Hour of Slack #1589 - The Show That Refused to Die Again / Play That Funky Dobbshead, White Boy

Live "2016"-09-25


Last show from Cleveland for the next 6 months, and first show after Stang finally got HEARING AIDS! However we're taking Tarzan's Radio Station to Stang Ranch in deepest rural Texas for the winter and plan to somehow tie Lonesome Cowboy Dave's cell phone into it. This episode includes, besides the somewhat politics-tainted surrealist live section, Billy West as Zap Brannigan as Donald Trump, a new "Bob" song by Rev. Experimental, Please, X-Day recordings including a new Rev. Amy MmHmm song, Thorazine Urine Podcrust on Scrum addiction, a short clip from Bobbie School By Rev. Watt deFalk, and The Song That Refused to Die, continuing to refuse to die.

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1 The Large7~TITLE-music 00:32

2 Rev. Watt deFalk - Bobbies-School 00:33

3 Billy West - Donald Trump quotes said by Zapp Brannigan Part 2! 03:29

4 Rev. Experimental, Please - "Bob" Says(radiomix) 07:34

5 Thorazine Urine Podcrust (19X-Day Thursday) - Addicted 2 Scrum-BB-Soylent Shit 04:14

6 Rev. Amy MmHmm - Natural_To_Me (live @ 19X-Day) 03:08

7 Stang -- The Song that Refused to Die 2 (board recording, 19X-Day Friday night) 10:15

8 Live WCSB 2016-09-26 25:54

Tried to make too many shows today. Dave calls in.  Stang does credits. Dave wants to go to Texas too to avoid winter in Ohio. StangDoe moving to Texas for the winter. Giant summers and bugs and snakes that refuse to die of Stang Ranch. Nostradamus, Hister and Edgar Cayce re: July 5 1998. The Con will do ANYTHING to keep "Bob" Dobbs from becoming President. Let's NOT think about the future. Stang had to do shows in advance, plans for future shows away from WCSB. Red-light panic of live shows - pros and con. Show sounds different because STANG HAS HEARING AIDS which Dave says make Stang sound younger. Noises Stang never heard before. The scary Chinese "Sesame" thing: a "good citizen" online game crossed with government behavior control. The Cobra Effect. TrumpNet and FaceTrump. Enough Trump Points and you can own a gun; if you have a Frop Card your rent goes up. The Internet as a control mechanism vs. the Internet as a porn faucet. Download too much porn without paying for it you get Clinton Demerits whereas if you pay you get Trump Points. A gallon of Porn Tea. Violence and video games? Vaccines and autism? Porno and rape? All bullshit. Tomorrow (Sept. 26) is the big Prez Debate circus. Stang brought the wrong disk in and had to use the Delay Dump or Trelay Trump. Drink your vaporized pineal gland. Like Annie Oakley in the rain without a gun. Stang's bad Marlon Brando imitations. Early Brando vs. Brando. The night WeiMawMaw chaatted with Marlon Brando on shortwave when he lived in Tahiti. Mutiny on the Bounty and the curious way that Hollywood considered it okay to show topless girls if they were brown (i.e. in 1970s movies ROOTS and HAWAII). That one girl had some great double standards on her. The spate of Mondo Cane movies. Wei on Kif Sighs. The Contrarian Debates with no Greenstein or Johnson. Not enough numbers; but when they do talk they tend to say dumb things. Fix climate change by going to another planet! What ya gonna do? Monsters everywhere! Greensteins, Clintonbots and Trumplestiltskins. When we get to Texas, start new career of publishing books. Show ending due to the Song That Refused to Die. Play That Funky Dobbshead, White Boy.

9 Song That Refused to Die #3 01:26

10 Wei - Song Must Die 02:20

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