Hour of Slack #1511 - "Bob"songs and God's Darwinism

Live at WCSB, 2015-3-29


First half: a sampling of the best SubGenius-made Bobsongs and hymns that we're compiling for a series of albums spanning Church music from 2008 to the present. Contributors include The Mutant Mountain Boys, Lost Souls Inc., Christian Blatter, The Swinging Love Corpses, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Heart Ignition, Brainleak, Chas Smith, LeMur, Poo Water Towel and the great Rev. Bill T. Miller, King of Slack. Second half: SMOTE BE IT, BABY; If Ya Got 'Em, Smote 'Em. Lonesome Cowboy Dave and his babysitters, Stang and Doe, tackle the most profound problems facing humanity and SubGeniusdom today, such as baldness.

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1 Lemur: HOS_IntroE 00:33

2 Slackmaster Salrcastro - 1 Dollar 01:03

3 Lemur: PR Gnus #1770 00:32

4 Lost Souls Inc - Dread Dobbs 01:59

5 The Mutant Mounain Boys - Bob Dobbs is Watching You" (2010 Parking lot recording) 01:58

6 Christian Blatter -"Bob" 02:34

7 LCDave on ESO radio with Stang, Chas Smith: I_Love_Bob_song 04:25

8 The Swinging Love Corpses: BOB KILLS PINKS DEAD! 01:35

9 Heart Ignition: great BOB song thing 01:01

10 The Mutant Mounain Boys (live, 17X-day) - A Frop Farm In The Valley 03:48

11 Ivan Stang - Escape from the Planet of the AlcandorsĀ  03:24

12 4z Live Track 3-29-2015 copy 33:29

((Music bg: Brainleak's "When the Saucers Cum")) - Eplanation of new Bobsong album selections. Lonesome Cowboy Dave is in a UFO pickle tonight. Dave plays some kind of taped song over the phone. Badly. Stang credits the various Bobsongs we're digging through lately -- bg music by Brainleak -- the Eggplants in our thoughts - various credits inc. old WCSB ESO song with Baby Dave. Baby Stang etc. - Dave's Punishment Hole rant - Did "Bob" Back-in-Time ya? The Permissive organs of "Bob." Head-shaving to hide baldingness. Dave on the miseries of baldness. Head-beards and mustaches on pate, such as St. tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE, and his brain tattoo on his pate. Head-shavings and False Brains. Colored eyebrows, colored eyeballs. Dave knew guy with yellow eyes. The guy in Austin with two pupils in each eye. Couldn't get laid, but think if he'd gone to X-Day. Dave's Heaven's Gate story re: Bo and Peep. Stang's story about the Heaven's Gate recruiters in Dallas and the fellow Stang talked out of joining them. Heaven's Gate vs. SubGenius. "How many nads can I shave off, anyway?" Trepanation, clearing the "lid" over the Third Eye. L. Ron Hoover, L. Ron Swaggart, L.Ron Tilton, and L. Ron Enron. Stang's Bobsongs album project. The old WCSB ESO show recordings, when we sounded young. Reimbursing your age. Social Security and how they're gonna do away with us all -- death and large mammals and this planet. (Good thing in the long run.) God set it up that way and God was the fittest of all so He's the only one who gets to survive. Van Gogh's bad self-indulgent art. Cezanne and Van Gogh and "crazy." SubGenius "crazies." SMOTE BE IT, BABY. If Ya Got 'Em, Smote 'Em. Hydrocephaly does not an OverMan make, but $35 might. Prove you're below a genius! We can sell you a piece of paper that proves that your mind is not okay. Papers that say mind is okay vs. brain is normal. Look at Dave! Snot-nostrils and Dave brain. SubG a map to the Infirm Regions - learn what not to do, but by then it's too late. Wei's Wiccan school vs. Catholic private school. Stang's all-boys high school, like the silver hump on a hunchback's neck. 50 Years gets you the Golden Hump. Some wires are hot, some are not - get fried real good. "Maybe. . . when we play it back later." Head-cocker-spaniel. Humpin' baby cakes? We're not making fun, we are Monster High. To us your deformities are marks of superiority over the Mere-Humes, the Pink Boys. Dave works on his eyebrows every morning - shaves and unshaves. Stang on Hour of Slack MP3 and Ogg Vorbis archive copies. The RADIO SUBGENIUSES vs. the BOOK-READING SUBGENIUSES vs. the INTERNET SUBGENIUSES. PO box and URL.

13 BTMiller King of Slack - Surgeons For Connie (Ready To Operate) 02:17

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