Evidence Show, and the Philo Drummond part, have jammed with Dave plenty of times before, but wait'll you hear the ping-ponging bounce-back in the sandbox of the Dave AND the Puzz! There's also some great old new "media barrage" by Cool Hand Chris (using lots of old SubG stuff) and a tune from The Rudy Schwartz Project's elder album, "Salmon Dave." And: LeMur!

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1 LeMur: HOS_Intro207a 00:18
2 Stang, Puzzling Evidence, Gary - Show Intro 02:36
3 Slam Bang Theater Intro Theme 00:20
4 Roberto de la Rosa - False Prophits/Bang 01:16
5 Cool Hand Chris Revised SubG Media Barrage Track 05 06:26
6 Gary G'Broagfran Gets Stuck Alone With The Show! 06:51
7 LeMur - PR_Gnus1927 00:30
8 credits 00:23
9 The Rudy Schwartz Project, from "Salmon Dave" album - The Medicinal Properties of Chicken 03:29
10 LeMur - Oops 00:23

11 Doug and Gary Show Pt. 1 34:29

Wellman and Stang return to the radio station and relieve Gary. Stang is drinking Disneyland. Gary is playing Susie. Wellman and Susie shows. Burning Man Ranger who had been WREK station manager. Sister stations -- never brother stations. Hole in Gary's mic. KNON in Dallas too far to drive for Show. The Batmobile in Dallas. Our health problems - Scrone's Disease. Calling Cowboy Dave, who is being edited out and back in. Is Dave the "Weatherman" of Hour of Slack? Frisbies and Frizbians and Barbians. Doug and Gary ask Dave for hints on how to escape from the Stang Ranch Show. Artificial debunkery. Gary's feet stuck in dinosaur footprints. The sad truth of Ashtabula Ohio crank factory: "American Fork and Hoe"! Ashtabula now the worst place in Oz. "Ain't Gonna Wear No Government Shoes!" Can't resist snorting show. Dave's inside the computer slab. The baby mastectomies and the brazzierisms. UFO sightings in Ashtabula? Not the Xists, but the other aliens, Greys, Pinks, Greens, the crashing ones with franchises in Roswells -- anti-vaxxer aliens? Crappy aliens and Art Bell's dead! Gary broke 40 TVs hoping "Bob" would show up and repair them. Emaculation vs. electrication. "Leave It to Beaver". The old 1/4" reel to reel deck and fracking and earthquakes. The SimulSync 4-tracks used for Magical Mystery Tour, Electric Lady-Land. TWO 4-track machines = EIGHT TRACKS! Elvis was a soda machine. Dave's rough night with the pee-frontal lobotomy and General Ronald McDonald. The miracle of this show - that anyone is still alive. "I joked in my mouth a little." Wellman's vertigo and vomitting problem. How did "Dave" discover "Bob"? Schrodinger's Dave. Dave's origin story, Eurasia Blue. Scientology vs. Church of the SubGenius - the definition of "big." We have more dots and Slack. Geek philosopher Dave. People who are less lucky than me -- reach for something to believe in, like this beer can here. Guys wjo only have six wives and four Ferraris - why are they being punished? Playstation 4 vs the Wii. Wii and Mii details. Catching souls with Face Catcher - Hendrix and Pappy in the same room. "Wotan" as a verb. The history of the Doktorband and Wotan jargon. Wotan vs. Odin. Not Stang's fault! Norse gods and alt.right. Everyone DOESN'T have to vomit at the same time! Only Wellman. Exploding bladder on the plane. THE AIRPLANE-CLEARING FART is the theme of this show. Different frequencies of farts. Good thing Hal and Philo aren't here! We killed the Indians and now ourselves. The sound effects on Stang's phone when messages are left. Dave on Radio Prison. Near-Show is only 1% funny. Byron Werner's show and all the PSAs at once. Byron's upcoming biopsy isn't funny! Is Byron listening? Who has time to listen to ANY of the shows? Gary as a young artist - artists taught not to eat guacamole or know how to draw. If you can draw a cow, get out of art school. Gary's imprisoned old buddy - top artist in San Quentin! Sudden end of show. To be continued.

12 Noisy end credits 01:36
13 LeMur - PR_Gnus1929 00:46

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