Hour of Slack #1581 - Big Sister and The Dirtiest Word

Live show from WCSB, July 31, 2016 with Dave, Stang, Wei


Cleveland musician Charleston Okafor was finishing up his show African Abstract on WCSB when he asked incoming DJs Rev. Ivan Stang and Princess Wei R. Doe for their opinions about Trump and Clinton. Politically biased ranting ensued and then continued during a long stretch of live show during which Lonesome Cowboy Dave forgot to call in. Long story short, Stang came up with plenty of excuses to unleash his Inner Dumbass. Dave finally did call in. Interspersed is music both old and new by, variously, Xposed 4heads, The Psycho Skeletons, LeMur, The Great Groovy Neptune, The Rudy Schwartz Project, Doug 3, The Fantastic Plastics, and Rev. Jimmy Ryan.

The beginning with Charleston Okafor is much longer on the Internet version than on the radio version, which is always cut down to just under one hour.

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1 Charleston-Stang on Hillary-Trump 07:24
Charleston tries to avoid talking about Trump but asks Stang, so for 7 minutes it's the horrors of Trump, Bush and the wasting of third party votes over the decades. How Stang elected Bush singlehandedly by voting for Nader. The way the "liberal controlled media" made the word liberal a dirty word. The illiterate dumbasses and the newly changed constitution. The woman President Melania. "Gayitude is a lahfstyle choice but obesity is genetics, OINK"

2 Stang: Minute of Slack: Sucked Out Your Ears 01:19
3 Sounds great, bring all yr drugs 00:35
4 Xposed 4Heads - Ladies and 4Heads... 01:10
5 Xposed 4Heads - Tell Me What to Do (Featuring Blaine Reininger) 02:16
6 the Psycho Skeletons - New Shoes 01:48
7 the Psycho Skeletons - O Canada 00:27
8 Lemur - Ballad_of_Bob14 00:33
9 The Great Groovy Neptune - "Bob" Squad 01:01
10 The Rudy Schwartz Project - Surrey w/ the Durable Gelatin Sock 03:46
11 Puzzling Evidence Show - Crowley Vs Church 03:52
12 RevDr Royal_de_Capitator - Somewhere Else With Bob 01:41
13 Doug 3 "I wanna Die 4 "Bob"" Die4Bo
+ Live WCSB 7-31-16 15:29
Wei joins in with Doug 3 on the classic hymn at the end - Stang explains origins of that song and the mystery of Doug 3. Credits (Bernard Herrman JASON score in bg). Rev. Larry Larry in The Spudboys at The DEVOtional. Stang decides to keep the Charleston beginning. Stang's rant on how Hillary got him hot - Big Sister saying the dirtiest word on TV: "SCIENCE". Libtard for "make em give all their money to Al Gore cuz he invented the Internet." How Stang physically transforms when he rants into that redneck. Guns never taken. "Arrogant" = "uppity." Stang as libtard hating wingtard - goes into pretty prolonged "pro-Trump" rant. Lock her up because I'm an alcoholic and it's the fault of the media! They invented ISIS! etc. Don't you laugh, woman! I love you big sister! SCIENCE... emergentile SubG pornography: a strong woman talkin' bout science! Somebody has to balance Philo - but on a teeter totter he'd cheat, like place lead weights on Stang's end. Can't trust a SubG except to lie or disobey. (Backfired at X-Day.) So insecure about repeating self, afraid to say anything. Dave still hasn't called. On that Puz Ev clip it was The Large imitating LCDave! Thanks to Tanja and Buckkey. Intro to Fantastic Plastics.

14 Track 05 02:32
15 g Live WCSB to end 18:45

Dave finally calls in. Stang tells him of The Large imitating Dave. Dave on Finnish monument and shaved scrotum. Synchronistically lapsed out and yet stuck right in!The empty part of the show with no Dave. Having Charleston Okafor on show at start. Stang was utilizing the thoughts of the people he grew up with, can actually think like a chimpanzee. "I knew J. Fred Muggs and you Mr. Trump are no J. Fred Muggs." JoJo the Monkey Boy. Where was Trump before? The Trump Slapdown that Stang predicted is finally happening. Stang's degree in Russian history. The Russian ships used in demo p.r. instead of USA ships? Anybody can say anything on Facebook. The JESUS IS MY RIND song. We have no p[roblem with Jesus or the Buddha or "Bob," just their fan clubs - Bobbies. If you're a SubGenius minister, what you're supposed to do to follwers. The intellectual vapacity of "Bob" the Earnest One. Looking for people who like to draw flies or customers. The comic book ads for Trump Art School. When MAD Magazine started running ads. MAD helps build young bodies. Dave says we haven't been maintaining. MAD as Playboy for 12 year olds. Females drawn by David Berg. The death of the great Jack Davis. Kelly Freas MAD covers. "WHAT, ME WORRY?" and Trump. People who hear this show 3 weeks from now, muddled current news memories. The list of HoS Stations. When WFMU changed leaders. Pledge drives then and now!Need Hostess Twinkler for pledge drive. Show #1581, bye Dave.

16 Jimmy Ryan 30 Stukindamuk 02:04
17 z credit Jimmy Ryan Muckkkkk 00:13
18 z SubGeniusMailingSpot-ECHO 00:33

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