Hour of Slack #1621 - Sexy Rerun from 2003!


This total barrage show from February, 2003, #879, has 50 tracks on the CD, and each track probably contains a dozen tracks mixed together. Very Old School SubGenius Media Barrage! -- but also with lots of choice ESO Swamp Radio from WCSB and Puzzlind Evidence from KPFA. Keeping it all apart are dozens of collages by the great LeMur. The general theme is general sex, Conspiracy and SubGenius. Includes a great Fat Harry White song, Heart Ignition, The Jellyeaters, and The Amino Acids.

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1 LeMur "ONDCP07" 00:25
2 LeMur "MotivationalResearch" 00:24
3 LeMur "bobSong 05" 00:36
4 HOS 4 promo Dobbsoidianisms - El Queso 00:36
5 LeMur "Straight Line" 00:20
6 LeMur "deal With The Internet" 01:21
7 ESO Radio 11-22-02 a- "Porn Off Your Hard Drive" 03:44
8 LeMur "Pat Robertson" 01:13
9 Credit 01:08
10 LeMur "butt Buttocks" 00:13
11 LeMur "god Gives You Money" 01:13
12 Fat Harry White -"Workin' Out for the Ladies" 04:03
13 Credits 00:12
14 LeMur "Squirrel_Friends1 00:41
15 LeMur "ONDCP05" 00:11
16 LeMur "oh Yeah" 00:54
17 ESO Radio 01-30- 03 a- "Dave's Exploding Breast" 00:41
18 Cheetham Theme D 00:21
19 "How Many Eyes Are Gonna Cry Tonight" -- El Queso (www.stationmp3.com/enturbulator) 03:34
20 Credit 00:37
21 ESO Radio 1-17-03 "Bug Porn" with Dr. Legume 00:40
22 "Bug Porn One Dollar" - Stang 02:06
23 Rev. Edfred - "Sins Of The Flock" 03:33
24 LeMur "Holy Spirit" 00:06
25 Credit 00:14
26 ESO Radio 01-24-03e - "He Loved Her BUTT Hated Her Cooking; Give Up" 01:45
27 LeMur "As Artists" 00:13
28 George Putnam 00:57
29 tv_panties-bras 00:09
30 LeMur "Love Me 13" 01:33
31 LeMur "angry Male" 00:39
32 credit Lemur 00:04
33 "King Yeti VS. The Merehumes" -- Heart Ignition 01:44
34 Credit 00:19
35 KPFA Puzzling Evidence SubBiz Retreat - "Michael Peppe's Live Sex" 01:17
36 LeMur "wild Young Gypsy Girl" 01:00
37 "Mary Magdalene" - The Jellyeaters 04:31
38 Credit 00:08
39 LeMur "the Angel" 00:49
40 The Amino Acids - "Operation Man-High" 02:19
41 ESO Radio 01-30-03m -- "The SeX-Day Loophole" 03:47
42 Cheetham Theme F 00:37
43 ESO Radio 11-28-02-l- "Bobless Nuns Of Dobbstown" 01:16
44 Puzzling Evidence 10-25-02-SubGHarCore-SubSITE! 02:17
45 Credit 00:19
46 Puzzling Evidence KPFA end 01:35
47 WWW, PO Box 01:05
48 Peter Pan & Capn Hook 00:14
49 Mothersbaubs 00:31
50 LeMur "Jesus25" 01:56

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NOTE: THE HOUR OF SLACK is released in two versions.

The X-RATED "INTERNET VERSION" contains all original "fucks," "shits," "God damns," etc., and this is the one which is downloadable from SubSITE and which is sent to individual subscribers OR non-American radio stations.

All American radio stations (except WORT, Madison) are sent the "PG RATED CENSORED VERSION," which has the Bad Words either reversed, bleeped, or replaced with the spoken word "Bob", depending on what works best.

The Church of the SubGenius Radio Ministry seeks to brainwash you totally into abject lifelong subservience to The High Epopt and Living SlackMaster, J. R. "Bob" Dobbs, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.


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