Hour of Slack #1657 - Shithole Town and Country

59:33 broadcast; Internet version is 1 hour 18 minutes, and they are very different!

Down in the Medicine Shithole! Thanks to the President, we are now free to play, on public airwaves available to children, songs like "Shithole Town" by The Rainmakers! (Actually, we censored the broadcast version; this version is 18 minutes longer than an hour, too!) Most of the show is a good ol' live chat with Lonesome Cowboy Dave, recorded at Tarzan's at Stang Ranch, but (as always) on Sunday night just like a real show. Remastered versions of four songs by The Rudy Schwartz Poject and one by Lothar and the Hand People (!) form the opening twenty minutes but after that it's all about the smell of the fish people, the interchangeability of Trump and shit, shit holes, dingleberries, Trumphole towns, Jimmy Swaggart, Stormy Waters, British pee party tapes, what it's like down in The Medicine Fish Hole, yankin' out fresh expressions, The Master Game, Masonic Illuminati, the judging categories of Pyroflatulation contests.

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1 ThisOldTimeShow! 00:26
2 Lemur - Stang_Sez_Bob1 00:13
3 Voice on Radio 00:26
4 Stang Title 00:30
5 The Rudy Schwartz Project-01-Salmon Moisture Preluse 01:49
6 The Rudy Schwartz Project-02-Salmon Dave 04:09
7 The Rudy Schwartz Project-03-Georgy Girl 03:00
8 Lothar and the Hand People - Machines 02:33
9 The Rainmakers - Shithole Town 03:50

10 Live 2018-01-14 10:15
Calling Dave's buzznumber. Dave tries to fetch Master Buzz. French Republicans according to history teacher Dave. Stang gives credits - new Rudy Schwartz old album, remastered, SALMON DAVE. Lothar and the Hand People according to Wei and Dave, and the smell, the fish people. The Rainmakers song "SHITHOLE TOWN." Because it's okay now. Discussion of replacing "shit" with "Trump." Actual facts about deer in headlights. They don't stare, they run like hell. Buddy almost went through the front windshield when deer crossed our path. Dogs can help with collection of dingleberries off oneself. Buddy had a little accident in the house but it was in the bathroom! Cats and dogs that can poop in a toilet. Buddy likely a former SS scientists from Venus. Can't judge grass by its greeness behind the fence. "The dicks they can't see are always biggers." Jimmy Swaggart according to Dave.

11 The Rudy Schwartz Project-09-Jimmy Swaggart XXX 02:59

12 Tarzans Live Pt. 2 31:11
Jimmy Swaggart, Jerry Lee Lewis, Dean Martin. Dave saw a review of Neighborworld! Dave found another Dave Deluca clone for Popular Cowboy Dave, who's a friend of the manufacturers of the prison ankle bracelets. Dave learned that the private prison ankle bracelets are manufactured by a company owned or related to Trump - and they look like the slave neck rings of the past. The more people Trump can throw in jail the more ankle slave bracelets. The Shithole Hotels. Will have to edit this discussion for the stations - but every newspaper had that word on it this week! This is a TRUMPHOLE COUNTRY and a TRUMPHOLE TOWN! People from Norway don't want to come here. Why would socialists want to come here? No free stuff here. People from Haiti would want to because there's food here. THE PINK HOUSE. Slacks and DePends, spazmodic corruptigating worms. The Jan 5 Puzzling Evidence show, an acquired taste if you're on LSD. Dave on salt and assault. Need new chairs for Tarzan's studios because of arthritis. Relaxing hurts, only standing at attention feels okay. Can't stand up in Tarzans because of spiral staircase, Stang broke skull in parking lot, head kicked by static bull statue. Stang gave it life by stumbling against it. Two head concussions, could run for President now! Trump's separate bedroom. Stormy Waters, Jimmy Swaggart, Trump and the British Pee Tapes. Fake news and the need for powerful men who humiliate everybody to have prostitutes pee on them. S&M bondage sex workers say their main customers are rich bossmen. Mommy, show me where I came from! Episstimology. "I been down in that Hole, Brother Roloff!" Music in background is Tangerine Dream from movie score "The Keep." Quickie review of THE KEEP. "Not in that Hole!" Feel sorry for Satan and his poor investments in the Western world. Yanking out a fresh comment, cause you're being fresh, then you're an assaulter. Yanking discussions or just yanking. "DeeDaw was yankin' out new expressions all over the place, it was gross." A J. O. Artist." 33 degrees Pepe on the pyramid. The French Illuminati built Paris as giant Masonic symbol on stilts with dino teeth magnetic doors! The subject is a freshly yanked self describing process. "The Master Game" book, history of secret societies, a continuity from Egypt to today in conflict with another from the other side of the world. "Bob's" storage locker. Cool aprons of the Illuminati Masons, special trowels. One God One Aim the Human Race... the SubGenius race. Neanderthals and Stang family genetics. Stang and Smith, Dave on Feuhrer crowd sounds. End of show stuff.

13 Jimmy Ryan-01-Event Horizon 01:21

14 Post-Show Extra Yak 13:15
Ads for Membership Pack, Pamphlets, subpsychotic underpants, T-shirts, bootleg "Bob" shirts = assault, Neighborworld review Dave found in Amazon listing, BoSG, Cloissonne pins. Canadian bacon on left titty. Pee party tapes of Great Britain. Pyroflatulation contest categories - color, scent, reach, etc. The flap in the back of the pants of Chinese autistic people in Beijing in 1986. Chinese SubGs trained from birth for pyroflatulation. The blind Chinese masseuse. Need new table for show studio because of Stang's bad back. The Medicine Fish Hole and song thereof. "Down in the Medicine Shit Hole." Fortnight of Infartinent Fartnights.

15 The Rudy Schwartz Project-04-Ciriciribin 02:07

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