Hour of Slack #1531 - Rev. Susie the Floozie and President Huckabee

2nd show, Wednesday at 18X-Day with Dr. Hal, Rev. Susie the Floozie


Listen, my children, and you shall hear

SubGenius broadcasts from "old Wisteer',"

In July summer, "2015."

Nary a Pink was on the scene

When these words were spoken, at the camp canteen.

-- Dr. Hal

Total nerd-out. Old nostalgic monster fans will sure love this one. Special Bonus: scroll to the bottom of this page for the entire first issue of KONA MONARCH OF MONSTER ISLE:


We're still hard at work organizing and editing the recordings of ranters and bands, but those will be forthcoming in good time.

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"LIVE AT WISTERIA" with Susie, Stang, Hal. 53 min - need 6 min of collage.

HoS Intro - the kind men like - at Wisteria - Argentine ants larger than U.S. states - Susie's ant genocide - on X-Day, will we spare animals? Debride the planet down to the mantle. The Outback of Ohio's high species diversity.  New parasites on Planet X, odds in their favor - Difficulties of biospheres, International Space Station. Some confusion re: Heaven's Gate, Bo and Peep. The Church and Heaven's Gate. Better ways of cult suicide. "Bob" = Beaver's Dad? Mark Trail? Dick Van Dyke? The Lost Continent and similar bad dino movies - Unknown Island, The Land Unknown. Disembodied hands, Beast with Five Fingers in yr pants. How we could trick Christians into thinking The Rapture had happened, but leaving behind hands and noses. The Nose Picker will be at The Judgement. SubG radio conversations, and the Truth of Bulldada badfilm. Reading letters from listeners. Got letter from Cleveland listener. Susie's stalkers, WREK - College radio the last bastion - WORT - KPFA - old KNON - censorship makes us meaner and funnier! President Mike Huckabee. Atlanta and Waffle House. Detailed Waffle House critique. Ray Bradbury and Ray Harryhausen. Mike Jittlov and The Wizard of Speed and Time. Jittlov in the bedroom, but no Dobbshead. Dobbsheads and toilet training, Bleepo's daughteer Baz. Human drama vs. alien drama. The aliens who talk by farting, tap dancing, color, contortions, anything but sound. Farting and tapdancing. Screw the prophecy, I'm into nostalgia now. The Batman-Superman comic-jam that Hal found. Superman art details discussed by Susie and Hal. Dr. Manhattan's costume. Herbie Popnecker. Kona, Monarch of Monster Isle. Tarzan in World War 2. The apes of Tarzan. Weird animal and SubG noises in the woods. 10 more minutes:

Cut to Susie Collage! -

Susie's 17 hour George Bush vs. Katrina shows. Some kind of Monster? Look harder for monsters. Scorpions are flourescent. Dr. Dark's monster movie drive-in and The Grindhouse. We're all monsters here! SubGenius After Dark. The schedule they don't read. Andrew Genus coming up. Only took 3 mics. 1/64th of a hit of acid just like coffee. That about wraps it up - theoretical only. Sign-off YRL etc. "Goodnight seekers" - could end there. Had Baby Bear doing her URL sign-off. Show not still on is it? Radio sound effects. PSAs? Why Stang says "Zappa sucks" (Sterno told him not to.) Zappa would back Stang. End

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