Hour of Slack #1538 - Special Guest Philo Drummond @ X-Day (with Dr. Hal & Stang)


"My destiny was to be like Igor, throwing rocks down on people and leading monsters around." Philo Drummond, Ivan Stang, and Dr. Hal rant together, recorded at 18X-Day in one fell take on Friday, July 3, "2015." It's like a glimpse backstage inside the uncircumcised minds of the uncircumscribed SubGenius forefathers and their foreskins circa 1983. Oddly, these mighty forefathers probably sound more like nerds than gods, but hey. We didn't call it Church of the Genius, now did we? As always, see the subgenius.com radio area - http://www.subgenius.com/ts/hos.html - for extremely detailed logs of each show's content, ulterior links, alternate high-resolution formats, subscription information, syndication, and the other fine SubGenius radio programs like Puzzling Evidence, Ask Dr. Hal, "Bob's" Slack Time Funhouse (Rev. Susie the Floozie), National Cynical, and more. Plus: etc.!

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Media Barrage open with w/ Pope Phred song ""Bob" Down on the Saucers-Oh." Headphone whines. So great for Philo to hear Philo. Starting up w/ Hal & Philo, opening SG Mind Control Exp. HoS live. Great jamming last night here, which we'll cut to at some point. At one point all musicians knew what they were doing! Chimps w/ instruments eventually produce Mozart (after 250 billion years). Philo distracted, can't find lighter. Stang's lighters have Monster High stickers, Hal's have Laughing Squid stickers. Philo's Lighter Emporium. *Frop cookies?* Stang hung over, had to copy the long audio files. Stang remembers names of Subs - by looking at photos and sign-in sheets from previous year. Feit C Taj name. Only pretending to have hearing. Fewer and fewer broadcast stations that we have to censor for. But now we're beyond money and food. And sex. Hal's Wild Turkey vs. ice tea movie version. But Lee Marvin really was drunk in Cat Balou. Evelyn Ankers didn't like to be carried by very drunken Lon Chaney Jr. as The Mummy. Tana leaves. Monster actor trivia on Facebook. Tall Lon Chaney Jr. vs. small Bela Lugosi. FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND and Ed Wood. Hollywood makes bad guys look strong and good guys look like wimps. But the monsters are the good guys, villains make everything happen - becomes hero. Godzilla once a bad guy, then a hero. Even Szulakski got it backwards re: Yeti. The Szukalski versus Stang at a sf con story. Hollywood makes aliens CUTE and SIMPLE. Where's the food? Tarzan's Radio Station -- do what u want! KPFA so unfree, like NSA HQ. Have to go outside to pollute selves! Ohioans dunno how good they have it compared to CA -- have RAIN! The spectacle of Death Valley full of water. The Colorado River Toad burroughs 60 feet underground. The Igor flute tune that draws Frankenstein's monster. Villagers vs. Igor, but has friend Monster. "My destiny was to be like Igor, throwing rocks down on people and leading monsters around." Igor's coolness and his long list of enemies. Stang wants hit man business card. Transplanted memories of guilty hand-washing. Pontius Pilate, misunderstood public servant. The Last Days of Pompeii. Learned religion from Bible movies. Demetrius and the Gladiators. There was me Caligula and my three droogs. Hal was there. Philo was a Senator for four terms. Philo of Alexandria. Philomena, Philo's mustached sister. The Yeti pelt, the lip-brow. Ed Strange's little girl, the luxuriant pelt. We did the Creepy Killer Guy last year. (Halloween theme, John Carpenter.) Robert Rodriguez, James Horner scores. Jack vs. John. John = Hans - Hansel - Ivan - Johannes - Jack - Jake - Jaques. Harry = Henry = Harold = Heinrich. But not "BOB"!! Must put quotes around that name, to contain it. The nimbus of extoplasm could escape, BOB wants to expand but the quotes restrain him, an omivous entity eating more and more. The quotes are a cage, containing him, like the magic circle. The book PERVERSIONS OF LOVE readings, inspiring practitioners. The sin that dare not speak its band's name. The quotes around "Bob" is the TEST of who is real Sub and who's not. Susie arrives, B on each cheek of her life. Philo does killer Red of Tube Bar impression. Those who can't spell "Bob." Circus Apocalypse jokes. Philo is jamming on his phone, like on radio, cheats from Wikipedia. wikipedia problems. Ankara does the SubG entry, praise Ankara. The ladies are getting undressed! Too bad the radio audience can't see this parade of pulchritude. Looking at YouTubes on the radio. Will Puz Ev come to X-Day? Philo playing with his bellybutton w/ Hal ARISE recital. REVELATION X is hard to get. Stang can't rant due to now having slack. Dr. Drummond will never frop at work again! No more weapons sales from Dr. Drummond. Correcting spelling in Lee Cypher's book. Drs 4 Wotan greatest hits coming up. Stang finds the set list - Louie Louie and the goat women. Philo left the drummer at home! Trying is just as good as doing, right? The drummer was a wind-up chimpanzee robot. Kept songs short. We have electronics now and Kaosmic Bobcat. The song "Me Me Me, I I I." Stang's hatred of antimusic and the fact that Philo loves it. So many horrible tapes. Sterno encouraged it... like nasty little boys. Whole Church is like a bunch of nasty little boys. Wrong facts in the scholarly book - "Philo started the PE Show" - the evil of spellcheck vs. SubG - Will Hal be on Half Life 3? Hal most famous for video game voices, Stang and Wei most famous for stupid Numa Numa song take-off. Nonsense lyrics sounded like "fuck," -- got us in trouble with station. Enemy of Slack - didn't like what we stand for. WCSB station managers have often been SubG fans. Sarah saw "Bob" in 3rd grade. "I used to listen to your show when I was 13" - Pinks and Pink Slips. "I love Pink" shirts. Joanna Galt and "The Pink Life" earworm. Hal sings "I'm Glad to be a Dingaling." "Do drugs turn you on, or do drugs turn on you?" Anti-drug ads, even anti-coffee ads. Semen in coffee. Bull semen in Red Bull. Coming to end of show -- it's really 1998. Change the tape. TRUMPET FANFARE INSERT HERE!

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