Hour of Slack #1585 - Lonesome Cowboy Dave's Chronic Jib plus 19XD-BO2

Live 2016-08-28


First up are some good samples from 19X-Day: two memorable new songs by St. Andrew the Impaled and Rev. Amy MmHmm, and two new improvised rants by Revs. Faux and Stang with guitar god backing (Lord Angry Larry and Lord Rock God). We also have a DEVO cover that Rev. Bleepo Abernathy had something to do with. Captain Ahab (Gregory Peck) spouts off about that darn old whale, or maybe "Bob." And Rev. Jimmy Ryan rawks. But the focus of the live talk part of the show are two songs from an ancient 45 rpm record by The Chronics, a punk band of some reknown from the late 1970s that featured our favorite lonesome cowboy, Dave, when he was a tiny little youth. Dave instructs us about The Chronics and reveals yet more secrets about his surreal life among the corruptigating worms.

We never mentioned You-Know-Who this whole hour.

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1 Ahab - He Rises 00:55

2 19X-Day: Ivan Stang's Sunday Night Rant "Bob" On the Brain (apologies to St. Kenneth Huey) 04:49

3 Ahab Mask Rant 01:08

4 St. Andrew - Get a Band (live at 19X-Day)  03:19

5 Rev. Faux's Sunday Night Rant #2 - What is this "Church"? 08:21

6 Curing the Wolfman with Frop (from HOUSE OF DRACULA) 01:50

7 Night of the Rabbit - Gates of Steel 03:19

8 Rev. Amy MmHmm - Two Eighty Three (live at 19X-Day) 03:14

9 Ahab God Rant 02:18

10 Stang - My Incompetince Went Down my Britches 00:06

11 Rev. Jimmy Ryan - Ladyland full 01:26

12 Oh Damned Whale 00:24

13 Live WCSB 2016-08-28 08:41

Stang does credits re: the various songs and X-Day recordings. Rev. Angry Larry -- good thing he has that release! We're hate-haters. Hate-squared, hate of hate itself. Lonesome Cowboy Dave was in a 1970s punk band called The Chronics. Subs who sound like babies. Stang's been video editing the DEVOtional footage, learning new prog, but the dozens of DEVO covers have caused a problematic brain-worm spur in Stang's head. The joy of sync-ing picture and sound, like in the old days. The background projection videos with fast cuts helped us made the cut of LCD's mighty jib! Dave calls in and The Chronics is discussed -- a punk news band in late 70s and early 80s. Bands that opened for Stang got famous, now he opens for them. The history behind the song "Test Tube Baby."

14 The Chronics - Test Tube Baby 02:12

15 LIVE continued 04:47

Pogoing so hard, false teeth flew across room. Dave recalls The Chronics. People who weren't born in the days of vinyl records are collecting old vinyl. You can be 28 and like stuff that's older 28 years old. The cover artwork on Dave's old record (as seen on a YouTube video). History of the song "Calling All Cardinals" -- attempted assassination of the Pope. The Popettes. Now to play the song - push the P button. Ew it's wet.


17 Live Yak to end 09:52

You could tell that was a just hatched Dave. Dave on Reagan and the Jackamamie Orchestra. Don Novello and Dave. Stang's upcoming operations - MRI, hip replacement, spine and foot replacements, both arms. But no botox. Wei has twice as many body parts as Stang to be replaced. Women have twice as many body parts in feet alone. Dave's later band The Clocks / Radio Alarm Clocks. Man vs. Man inc. Brief history of all the bands called Buck Naked and The Jaybirds. We're all real here (not made of steel). No background music tonight - grindingly real. Show started late so we can go late -- Dr. Sinister is like the honey badger. Dave's sci fi novel and Stang's e-book publishing plans. The weekly radio show and summer festivals -- praise "Bob" we have so many followers minions and useful idiots - LOL but we do have LESIONS. On feet and tongues. The fat belching brain-eating amoeba in the right side of Stang's head. Our brains held together by boogers and scotch tape. Stang remembers to credit St. Kenneth Huey for the "Bob" on the brain biz.

18 Lemur: PR Gnus #1733 00:42

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