Hour of Slack #1510 - Choice Cuts of Puzzling Evidence + ToonTunes

Assembled on 2015-3-22


Lots of new music in this (Bern Brijis, Steev Inglish, Amoeba Knievel, Joe Zeziorski, Psycho Skeletons) and a truly gut-splitting sermon about Excremeditation by Dr. G. Gordon Gordon, but mostly it is some "Best of Puzzling Evidence" as selected by Rev. Baby Bear and Rev. Stang. The main spouters are Dr. Hal and Dr. Philo Drummond, and they do some killer verbal riffs about Church doctrine as well as a science lesson that you'll never forget, especially if you google the images they suggest!

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1 LeMur: HOS Intro #906 - Ask "Bob" That 00:35

2 Dr. G. Gordon Gordon: Excremeditation Sermon X 05:11

3 Steev Inglish - Frogman Blues 03:54

4 Lemur - PR Gnus #1773 00:28

5 Puzzling Evidence - Satan Shoes and Slack 08:19

6 Bern Brijis - Human Stampede 01:10

7 Lemur - PR Gnus #1775 00:36

Thank you LeMur for PR Gnus and the intro titles. The song just previous, Human Stampede," was by Rev. Bern Brijis in Berlin, germany. That extremely scholarly sermon about excremediation at the beginning was of course by Dr. G. Gordon Gordon, assassin for "Bob," and the song Frogman Blues was by our friend Steev Inglish of Cleveland. THE PUZZLING EVIDENCE SHOW from KPFA Berkeley, oldest of the SubGenius radio shows, had Dr. Hal Robins and Dr. Philo Drummond discussing Satan Shoes and Slack.

The Winterstar Ball last night at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland was a big success. We saw at least a hundred old friends (and I do mean old, in some cases); Princess Wei sang in three different bands and I introduced each of the what, 9 bands, and I conducted a RAFFLE to benefit ACE and the Jeff Rosenbaum memorials, which managed to involve so many numerological coincidences that if you were a numerology kook, or suspicious, you'd think it was all rigged by aliens. Anyway we had a great time but we are post toasties. We used up all our vim and vigor before, during and after the big show, so we're a might peaked -- plus we had no idea what to expect here at the station technically since big changes have been happening. So, we are going to Slack off while playing some choice cuts from Puzzling Evidence shows with Dr. Hal and Philo Drummond. Interspersed with some recent origibal new music from contributors. These particular Puzzling Evidence pieces were all isolated and culled by Rev. Baby Bear; for, you know, the editing of Puzzling Evidence clips requires great patience and determination. But it is well worth it, my friends. Slap on those skull clamps and listen some more.

8 Puzzling Evidence - The Conspiracy with Chicken and Tomatoes 04:41

9 Amoeba Knievel- Scanners Live In Vain 05:10

10 Puzzling Evidence - Perspective Time Control and X-Day 03:46

11 The Psycho Skeletons - Forced Creativity 03:19

12 Puzzling Evidence - Questions Crawling Worms and One Dollar 01:57

13 Joe Jeziorski - Ebow Instrumental 04:25

14 Puzzling Evidence - 121214- Ball's Pyramid Island Tree Lobsters 13:10

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