Hour of Slack #1592 - For a Few Stark Fistfulls of Dollars More

Dr. Hal, Rev. Baby Bear and Rev. Faux Review Ogg's Latest Picture


"Is there anything that fanboys don't resent?" - Rev. Baby Bear

Recorded July 1st at 19X-Day Drill -- yet as raw as today's headlines! It's Dr. Hal, Rev. Baby Bear and Rev. Stang in front of an audience at Wisteria, until half an hour in, when Stang gives up the chair to Rev. Argus Faux. This conversation chugged along so smoothly that there is not a single edit in the single one-hour recording! We have no idea what happened. It's just the three or four people talking, with some background music, and yet there was nothing to remove - and only three cuss words! Go figure. Each of the four spouters goes off on a full-blown rant at least once during the proceedings. If you want to know what we talked about without listening to the show, you'll just have to look at the detailed logs we always post in the Hour of Slack Radio section of subgenius.com

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Stang begins show. Good X-Day/Wisteria intro. Stang's list of stuff to collect bigger than subcasm enemies list. Saucers are coming! Reenact MARS ATTACKS! Dinosaurs Attack! Cards as a Tim Burton movie. Need free women up here. We're woman free here. Rev. Baby Bear joins the show. We have headphones now! The SubGenius fad of putting the GGG THAT face into pornography, shamed into moving to Portugal. Got my passport ready depending on election. If anyone is elected, Stang is fleeing. Stang rant re "Bob's" Police State. Slavery under "Bob"! The Wondar of "Bob's" Slack! Rant. "Bob's" GOLD! Roll and lol and wallow in money! Are You ready? 13013 SubGenius graphics on the slide show. "The number of SubG FB groups is Too Damn High!" "Just stick a Pipe in it." Nenslo testy. Grouchy, irrascible, grumpy gus, He's a great host and artist. The Kooks Museum. The Woodstock Mystery Hole and The Vapors of Encouragement. As you climb down the ladder you grow huger and huger. Another Mystery Hole, in West Virginia instead of Portland. The Thing in Arizona is actually MANY Things - off I-10 near Willcox AZ. Not just a pickled punk. The wonderful weird primitive art at The Thing museum, only a buck! Gilbert Shelton and The Thing. Roadside Attractions of America -- the book/website done by SubGs. Flintstone Bedrock Village near Grand Canyon. Dino Park in Virginia run by Tea Party guy with dinosaurs defeating Yankees, meets Puzzling Evidence. Point Pleasant, West Virginia has Mothman museum. John Keel confessed. Rival cult leaders admit, all BULLSHIT. The day Szukalski treated Stang as a kook re: Yetinsyny. The Morlocks are our children. THE TIME SHIPS by Stephen Baxter. Strange bg music: Rice Song. Baby Bear on camping conditions at X-Day. Spiders and mice won't let her bee. Menacing wasps. What you can't hear won't kill you. Headphones keep wasps away. Ed Wood movie opening soundtrack. Recording… everything's going fine. Forrest J. Ackerman and Ed Wood. FJA has Lugosi's ring. Things SubGs know! Disney villains and Pokemon as monster role models for Baby Bear. They range in cuteness. Stang getting tired - bands went on till 2 then we had to strike the set. BB up all night.

Anybody want to fill in for Ivan Stang? Stang as Little Big SubGenius. Stang Darkman hate of Pinks rant, Powah and Pleashah! When you have a pro radio show you have slide whistles and nose flutes. Arizona and places that look like there should be dinosaurs chasing you. Stang's take on Petroglyph Makers as "Spielbergs" of their time: OGG's Latest Picture. The Near-Sighted Caveman and Religion; his clay fat ladies; porn has driven art forever. Future generations of wimps -- they stayed with the females when the other males went out to hunt. The real power: Crone Cave Women. The unrealistic ideal woman, Venus of Willendorf, The Kind Men Like. Sad that all the Monster High ghouls are all skinny. Checking out toy stores and seething bitterly with jealousy of modern kids. We bought Daughter of Cthulhu from Scarrier Reef, actually Daughter of the Kraken. The Cthulhu plushy. SubGenius Women as Monster High girls. BB=Draculaura. AP O'Stacy = Abby Bominable. Wei R. Doe = Weirdo! 13013=BOB! Aluminium. British kids wanting to hear American accent. We should get those kids, the Fidd Chewey Show, Little Rascals.

We need to let those poebuckers do it… Stang gives up seat and mic to Rev. Argus Faux. Hal on Pluto's Cthulhu. Frozen anger. Pluto the dog. Pluto, Charon and Cthulhu. The lost planet Yuggoth. Planet Biden. Planets named after Eskimo dieties. Space junk and X-Day camfires. Meteors = souls of the dead. Amateurs try to fix Stang's background music, Mambo music. Hard to find good dirt. Wisteria once a strip mine and turtle mounds. Cryptozoic maps in your registration booklet. Old Sequaw and The Loveland Frogman! Scary Hal and music! The last cicadas of Wisteria (Hal rant). BB's cicada experience. Susie's locust… was it Fropped? Horrible bee-bearded beekeepers. Bee Mag centerfold. Bees on a rampage. Bee propaganda. "B Movie." Vs. "Ant Man". Giant bug movies: ANT FARM DICK HOLE. Bears and bees. Bee keeper stroking bees and pushing honey. Hal on Raw Story dot Com. Pete Goldie the troublemaker and scientist - plane crash archaeologist. Tomb raider. "Is there anything that fanboys don't resent?" - BB

Read things off our phones for an hour. We will be heard in The Future. Judge not the Subs too harshly for this Bobcast. BB misses the Facebook app and wifi! Great squeak concerto! Relax in the Hypercube. SHADOW of the Hypercube. Faux's injury and Bactine germ war hell. He'll get a new supersonic pogo stick leg. ((GREAT!!)) To grow the face plant.

Stang predicted the music would end. Go to registration and get the bracelet from Princess Wei! SubG Vs. Wisteria electrostimulonegative reinforcement control rant by BB. Get band or be banned! Join the Yeti band! For a Few More Stark Fists of More Dollars. Need more fists. Drawing on inner resources at point of crisis. Sugar, nature's perfect food. Bourbon candy. Fake beer complaints and sudden end.

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