Hour of Slack #1558 - Stang's Main Stage Sermon at Starwood 2015


This episode is entirely composed of Rev. Ivan Stang's rant at the Starwood Festival of 2015. This internet version contains a section of the show that broadcast radio listeners won't hear: four RAUNCHY songs performed by the duo of Princess Wei and her mom WeiMawMaw, who is 87. The four songs that those two gals did were SO FILTHY DIRTY that it would definitely be considered offensive by FCC community standards. Starwood is held at Wisteria in southern Ohio the week after our X-Day Drills (see starwoodfestival.com or look at the SubGenius events page on subgenius.com. Related to Starwood, the Winterstar Ball is happening on Feb. 28 in Cleveland at The Beachland Ballroom, with Rev. Baby Bear doing the SubGenius preaching.

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The Weather and the Hippie Girl
SubG 101
Winging it challenges your one brain cell
Slack and work
Complex is not Simple
I am a Magic Denier
Funny Starwood workshop titles
How I Got Religion: MONSTERS
My Slack vs your Slack

The Foure Elles (Princess Wei and WeiMawMaw) sing 4 filthy songs

For Pinks, anger is the new Slack
Stupid rednecks think they're cool again
America has been destroyed...?
Fundie Pagans vs. Church of the SubGenius
Short Duration Mass Wedding
Prayer to the New Dobbshead by Rev. Ride Theory
Short story: "Hippie Filled Wisteria"
Q & A:
CoSG, FSM, Lovecraft, Rosicrucian History
Xists and Yetis
Sales and boobs
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