Hour of Slack #1517 - The Government Could Take Over at ANY TIME!


Stang lets his Texas accent go hogwild in this one, riding a bucking bronco of Texanism while reading a funny piece by James Moore about Jade Helm 15. Stang also reads a rant by Rev. Fidd Chewley, "What's Gonna Happen to the Church in the Future? (Humbug!)" We hear a new song, "Uberman," by Hombres del Mar, an adaptation of The Brag of the SubGenius. We hear a 10 minute rant-n-blues jam by Einstein's Secret Orchestra with Dave and Stang from 1,000 shows ago, in 1996. Stang reads sex advice to the romantic SubGenius Monster Hunter regarding Mounting. Then, Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in. Among the issue's discussed: our friend Rev. Onan Canobite's art that was displayed in the infamous Texas Muslim-Hater's Cartoon Show and Botched Terror Attack. Did you know that detailed logs of everything discussed on shows like this are stored in the Hour of Slack section of subgenius.com? Well they are. Just click on any show title and there you'll find painfully detailed notes of each show.

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1 LeMur -HOS Intro #863 - You're Going To Marry Me 00:22

2 Hombres Del Mar - Uberman (Explicit) 04:00

3 Rev Du 8 -Steaming Sack of Slack_7 00:59

4 Live Stang credits, rants 11:39

Credits DU8, Hombre del Mar. Brag of the SubGenius and the songs derived thereof. 7 versions?

Stang reads REV. FIDD CHEWLEY rant "What's Gonna Happen to the Church? (Humbug!)"

Stang describes upcoming ancient ESO recording.

Stang reads CNN opinion piece by James C. Moore, "We Texans Are Brave Enough to Resist the Pentagon" re Jade Helm 15

5 Einstein's Secrt Orchestra jam with Stang, Doe, 1996 (in WCSB? Or Stang';s basement?) X-Day-WhoDoULuv!! 10:29

6 t Live Track 2015-5-10 35:44

Stang  and Wei on the history of that old ESO recording. Stang reads sex advice to the romantic SubGenius Monster Hunter regarding Mounting. Dave calls in - a mountain of mountings. Wonders if Chaz heard show in Hell. Unusually strange Dave commentary re: Yeti feet, sole, soul. Wei's old landlady Marge Lambart and Feet Feetish. Feet Fetus Fetish, so tiny. Bumper Sticker talk; Stang bought the "FICTION" bumper sticker (spelled out in religious symbols). Dave on religions and abstinence, Pipeless religions. SubGenius IS that word, or a faction of fiction. Aesop's Labels! We're in a government-occupied government. Texans say the government is gonna invade America. They're sending Army soldiers to OUR SHORES! The government could take over at ANY TIME! Dave on unusual soldier sightings. Stang respects soldiers, who signed up for worst job in the world. But they declared Stang 4F. Even got turned down from Meals on Wheels. Fat feetish. The Kent 12. Dave the Last Living Wobbly. God damn the Preature-Man. Preacher from the Black Legume. Church would be funny if you hadn't heard 1,517 shows. Tater quote: Your Rights End Where "Bob's" Fist Begins. The Anti-Muslim Cartoon Show in texas, with the shootings: Rev. Onan Canobite had art in that show! And wonders what happened to his art. On this radio show we just drew a picture of Mohammad in listener's minds, so now we're in trouble. Isn't there better art going on than silly propagandistic things. George Washington was a Muslim! Lincoln wore a turban. Got goodly stretched on the hemp. The stuff the Founding Fathers smoked. The Zeroth Admendment on pot, censored back when demos were repubs. Dave's Yankee parents. Socialists after the Civil War who wanted to divvy up the plantations among the poor. Southern abolitionists were persecuted. Stang's mixed blood - Yankee and Rebel. Grandparents: immigrants from lazy shifty foriegner country (Ireland). Greedy foreigners (Scotland). Stang's body parts. Haggis bites. Dave's nonwhite Italian ancestors who invented everything. Romans made slaves of Stang's people. But they didn't want the Romans to leave. Englanders punishing Romans. Every country gets their chance to enslave everybody else and then get broke and miserable. Really strange Dave rant. On the spaceships they won't let us worry. What would "Bob" not do? Plain unquoted Bobs are a dime a billion. Plug for subgenius.com - the interpretations of the visage of "Bob" - what does it mean? It's mean in the meantime. Arterial bleeding of enlightenment! Stang dies of it. Did we get ourselves targeeted , by which fanatics? Teabuckers, muslamics? The puddin' thumpers? The popular cowboys are so jealous of LCDave. Good as stumps in the rain. End of show news. Have to say Praise "Bob" or "Bob" will kill me. Leaves the big-band MH music on.

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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Rap Song lyrics


Ft. Christopher Tung



Welcome to the Arena

So nice to finally meet ya

We're here to extinct some elder beasts

Stick them in a museum


Slaying dragons with Great Swords

Bustin' beats on Hunting Horns

Slash and rhyme like the Hero of Time

I'm always quick to try force


Fight the prey all night and day


Cause I'm a Hunter



I'm a Monster Hunter



I'm a Monster Hunter


Now listen close as the monsters approach

Ya need some epic loot - I'm on the pursuit

Shoot 'em out of the sky and I'm hearing their cries

Ultimate combo rate, there's no escape


From the Primal Forest to the Great Sea

I'm always getting ingredients for my new recipes

We don't stand alone, my whole team's deployed

Gunning down these clowns like something out of Metroid!


Put you underground like a Black Diablo

I'm the O.G., Sonic and Mario

Ya I'm on the quest to protect the terrain

Don't pray to no god, I just killed Rajang!


Cause I'm a Hunter



I'm a Monster Hunter



I'm a Monster Hunter


Entered Rage Mode, chargin' all my might

Every battle I engage in is a final boss fight

Make sure these beasts remain mythology

I'll come at you, don't care about ecology


I'm no defender, I'm a fire starter

Decked out in my Silver Sol armor

Bring death, try to flee, but there's no way you can

Bust a master on the track, like my name's MegaMan.


There's now more monsters than ever before

It's no longer a hunt, it's the ultimate war

Ninety-eight different beasts and I gotta stop them

Can't be overcome I drop the hammer on them!


Stand my ground, got the power of will

Not to mention an endless list of Armor Skills

Summon my alliues, I'm a minion caller

And you'll see the gore spill when I slay Magala!


On top of my game, scaling Heaven's Mount

I'm the last one standing on my slayground

It's survival of the fittest, when the world needs saving

They say Man shouldn't play God, good thing I'm not playing!


Cause I'm a Hunter



I'm a Monster Hunter



I'm a Monster Hunter



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