Hour of Slack #1494 - Roach Crap Steaks (Live 2014-11-30)

63:54 (broadcast version is under 60 min. -- lacks the final song)

A regular ol' show recorded Nov. 30 at the WCSB station. The first half is a mixed bag of nuts, with new LeMur collages plus a new ear-rattling segment from Rev. Du8, "Steaming Sack of Slack;" fine rants by Papa Joe Mama and G. Gordon Gordon; a mixdown of the movie Jesus Camp, by cuttlefish; carny barker Nate Eagle, and music by The Large (who SINGS!), ESO and Andrew the Impaled. Then it's Lonesome Cowboy Dave and StangDoe all the way down, and down, and down. (Stangor does not appear this time.) The subject matter is all over the place. Stang gets pissed off at the 98 percenters and the prophecy regarding bugs as food is explored, as is the mysterious New Yet Older PHOTO Dobbshead. Strange letters from The Large are read. Background music is new from The Psycho Skeletons and The Large.

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1    LeMur - HOS Intro #903 - Batman Laugh Riot     00:49

2    Rev. Du8's Steaming Sack of Slack #1     01:00

3    17X-Day: Fid Chewley's $35  01:38

4    Bob Yu Did Yu Job 1 00:27

5     Firesign Theatre - Hour of Slack ID 01   00:36

6    LeMur - PR Gnus #1761 00:33

7    LeMur - Smoke Gun #A - 15 Minutes To Get Out Of Dodge     01:10

8    Rev. Cuttlefish: jesus camp Mixdown1     01:44

9    G. Gordon Gordon - untitled rant 04:19

10   Nate Eagle - The Doctor Pitch01:58

11   Bob yu did yu jo   00:46

12   Rev. Du8's Steaming Sack of Slack #2     01:00

13   The Large-bobsong 121114     03:14

14   Papa Joe Mama rant - FREE THOUGHT     05:17

15     LeMur: PR Gnus #1762 00:51

16     Einstein's Secret Orchestra - Earth First 01:44

17     Stang, Doe, Dave Live on WCSB 2014-11-30     33:29

18     Andrew The Impaled - DNA (Live @ 17X-Day)     03:11


Music background:


1    the Psycho Skeletons - Some Dumb Thing     02:02

2    the Psycho Skeletons - Animal Kingdom     01:21

3    the Psycho Skeletons - Keyboardistan  01:54

4    the Psycho Skeletons - Quantum Sexy 1     02:11

5    The Large - bob-a-billy 02:25

6     TheLarge - piano141114    02:31

7     TheLarge - Nahkamafia - Pokyhouse     06:18

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