Hour of Slack #1586 - "I'm Coming for You, Plainface!"

Live 2016-09-04


Close Enclownters! Dave, Wei and Stang discuss the evil lurking clowns in the news lately(not Trump, this time) and the threat of clown hunts. The live section is a regular pie fight. But the first half is Best Of 19X-Day Rants #3, with a killer autobiographical sermon by Rev. Angus Faux, a somewhat shorter sermon of encouragement from Rev. Stang (both with major Rock God and Angry Lord Larry guitar backing), another lovely original Rev. Amy MmHmm song, and the Hour of Slack premiere of Thorazine Urine Podcrust, who performed their 100th X-Day podcrust this year -- HOURS of it, of which this week's clip is but the barest scratch in the surface!

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1 Ministry of Slck (?) - BROUGHT TO YOU BY - bobs steakhouse - edit 00:26

2 Lemur: HOS Intro #871 - Don't Be Chicken-used1402 00:59

3 Rev. Ivan Stang Monday Night  19X-Day Rant w/ Rev. Angry Larry and Lord Rock God guitar. XX 05:05

4 19X-Day Thursday Night Jam - Fidd Chewley Wants Saucers Back! 01:11

5 Rev. Amy MmHmm - First Song at 19X-DSay 04:25

6 Rev. Faux rant on His SubGenius Life (Sunday at 19X-Day) 12:34

7 Thorazine Urine Podcrust - 100th X-Day Podcrust beginning - Scrum Chant -Wisteria and the Dougs 05:53

8 6 Live WCSB 9-4-2016-Creepy Clowns 28:52

Credits for Thorazine Urine Podcrust. Background music this show is Cyberchump, part of Xposed 4Heads. Seem smart; how can they be SuBGenii? How Dr, Hal qualifies, Dave's recent experience in a drum trapezoid. We goes to drum circles, Stang to jerk circles. (Dave probably DID win the Oreo?) Salubriousness definition. Idiots, Subs, Morons, Knuckleheads. Clowns in the news lately! (Dave thinks we mean Trump.) The Lurking Evil Clown news reports: CLOWN HUNTS, like the Salem Witch Hunts -- she was a demented witch and deleted her emails and brainwashed the children. Burning clowns at the stake. But like the Hundredth Bigfoot theory -- urban legend clown events. Close Enclownters. Insane Clown Posse, World of the Future, Firesign Theatre, -- many evil clowns. "Squeeze the wheeze>" It DOES hurt 'em, but they LIKE it! Term for the fear of clown: coulrophobia. Heyokas and "Contraries" in Native American tradition, like SubGeniuses. Clowns look down on Plainfaces. Old clown families from the Old Planet. Earthies, Commenter Inwad's New Agey explanation of the clowns and the Veiled World -- always believe children, and when there's NO proof, THAT PROVES IT! If kids saw it, and there's no proof, IT MUST BE REAL! The Invisible Spooky World! Shut up!- Stang hears that a lot, but not very well. Stang's MRI coming up to see who the right side of every headphone he touchs is broken. Keeps telling himself - but can't hear it. Dave's ear lumber. Stang's clown suits. Interested persons can google "Let's Visit the World of the Future / YouTube/Revstang" -- scary but not as scary as the news. SF and satire like Ideocracy are now outdated documentaries. "Electrolytes." Arguing with the wind. The first clown sighting was David Apocalypse; the rest were copycats. Also, Rob Zombie's upcoming sadist clown movie. Fellini's clown fear. StangDoe still stuck in DEVO clown world. Mothersbaugh antics at museum event. Refereeing a Doktor-band. Which DEVO's actually paid to join Church. Pee Wee and "Bob." The opoossumate clowns in the aberrant zoo. The Clown Zoo. The rubes value things that cost but nothing free. We are here to start to go. Stang credits Faux and the guitarists earlier in the show. Intros Psycho Skels.

9 The Psycho Skeletons - Old Fatty 01:41

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