Hour of Slack #1504 - Searching for America (Live 2015-2-8)


Rev. Ivan Stang and Princess Wei 'R.' Doe went searching for America, and found the Salton Sea. After some great musicollage with Lemur, Timothy Leary, Rev. Bleepo Abernathy, Glassmadness, GWAR, Nenslo, ZZ Top, and The Rudy Schwartz Project, Stang and Doe describe their travel adventures to Lonesome Cowboy Dave, who responds Davishly. Subjects include a Yes Chimp for Stang, V. Swarup's audio book "Q & A", Chameleonalia, the Bone Yard in Tucson, Dave's cough, Wei's mom in Carlsbad Caverns, The Thing?, and a sick clip from John Waters reading his audiobook "Carsick." StangDoe describe The Salton Sea area in grisly detail and play a very strange location recording of animal life in remote Stang County, Texas. American Sniper and The Interview are mocked and Dr. Sinister plays a redneck. The Rudy Schwartz Project performs the Swinging Love Corpses hit song, "Pick a Booger." The strange "STANG PUKES YOU" grafitti in Japan is described. Dave rants about the end of the world and Stang rants about mispronunciations of Wei's name. Dr. Sinister analyzes Dave's protest songs, then the classic anti-religious-nut-country protest song "Kill for God" by The Rudy Schwartz Project is played.

Article, photos on this episode on Laughing Squid site, by Scott Beale: http://laughingsquid.com/2005/11/27/subgenius-reunion-on-puzzling-evidence/

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1 LeMur: HOS Intro #853 - _Bob_ Dobbs_ It's Probably Not 00:23

2 DavidEpley-AHYES 00:32

3 DoorOfDay-MOMENToNOISE 00:28

4 New Eyiyi 00:02

5 Eyiyi_mono 00:04

6 IYiiiiiii_dotcom 00:31

7 Leary Promo Filtered 00:10

8 Bleepo - BobsSchool_o'TimeControl 01:15

9 Glassmadness-BobIsaRock 00:32

10 Bleepo's Mornormalen 00:55

11 Rev. David Boone: MORE THEM KIND PILS-OHIO 00:34

12 Rev. David Boone: Doug's Right VirgilWeRDif 00:14

13 GWAR-ragnarok 00:44

14 Sickest, Sickest Thing 00:07

15 Nenslo - There's a Feller 02:41

16 ZZ Top - Me So Stupid 03:16

17 The Rudy Schwartz Project - Carry Me Back to Good Ol USA 02:44


18 4 Live Track 2-8-15 14:30

Credits - We searched for America and found The Salton Sea - Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls - The bad wifi in the handicapped room at Motel 6 - boatload of castrated chimpanzees meant for Stang's job - Stang needs YES CHIMP - armpit hair braiding - Can't stop talking like an Idiot Orphan Indian Boy due to listening to book on CD of "Q & A" by V. Swarup -- inspiration for movie Slumdog Millionaire - Stang demonstrates echolalia as opposed to chameleonalia - LOL-o-lalia. BMOOMNL! "Pick a Booger" foreshadowing. The Bone Orchard, and The Bone Yard in Tucson (home of 4000 junked aircraft) - Dave's tuberculoid cough - cure with Rev. Susie's Bag Balm - our deadly drive through the storm - motels, truckstops, gas prices - toting the 85-year-old Queen Mum with us, took her through Carlsbad Caverns - The Thing? In Arizona - fave clip from the audio book of John Waters' book "Carsick" -


19 John Waters Carsick 3 Track 07 - sleeping in the woods 02:46


20 k Live StangDoe-Dave 2 12:46

That's what would happen to us if we hitchhiked - We found housing for us in The Salton Sea - description of Bombay Beach and Salton City - Dave's ruined leaking house - one-fifth of the Slackermansion fell off this morning due to ice - Main reason for trip was to see our grandkids and Pappy's hounddog. The only recordings Stang made on the trip: GRANDSONS SINGING "THAT'S THE JINGLE BELL CHICKEN" and PAPPY'S HOUD DOG DAMMET VS. THE COYOTES. Dammet's SubG salute, very weird animal noise. As romantic as a Waffle House. Dave's a proud American - and a big purple-bottom mandrill! American Sniper and The Interview -- have to go see 'em to prove you're really really angry. Dr. Sinister as a redneck. Stang sends Dave on a Sniper Hunt. WHY? -- that's the wuestion the audience is asking itself right now. "We HAD to pick on you, Dave, because you were such a sissie."


21 The Rudy Schwartz Project - Pick A Booger 03:22


22 Live StangDoe-Dave pt 3 08:21

Extrordinary feet demand extroardinary toes. Listening to Dave's TB breathing. Discussion of the strange phenemenon of "STANG PUKES YOU" stickers and grafitti in Japan. 30 years of Stang puking in terms of airtime - Dave croaking on the air isn't funny only if it happens. Peaceful coyote wilderness, we lose track of the things falling from the skies, the chem trails that cause autism, weird weather! Everything's gotten weird … and that's COOL! Princess Wee vs. Princess Way. The Standing Monkey pose. Saying "Woo Way" proves you're not really in the know. Wei Wei, No no, doo doo! Coming to end of horrible show, we'll play a protest song not by Dave. Sinister seriously discusses Dave's protest song "The President's on the Phone" and others. But now to play Kill for God by RSP.


23 The Rudy Schwartz Project - Kill for God X 03:50

24 Gregorian Sacred PO Box Chant 00:48

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