Hour of Slack #1577 - 19X-Day Radio Synesthesia with Dr. Howll 'n Dave (A)

Live show, 2016-06-26


As most of you can probably deduce from your surroundings, this last July 5 wasn't July 5, 1998. So 1998 hasn't happened yet, and instead of having the alien AI called MWOWM do it all for us, we have to edit these hours of recordings from 19X-Day ourselves. (Actually it was the 21st X-Day Drill.) Luckily, the night before we left Cleveland for the Drill, we guested on Dr. Sinister's show Radio Synesthesia at WCSB for two hours, of which this is the first. Participants include Dr. Howll, Rev. Ivan Stang, Princess Wei 'R.' Doe, and Lonesome Cowboy Dave. X-Day itself is not discussed much, but everything else in the world is.

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Two songs. Intro. Dave calls in. Frop and Werewolves vs. marijuana and kudzu. Nazi werewolves vs. Nazi zombies. "The side that has the coolest uniforms always loses." -- Puzzling Evidence. "USA Out of America Now!" - Stang (repeatedly). Stormtroopers, Starship Troopers and Tienanmen Square/Kent State. "Make this country grape again!" Durian popsicles. Vile candies that taste of grass, boogers, poo, vomit, earwax etc. Wheat grass juice, Mark Mothersbaugh, and shots of pond scum. Dirty things produce life! Womb yearnings. Orange is the new Pink. Seersuckerishnessism. Boater hats. Low information boaters. Atlantis, Skull Island, and Opar (and Monster Hunter). The X-Day Grindhouse. Greatest sci-fi movies of the early 60s; classic pulp. Doc Savage: before Superman, Batman. Doc Savage and King Kong. Brain and body exercise: "Use It or Lose It." Individuals can't evolve but we'll change that. The Isle of CashBack. Olaf Stapleton. ERB and The Land That Time Forgot; Pelucidar. Hal on the movie of The Land That Time Forgot. Elitism and the Church. The pre-X-Day Slashathon and The Quirting Universe. Quisp and the Three Spoonmen will appear. The dangerous kind of Unicorn and all kinds of monsters will be realized on X-Day, but evolution will continue. The butt-plug used by morticians to prevent corpsefarts. Mortuary science as a career. Embalming scams of the Death Industry. Dead guy landmarks of Mt. Everest. The tundra will be farting ancient diseases. Pyroflatulation of Mother Earth. Extinction events and the Age of Giant Insects. Humans as the Okies and sternobums of the galaxy. Trump's Wall to keep us in. Dr. Sinister is an illegal immigrant. Dr. Sinister's taco recipe. Scrapple. Blood sausage and why God likes blood. Ghosts like blood too but God wants a LOT of blood. The Leprechaun horror movie series. DR. Sinister closes Part One of show.

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