Hour of Slack #1506 - Onan's New Sermon Meets Lonesome Cowboy Dave (Live 2015-02-22)


At first it's a fairly "normal" show (by Hour of Slack standards anyway). Then, seemingly out of desperation, Stang starts reading ONAN CANOBITE'S DECEMBER 2014 SERMON. For 20 minutes, the show alternates between Stang reading chunks of the great ONAN SERMON and Dave doing his patented surrealist extemporaneizing -- altogether, an excellent combo of clever writing and pure Spouting. At the climax, the worst "Bob" song in the world is played! We apologize for NOTHING!

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1 LeMur: PR Gnus #1764 00:28

2 BleepoScrewballTitle- 00:13

3 Popeye Bulldada 00:17

4 Lily EYIYI! short 00:03

5 The Amino Acids: Theme From The Slack Hole 00:19

6 Electric_Apricot_clip-Excremeditation 00:31

7 LeMur: FolksWarJesus 00:20

8 LeMur: Reflection For Death 00:51

9 LeMur: Get Life, It's Affordable 00:53

10 Drs 4 "Bob" Inst, Stang on Druggs 00:38

11 Cuttlefish - soHoly_soAwesome 02:58

12 LeMur: Hello? #4 00:16

13 LeMur: We Irish, This Cigarette 01:38

14 Rev. Awooga - One Last Little Cold Minute 01:41

15 LeMur: PR Gnus #1765 00:25

16 The El Queso All-Stars - Raised_inEnvironment of "Bob" 01:40

17 LeMur: PR Gnus #1766 01:01

18 LeMur - Choral No 9 00:42

19 Steaming Stack of Slack 3 01:00


20 Live at WCSB - Stang & Doe & Dave 2015-02-22 41:56

Dave calls in - mournful Stang about Dave enshrouded - Stang does credits of weird opening tracks - Stang wants to let Dave & Wei do whole show. Stang & Doe announce the Winterstar Ball, Beachland Ballroom, Sat. March 21 with Stang, Phat manDee, Mayan Ruins, Maruga Booker & His Cosmic Hodown Band (free admission), to raise money for Jeff Rosenbaum's tombstone. A Ball in the ballroom and Stang will bring a ball. Back to morbid things now. Dave thinks Stang sounds re-rectally annointed and in a sideways kind of mood. "Bob" said, "You ain't gonna know, Stang; you're gonna have to bluff and guess your way through it." Stupid news today same as in 1920, except Dems and Repubs switched names. The weather -- it will never get warm again, zero degrees will be "warm" by this summer. Ice storms in Texas; we died in Kentucky. Naked Russians with vodka. Stang plays sounds of Annie Sam the Pig from Stangsville and the angry goose -- they'll be at X-Day. Sound of Dave's nose on the grindstone, kicking up blood. Grinding his foreskin. Stang had to burn parts of his brain to stay warm last night; Dave had nothing to eat so he ate his brain. Use brain for food, or warmth?!? Dave stands warm by standing by a cash register. Dave saw Nazi roadblocks, Stang with gigalo mustache, strange Dave talk -- in dreams? Dave's strange talk makes Stang feel like he's in a dream that's winding down, the dream called Hour of Slack. Stang no longer feels willing; rather be hunting monsters in the Matrix. Shouldn't complain; Stang's back yard full of shivering naked SubGeniuses; had to eat own hands off; wish I could help 'em but that would just give 'em big ideas. It's illegal to put SubGs out of their misery and make 'em into chili. Throttle 'em for exercise? Did Dave sew lips shut? Sounds like Andrew the Impaled with mouth sewn shut. Dave left his diction hanging out at the supermarket. Stang eager to go home, no beers with guys followed by waking up in parking lot of people you don't know!

Stang starts reading ONAN'S DECEMBER 2014 SERMON (Hendrix bootleg background). For 20 minutes, show alternates between Stang reading chunks of great ONAN SERMON and Dave doing surrealist extemporaneizing -- excellent combo of clever writing and pure Spouting.

Keep up the F.I.B.! An eardrum pie sounds good, tasty. Why not ear flute pie? Think outside the ear canal! Dave rant; I will not reveal my sores. No, go ahead Dave. No  I insist. YOU talk.

Stang intros and plays the new worst "Bob" song in the world: "BOB" ON THE WATER by Rev. Malcolm Tent

Analysis of the worst "Bob" song possible."Exquisitely bad." Like rubbing hot peppers in your eyes. Susie's show is devoted to even worse music than that! Some things could be worse EVEN than THIS SHOW, friends. Dave congratulates Stang for misleading so many for so long - end broadcast day.

21 Yukon Jack - Auld Lang Syne copy 01:52

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