Hour of Slack #14888b - Synaesthesia with Baby Bear - Nerd-Out at the Bottom of the Nerd Barrel (Dual Show, Part 2)


After Hour of Slack #1488, we stuck around with special guest Rev. Baby Bear and Special Caller Dave for another hour of live radio, kindly lent us by Special Host Dr. Sinister from his Radio Synaesthesia show. It's 52 minutes of pure chatter that we're distributing by Internet only. It is truly a Nerd-Out; comic books and movies are discussed in detail along with many SubGenius Church Secrets and WCSB inside-jokes. Even the Useless Secret Super-Powers of several SubGenii are revealed. WARNING: This show may be somewhat more linear and less confusing than the "average" Hour of Slack. However it is every bit as nerdly.

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1 End of HoS 1488a 00:31

2 Monster High: Freaky Fusion 01:21

3 HoS/Syn 1488b 50:16


Dr. Sinister intro (inc. WCSB ID). "Get the balls rolling." The Buddha calls in. Jesus was a Litch. Buddha misses us since he left station. If you're a Member, we know your name, number, passwords, credit card numbers. Stang had nightmare that he had to kill a bear - orphaned a baby bear. Baby Bear loves cats -- delicious! Bear cub mugged in NYC. Bears in cabs, coyotes and mountain lions in suburbs. Black vultures in dumpsters. Baby Bear's weird leg on comic book cover. Suds' BobCo SubG portraits. Dr. Sinister can draw: flies. Philo's cartooning drawing lesson in SubG Pamphlet #1. Animals seen in our neighborhood: 3-legged city animals. LC Dave calls back in. The SubGenius Salute and other Abuses of Larynxes. SubGeniuses have Useless Secret Powers -- Baby Bear & Stang do Voluntary Belching Skill. Stang's niece's belching "disorder." Burping Tourrettes. Dave on parental reaction to burping children. Secret notes in code, American sign language. Dave leaves -- Pigman and Pig mask. Some Pigman recordings. Island of Dr. Moreau's 4-trottered pigwoman makes out with Val Kilmer, who now looks like a pigman. The Michael Keaton Batman and Birdman. Comic book prices discussion and Wolverine. Keaton vs. Bale and Bane. Baby Bear imitates Bale Batman, Bane. This is Nerd Radio! We have 40 listeners! -- because all anyone cares about are comic books and movies. Stang now has some of Jeff Rosenbaum's collection -- 1980s Marvel and DC -- and the old Superman comics are messed up, tripping ball - trying for heavy sf concepts, but instead trippily idiotic. When Superboy and Superman switch minds/bodies. "How do ya sneak the Kryptonite in?" Superman as disapproving Pa of Justice League. How came the one mortal, Batman, always saves the day? (The 1% are taking over.) Martian Manhunter discrimination - Mars switched with Earth during WWII. First Earth was used first. The human fetuses in the Mars robots. Losing listeners because Stang referenced a movie older than 25 years. Who listens to the radio? Hi to Buckky & Tanya. They even listen to the WCSB shows that are even WORSE! "I came for the Spanish language stuff and stayed for the death metal." Radio listening as a secret job time-wasting trick -- fun unless the subversive radio IS your job. "Don't make me look at "Bob" again!" Stang mentions THESE LOG NOTES I'M TYPING NOW. People who have to read every bit of print that passes your eyes - cereal boxes, ketchup bottles. The TM and C so mysterious -- to kids and kooks. TM = The Mark. Kook interpretations of numbers and codes on dollar bills. Mister Sister's son and the Catholic Channel. The SubGenius and Catholic light bulb changing jokes. Why Buck Naked is no longer a SubGenius. The story of "Bob" was stolen. "Bob" can steal from you and makes you feel good about it. You can't kill "Bob" unless you first praised him. The "You let me down" Bobbies. We could just go home and And. Monster Hunter vs. Portal. Blather about Skyrim. Always degenerates into a Nerd-Out. We need SubGenius JINGLE. The Beer God, Burger God commercials. The Rules of Obscenity on radio. "Artistic merit" excuse. The story behind "People, yeah, people, sure." Wei reveals that this was Nude Radio. We've been nude the whole time. Dr. Sinister does ID and disclaimer real fast. Saved me an hour... "Hour pleasure!"

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