Hour of Slack #1514 -- The Urinator's Prayer and Schrodinger's Baby


Music by Drs. 4 Wotan, Mutant Mountain Boys, Max Slack, The Psycho Skeletons, Munky Hyv, and Rev. Phineas Narco. Crazy talk by Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Rev. Ivan Stang, Princess Wei "R." Doe, Dr. Howll, and Dr. Philo Drummond. The boys were feeling frisky this evening. Includes a shout-out to rev. peas -- "Give Peas a Chance." Stang also reads some Neal Stephenson and some Bobliographon.

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1 Charleston Intro 00:30

2 LeMur: HOS Intro #860 - "Bob"spiracy 01:15

3 Stang, Sterno, Hellswami Satellite Weavers: Cleave to Bob song 04:40

4 The Mutant Mountain Boys - Radiate Some Slack (X-Day 2012) 04:22

5 Rev. Max Slack - Too Much Is Always Better 03:43

6 The Psycho Skeletons - Burning Hot Cigarret 01:46

7 LeMur: "Bob" Song #1007 00:23

8 Munky Hyv - 2Pink x 03:30

9 Stang/LeMur: DownhomeIslandTechno 02:02

10 Rev. Phineas Narco - "Bob's" Way (2009) 04:42

11 Live at WCSB 4-19-2015 38:27

((Background music from Monster Hunter Tri, also Big Band Monster Hunter versions)) Trouble getting Dave on the air, Stang blames Conspiracy. Hears them creeping and sneaking. Stang does credits. Stang reads excerpt from Neal Stephenson's The Baroque Cycle (Vol. 2 The ConFusion) -- the Urination Prayer of Samuel Pepys. "Here we sit, broken hearted, expecting Dave, but instead we got carted." Stang reads from Bobliographon on Pinks and how they're not right; there's just more of them. Dave calls in! If one atom in the station is changed, whole new universe. Those little cults like the Muslamics, Christians, Hindus, compared to CoSh, which no one knows they've joined yet. 50,000 Subs - the Mouse that Roared when its tail was stuck in the trap. CoSG bigger than Heaven's Gate, People's Temple. Youth minds twisted because overmediated, can't read cursive or even anything with upper case letters in it. Sign contracts with passwords. Encrypted passwords, same as how they'll have babies in future -- encrypted packets of sperm emailed to eggsac, then unZipped. Schrodinger's Baby. "Bob's" prophecy re: children of the future, being NO genitals or else ALL genitals depending on if "Bob" wins or not. "Bob" like Princess and the Pea -- hi, Rev. Peas! "Give Peas a chance." Stang trying to translate Dave's speech re fat cats, golfers -- soon those golfers will launch Dave's head. Random headline: Jeb Bush the Next Mitt Romney? Loaded question. Everybody deserves whatever they get, by definition, God said. Kids born in 1950s exposed to toxins that made them talk like Dave, or listen like us. Dave tattles on Clyde Lewis quoting X-Day. But Rush and Jon do it too -- everybody in media. They're all ripping off the CoG -- we're here for rich idiots to copy our concepts. I've lost interest, rather be playing Minecraft. The nucleus testing spread nucleus radion, made Dave talk the way he does and us listen the way we do. Brain-coul-body poisoning, making us immune to further posioning - Strength through Disfigurement - Sure, vaccines cause autism but at least you won't get a cold. Piercings for strength? No, to get laid. Boys did ridiculous things to show how they don't care what anyone thinks. Anthropologist description of kissing a Ubangi lip with the disk removed. Lip disks, neck rings, Prince Albert ladder. Bifurcated penis. No, you first. Bifurcation of penis talk. I'm totes bummed. You marshed my Hello. Oh garsh, my Jello. No, I'M sorry. WCSB phones down because of the Conspiracy of Dumbasses. COULD a SubGenius screw up?!? Long chain of human slurs and human name-calling. Stang reads more from Bobliographon re: The Pinks Aren't Right, Just More of Them. Discordant philosphy - Hail Eric. Exeter the Elephant Man from Planet Mutata. I'll be in the bathroom on X-Day while they're quoting me. In excremeditation, letting Bob and his little brown brothers out, without a struggle hopefully. It's all you CAN do once Bob gets his hooks in yr head and other hidden organs. Stang on Minecraft, thanks Taphouse, started building GLANDLANDISTAAN. If you're homeless you can stay in our Minecraft castle. Tiki motif? Wood and stone? Rock and stick vs. ROCK AND STICK AND BEAST! Stang describes his surroundings in station -- almost all derived from rock or stick, but Wei's jacket made from beast. Stang does OUTRO. Then Dr. Sinister still doesn't show up. Now we end show for radio stations, but continue show for Internet. Now we have an extra 5 minutes!  What to do? Wasted last hour! (Wei does station ID!) Sign off. Fade out.

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