Hour of Slack #1584 - Trump Vs. DEVO

Live 2016-08-21


First up is the amazing brand new Rudy Schwartz Project song, "It's Time for Trump." We think this might become a widely replayed song. We have new music and a new rant from new contributors Rev. Experimental and Rev. Watt deFalk, respectively; two Rev. Jimmy Ryan pieces; Rev. Bleepo Abernathy covers the TMBG song "Am I Awake?" and we get two songs from Xposed 4Heads and one from The Fantastic Plastics, both of whom performed at the 2016 DEVOtional in Cleveland the night before this show was recorded, and about which StangDoe rhapsodize at length when Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in. Subjects: The Bathroom People. SubGenius Horror Hosts and the OSI74 ROKU channel of SubGeniusly programming. Stang's health report. The insanity of the electorate. When the FBI caravan comes to town. When Dave got beaten by cops for three hours. ((Background music is all by CyberChump's "Their Moment of Perfect Happiness" (related to Xposed 4Heads).))

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1 Werewolf-Why Here?Mariphasa TITLE 00:48
2 Rudy Schwartz Project - ItsTimeForTrump X 03:17
3 Rev. Experimental - Maybe 05:33
4 Rev. Watt de Falk rant pg X 00:43
5 The Fantastic Plastics - Mechanical Satisfaction 03:07
6 credits-intro 02:15
7 Xposed 4Heads - Disconnected (Featuring James Chance) 02:21
8 Xposed 4Heads - What's in the Box_ 01:15
9 Jimmy Ryan - Smokehouse full 01:35
10 Rev. Bleepo Abernathy - Am I Awake 04:28
11 Live WCSB 2016-08-21 33:07
((Background music is CyberChump CD)) Dave calls in with Mongoloid in Spanish. Stang credits Bleepo, Jimmy ryan, Xposed 4Heads and their Moon Girls. Stang and Doe recount the bands of The DEVOtional. The all-girl DEVO cover band We Are Not Men. Trombone-playing Al Mothersbaugh of Massive Hot Dog Recall. KRK Ryden and Ken the Magic Corner God. Rev. Galaxina now Mrs. Gerald Casale. Our DEVO-ed up week, with the Mothersbaugh show at MOCA. Gerry's tranny sex story. Why Not Both as opposed to the Bathroom People. A John Waters Film. John Water's hitchiking book. The Internet versions of this show and upcoming "blue channel". The SubGenius ROKU channel on OSI74. Horror Hosts of the SubGenius. Detroit and Cleveland horror hosts. Rev. Angry Larry is horror host Sir Graveson. Makes bad movies even worse. The history of the book and movies I AM LEGEND. ((NO! It was called The Last Man on Earth.) THE OMEGA MAN. Refuseniks. Our giant underpants. Wei's new hearing aids and Stang's bad ears. The Jurassic insects trapped inside the amber in Stang's head. Clone a mammoth or a John Birch Society member. Dave on history of the Birchers! No truth anywhere. Stang's health report will get him elected. Trump's "doctor's report" - tested positive for everything! AIDS, dementia. Hillary's "dementia." The electorate is completely and totally insane. Something about Nazi broom handles and the Republican Convention in Cleveland. Our friend who went fishing and ended up having guns pointed at them by the police gunboat. Good thing she's WHITE! Little Cleveland kids with pop guns as cop targets. When Bush came to Cleveland and stereotype angry government cars. Stang and Crow Dog's Paradise and the FBI in South Dakota. Don't have a shootout with the FBI. Stang would never resist arrest -- let the lawyers do all the resisting. When Dave was beaten by policemen, one of many. Stang - MOST police officers are mostly good. We prefer not to think about that aspect of America -- change channels. HoS I.D. - we said praise "Bob" so now he can pay us. Hard working for the rich - most dangerous creature is the drunk rich person. Two drunk squires on horseback attacked Dave once - one was Stang! URL plug and the SubG Facebook pages. The X-rated Internet show version.

12 Rev. Jimmy Ryan - Piledriver 01:10

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