Hour of Slack #1539 - 18X-Day Autopsy #3 - rantjams


Listening to this episode is exactly like being at an X-Day Drill! Therefore you're going to need suntan lotion, bug spray, ear protectors, a snakebite kit, and bear repellent before you push PLAY. Starring The Neanderthal Man (1953)! -- along with rants and/or music in praise and/or hatred of "Bob" Dobbs and the Church of the SubGenius. Music includes new ACTUAL SONGS by St. Andrew the Impaled, Rev. Andrew Genus, The Giant Germs and Six Fisted Tails of Connie, as well as some hellishly fevered jamming with rant-overs by DJ Gravity and Rev. Fidd Chewley. Dr. Hal does T. S. Eliot, Drs. 4 Wotan Reunited does "Louie Louie" and "Would You Tell Me If My Face Was On Fire?" Rev. Grill Ninja delivers a sobering but not sober rant; Pisces manufactures lyrics on the fly while Rev. Angry Larry, Bishop Stick, "Suds," Rev. Rock God, Rev. Hazel of the Windmills, and a whole gang of other idiots manufacture drivin' jazzdada jams alongside. There's even a Bowie cover at the end!

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1 The Large: HoS Eavesdrop title 00:10
2 The Neanderthal Man - I Took a Higher Dose 00:55
3 Six Fisted Tails of Connie - Pisces - Welcome 2 Rodeo 00:36
4 Pi & Stang Intro Grill Ninja 00:31
5 Rev. Grill Ninja sermon/blues 08:33
6 Six Fisted Tails of Connie -All Our Jams Are Belong 2 Bob 03:13
7 Giant Germs credits by Pisces 01:19
8 St.Andrew the Impaled - I Lost the Scales from My Eyes 02:26
9 Credits 00:55
10 Six Fisted Tails of Connie - Pisces - No Cure-What You've Done 04:10
11 Dr. Hal recites TS Eliot poem 02:00
12 credits 00:53
13 Drs. 4 Wotan - (original 1980 version) Louie Louie 01:16
14 The Neanderthal Man - There must be some logical explanation 00:19
15 Drs. 4 Wotan (18X-Day) - Recorder Placement 01:45
16 Drs. 4 Wotan - You Dont Need that Eardrum 00:41
17 Drs. 4 Wotan - Would You Tell Me My Face is on Fire 01:28
18 Drs. 4 Wotan - LouieLouie 03:49
19 The Neanderthal Man - I gloried in my ferocity Neanderthal 00:40
20 Six Fisted Tails of Connie - Drivin' to Planet X! last 3 min 03:28
21 credits 00:55
22 The Giant Germs - Blitzkrieg "Bob" 00:44
23 The Neanderthal Man - Main Rant 1 01:25
24 Six Fisted Tails of Connie - Pisces - There's No Tomorrow end 01:29
25 Neanderthal Man Main Rant 2 00:42
26 Six Fisted Tails of Connie - Mad Scientist Cackle Jam with Drummondian Stangyuks 03:54
27 Dr. hal indroduces Robin Renee / Rev. Andrew Genus 00:20
28 Robin Renee - Up in My Room 03:32
29 cedits 00:38
30 Pisces, Wei, Robin Renee - The Man Who Sold the World 04:25
31 Six Fisted Tails of Connie - Pisces - He Took My Frop 01:46
32 Rev. Baby Bear - SubGenius Mailing Spot 00:33
33 Rev. Dr. Frodis "Suds" Pshaw - Downloadable Bobsongs ads 01:09

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