Hour of Slack #1593 - God Vs. "Bob" Vs. Science


Rerun of #866, from December 2002. Arteests include John Lennon, a lotta Lemur, Bro. Cleve Dunkan doing The SubGenius Alphabet, ESO Radio with Chaz Smith, Lonesome Cowboy Dave and Stang, Zoogz Rift, Drexel, DK Jones, Half Man Half Biscuit, Puzzling Evidence, The Black Lodge Singers, Dr. Philo Drummond, Rev. Jimmy Swaggart, Dr. Howll, Byron Werner collage x 10, Israel Regardie and Christopher Hyatt. We couldn't assemble a new SubGenius show this week because we only have one week in which to cast four fossil dinosaur tracks on Stang Ranch and scientifically map them out on a big grid before rains come and put them under water again for the next seven months. It's a long story. We're documenting the process. But this is a really good rerun and it's a better copy than could ever be downloaded before.

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1 LeMur: "What Is God Good For" 00:13

2 "God" ( Lohn Lennon) 04:11

3 LeMur: "HOS intro 1" 00:20

4 Bad Doktors Remix 01-Cleve SubGenius Alphabet 00:43

5 LeMur: "ruleTheWorld 00:31

6 Bad Doktors Remix 03-THeShowExcerpts 00:40

7 ESO Radio 11-15-02 "ItsLaterThanUThink 00:56

8 Bad Doktors Remix 06-clipfromLilBigMan 01:14

9 Zoogz Rift - Alienation 03:30

10 credit zoogz-intro 01:22

11 ESO Radio 10-31-02 "a-Abortion,BobGetMeOf 03:14

12 Drexel - "Damn Dirty Apes" 04:58

13 CreditDrexel 00:44

14 ESO Radio 10-31-02 "b-ScienceVsReligion! 03:12

15 Bad Doktors Remix 02-MysteriousCharacterDKJo 01:13

16 Puzzling Evidence 10-25-02 "BobButtStuff 01:45

17 credits 00:31

18 "99% Of Gargoyles Look Like "Bob" Dobbs" -- half Man Half Biscuit 04:39

19 Bad Doktors Remix 28-MiddleAgeCrazyRant 01:12

20 Puzzling Evidence 10-25-02 "Spit Mud Pies / Pterodactyls" 03:22

21 Black Lodge Singers - "Mighty Mouse" 00:44

22 cred 00:07

23 LeMur: "MapleStreetSong 01:32

24 babyswat 00:27

25 LeMur: "Swaggart4" 00:55

26 ESO Radio 11-15-02 "Bob Calld Me Home -- You Blew It" 03:21

27 LeMur: "succulent Jesus" 00:37

28 ESO Radio 11-15-02 "Warholian Alternate Universe Man" 01:34

29 LeMur: "hearing13 01:53

30 Puzzling Evidence 10-25-02 "SubG Robe -X Day Nerds" 04:18

31 real men edit - The Bishop 00:51

32 Puzzling Evidence 10-25-02 "m-StarTrekMonsters 02:19

33 Credits, PO 00:53

34 Bad Doktors Remix 40- GURU HYMN-Israel Regardie & Christopher Hyatt 01:31

35 LeMur: "whereYouBeen 00:28

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