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You can watch this episode on YouTube! ( https://youtu.be/1Kcm7iWB81U ) Sort of. After we finished a video of 19X-Day's Thursday night stage performances, or whatever those things are, we took the soundtrack and edited it down even more, to a mere 23 minutes, excluding parts that have already been heard on Hour of Slack. Basically it is a Thorazine Urine extravaganza with guests such as, well, almost everybody who was at X-Day that night. Then (from Stang Ranch) we called Lonesome Cowboy Dave and chatted for another 45 minutes. Internet listeners may have noticed that we're now putting infomercials at the ends of the Internet versions of these shows. We do this because we can, and all month it's Slack Friday.

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1 LeMur - HOS_Intro9 00:23

2 Stang - Intro 00:57

3 Recut Soundtrack of "SCRUM," video of Thursday stage show at 19X-Day 23:16

4 Live 2016-12-04 34:53

Dave on Duck Dynasty swines  in bg - Duck Dynasty vs Lame Stream News. Lies more exciting and believable. Watching Fox News at Dave's newspaper job, We need Superman as president but we got the opposite of Lex Luthor. Trump doesn't do drugs, just amphetamines. JFK and Hitler's cocktail -- gooferballs. Ruck Limbaugh's smack and adderall. Wouldn't you if you were a big fat evil jerk? Stang's Rush imitation gives him a headache. Disks not getting to WCSB. Folderall and hellplay? Decifer his own existence. Time Machine assassinations. Trump vs. Stonewall Jackson. Russian history and Peter the Great's collection of giants. Stang collects bald albinos. Take Mornaormalen!  Mornaormalen made me dumber. Dave and childhood Mornormalen. What happened when they put little baby Dr. Legume on steroids. Supervillains in the Church of the SubGenius. Lots of anti-heroes. Daves gone by, Daves of our lives. Evil Davids vs. good Daves. Sick and tired of Dougs. Squishing Dougs under trains. Election booth polling fraud and minority discouragement. Only dead people vote here. They SAID it was gonnaa be rigged - not a warning, a brag! "Ya lost - get used to it! We get to be bullies now! It's the New Way! Kids can pick on hunchbacks. We can do ANYTHING WE WANT!" What do other countries think? WHO CARES? College Marxist professors - educated! Those are the ones we're gonna wipe out! Got glasses eh? KILL HIM!" Cambodia and Germany. "It Can't Happen Here." Great K-TEL Frank Zappa Hits for Old Deaf People!  Strangely prescient -- how about old SubG writings, and Let's Visit The World of the Future? Idiocracy an outdated documentary. The Bozos DID take over. We visited the World of the Future by now dying. It's really 1917. X-Day comes in 100 years! Stang has doubts. Can't we trust a salesman? Dave wants to kill the ornge-haired. Redheads and Neanderthal genes - health problems, not ALL redheads are evil. JUST KIDDIN'!  Share their sandwich with your political views. Should they share their lack of knowledge? We can't avoid that thousand-year dark age. Burning books - Huckleberry Finn, To Kill a Mockingbird, those science textbooks - how come there's still monkeys? Global warming and greedy college professors versus selfless oil companies. Trump and Wakeman. Stang's skeptic, science and atheist friends are shitting their britches over the legislating of ignorance and superstition. Smart peoples is really stoped, "Bob" said so! Smarty-pants come along and wreck everything. I got facebook and twitter, I know what's going on. Google "Hillary Criminal Murdere", there's acres of proof. It's taking the communists a real long time to get to our houses to take our guns away. More BULLETS than people in America. You only need ONE big gun. Cobalthorium G - the Doomsday bomb. "Nuclear war - a danger of the past." A redhead with his finger on the button! But it's okay to bully left-handed people and redheads! Fly with thr right-winged people like Hawkman! DC vs. Marvel.  TIME CONTROL of end of show - the tricky part of chimp[ing this show - getting it down to under an hour. The Goldilocks point. Minute of Slack didn't sell - Stang's experience with FM rock station - "SUBGENIUS WILL NEVER WORK ON COMMERCIAL FM RADIO." Praise "Bob" - Parker and Stone live Philo's life for him. Underground! Bye!

5 z Internet-Only Extras 12:16

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