Hour of Slack #1572 - Ejerkulations of Epictetus

Live show, 2016-05-29


Rampant theological unseemliness abounds in this free-for-all-except-the-slaves. Lonesome Cowboy Dave, out of the hospital again, gets us all worked up about God's dress. Terrible news of the day is discuss-ted. P.R. Gnus returns. We hear quotations from The Enchyridion of Epictetus, ancient philosophy recently republished by A Man of Letters (Onan Canobite), and we learn all about the historical Cleopatra from Hal and Philo. Old music from ESO joins new from The Rudy Schwartz Project, The Fantastic Plastics, Rev, Jimmy Ryan, Rural War Room and Miss Murphy the Bearded Lady. Also, the word of "Bob" Dobbs and the Church of the SubGenius.

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1 Lemur - HOS Intro #796 - Special Today 00:18

2 The Firesign Theater - Hour of Slack ID 01 00:36

3 Lemur - PR Gnus #1736 00:30

4 The Rudy Schwartz Project - Dancing in the Moonlight 02:44

5 The Princess is a Creature of Antiquity 00:05

6Puzzling Evidence - Hal and Philo On Cleopatra 02:38

7 Lemur - PR Gnus #1743 00:36

8 Fantastic Plastics - Under The Knife 03:03

9 Nate Eagle 18-Miss Murphy The Bearded Lady 02:32

10 Jimmy Ryan 31 Wowitzer 01:43

11 Einstein's Secret Orchestra - Iodine 131 03:27

12 Live WCSB 2016-05-29 39:10

Dave calls in. Some kind of Cuban incarceration talk and ejerkulating. Stang gives credits. Some speculation re: Rudy Schwartz Project. Dave projecting his essence into women's locker rooms -- not his body, just his spirit. Mustn't go in sexist direction - it's bad to be a sex or a gender. The BLT problem. Pulled pork in the Men's Room. How Wei can pee in a men's restroom with her mad skills. Stang doesn't like the direction this is spraying. Meataphorical words meted out. Can't jail you yet for envisioning but they would because $. Privatized prison. You can tell by stool who's a Communist. "They're all exactly the same." News of "crocodile snatches woman night swimmer." It's an animal until a human is snatched, then it's a monster. The terrible news of the 4 year old boy and the unlucky gorilla that had to be shot. People as dangerous animals. Kids, moms, dads, cars, diseases, all dangerous. Christians blame it on godlessness but you should blame it all on God. God's Will or Won't. Gods don't forget. God (as seen by child Stang in pictures) has a beard AND YET WEARS A DRESS! Long hair like a girl. Stang whips his grandson with his beautiful girl ponytail. Dave goes away to close his windows. This radio show is Time Controlly. Hour of Slack still a free download. We'd still get $20 from the 20 listeners. Dave's songs on YouTube. Do they own all songs? History of our YouTube spankings and our film "Bob's" Lunch Hour (1977-2006) in which Philo ages 30 years, and covers of "Just Dropped In." The Dave porn and bug porn on youtube.com/user/revstang . Mark Mothersbaugh, Akron SubG boy who made good, has huge art show in Cleveland and Akron but his dad died last week. We didn't go because we had been in Akron all day hiking in The Gorge metro park. SubGeniuses versus clambering or hiking. Weren't allowed to mention bears in our religion until the rebellion against the Empire. Credits to RRW and ESO background music. EPICTETUS Quotes from Onan's newly published book of four translations of The Enchiridion by Epictetus, read by Stang most pompously. Stang critiques Epictetus. Where's the pie if people are so pious? "Epictetus" also means nosehair razor. Epictetus is saying the same thing as the Buddha. Should be reading quotes from "Bob" -- new "Bob" quotes. What are demiurges? Mini-Mes of gods? Dave on some god or other. Mark Mothersbaugh art show catalog descriptions - "Mothersbaugh-inspired" -- is Jerry Casale exploding? Stang reminisces about Mark's 30,000 postcards, what he did instead of drugs. How screwed up! Instead of drugs he goes draw pictures (and then do groupies). Stang's not jealous or anything. Ironical: in 1984 Rev. Mark was hoping Stang could help him improve his art rep. He was JUST a rock star and we were undergound arteests in 1984. But Stang never learned how to draw or do music. Our biggest crowd, at Republican National Convention in Dallas, Rock Against Reagan stage: 800 people. Already did this brag last show... At RepubliCon in Cleveland, guns legal but not FAKE guns. Stang witnessed kid in San Fran almost getting shot for carrying a fake submachine gun (saved by G. Gordon Gordon). What irony is. This show sounds like psychotics talking in the welfare ward. End sign off. Intro to Rudy Schwartz Project French song. Thanks to Dave.

13 The Rudy Schwartz Project - Una Lacrima sul viso     03:11

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