Hour of Slack #1491 B - WCSB Radiothon - A Clockwork Pledge Drive


Because this is a WCSB-specific pledge drive show, it won't be sent to the other stations -- it's Internet-only. The show starts with 15 minutes of fabulous but less-heard Hendrix. Stang intros the pledge drive Clockwork Orange-style, and there's a surprisingly serious and informative discussion of that novel later, when Oddy-Knocky Cowboy Dave calls in. Interspersed are glowing promises of the wonders of pledging and all the keen glowing candy-like premiums (including 2 passes to Starwood Festival). The promise of a SubGenius Gold Card for the $50 pledge "draws donations like flies!" Donators are gossiped about and praised. The WCSB history of Houir of Slack is told; much shameful SubG trivia is revealed.

The Radiothon lasts through Dec. 16. WCSB pledges: http://wcsb.org

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1 Lemur: HOS Intro #849 - So Ya Did Bust It 00:25

2 Jimi Hendrix (at Berkeley): Star Spangled Banner 02:49

3 G. Gordon Gordon - if not listen HoS, u suck     00:10

4 Jimi Hendrix (at Berkeley): Machine Gun            11:09


(Wendy Carlos score for A CLOCKWORK ORANGE in background)

What's it going to be then, eh?

There is me, that is Ivan, and my three dougies, that is Dave, Sinister and Wei, Wei being really wee, and we're sitting in the WCSB milkstudio making up our rassoodocks how to crast up a malenky bit of Pretty Polly for this like broadcasting mesto.

Our own pockets and that of the milkstation are empty of deng, that is cutter, or money as it may be, so that if thou wouldst like to continue to shlooshie the lovely music and sladky svooks like that of our beloved Ludwid Van or Jimi Hen, or even Johnny Zhivago and the Heaven Seventeen, then thou must lift up thine telephone and make great bolshy pledges and like promises to help we, your droogies, lest we itty off the air and are like heard no more. 216-687-6900 and talk to the wee Princess Wei.

I, Your Friend and Humble Narrator, know you our listener and droog likes having a good smeck at the bezoomny and oomny slovos that are goroveeted by Oddy Knocky Cowboy Dave, and slooshying the razzrez sounds that like fill up your ookos, as if the great bird WCSB hath laid like eggiwegs of gorgeousness and gorgieosity in the nests of your ears, oh my brothers.

So we would hate to have to tolchock you and crast your cutter with the old twenty-to-one or ultraviolence; much better we entice thee to give of thine deng and pretty polly of thine like own free will. Surely thou canst phone in real skorry and lay upon this malenky milkstation a sammy donation or pledge, as it were, so as to keep our rots govoreeting and our fuzzy warbles playing horrorshow shooms, angel trumpets and devil trombones on the like airwaves for ever and ever.

Slooshy the cally vonny cal of the other stations, those gromky commercial calstations that play only like gloopy teeny pop veshches and grahzny grazzy bandas and gruppas, and all repetitive to make it worse.

Don't make us creech and crark for your pretty polly. Can ye not spare some cutter, me brothers? 216-687-6900.


Detailed description of premiums. Dave calls in -- discussion of A Clockwork orange, Anthony Burgess. Misc. pledge drive ranting. Shout-outs to donators, bragging, whining, wheedling, promising, etc. What the lisneres look like. History of HoSlack in Cleveland. SubGenius trivia re: Gilbert Shelton, Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers. The IRON SKY 2 trailer. Finns and The Large. "Buska Hoza!" The WCSB Open House. Dr. Sinister's sinister environmental control. 

COLLAGE of really old pledge drive stuff (from Dallas years)

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