Hour of Slack #1485 - 17X-Day "B.O.3"


The first half is another collection of 17X-Day best-of live recordings: rants from Rev. Baby Bear, Stang reading Good Rev. Roger, and Rev. Manx Darqpaw; songs by The Mutant Mountain Boys, Phat ManDee, Multiple Fisted Tails of Connie, and Andrew the Impaled (including a cover of a Tom Lehrer song!). That part of the show is really good. Then it's crazy talk live from WCSB with Lonesome Cowboy Dave attending by phone. And by crazy talk, what we really mean is REALLY crazy talk. Praise "Bob."

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1 Lemur: HOS_Intro5 00:33

2 Andrew The Impaled - song "Blinded " 02:33

3 Rev. Baby Bear rant: Bad Brain 05:42

4 The Mutant Mountain Boys - The Billowing Pipe 03:13

5 Stang reads Good Rev Roger rant, parts 2 & 3 08:02

6 Phat Man Dee - Bad Reputation 02:53

7 Rev. Manx Darqpaw rant - Have You Ever Noticed  05:07

8 The Mutant Mountain Boys - By and By+ 03:17

9 Stang, Dave, Doe @ WCSB - Live Track 2014-9-28 26:18

Stang does credits - Dave will destroy the show - we're all lost/screwed - Dave's funny walk, funny talk, not-so-funny reality - Excitement isn't all it's cracked up to be - excitement can be terrifying and inconvenient - sages say it all sucks - seeking boredom more than excitement - background music = 3rd character - the last time Dave had anything - have you had a bathroom session? - is going to the bathroom missing from your life? - the reason we play half hour of canned material at start of show so Stang can pee - OTHER shows use the first half hour to SMOKE POT! "Rocket away." Bathroom replaced pot smoking. Back in day, smoked pot on the air, but now they make us wear lungs inside our bodies. Not to mention cameras! Used to be ashtrays and coffee cup holders in the studio. The night we got carried away with the sex devices in the studio. 7 years ago -- can't do it anymore. Pure bodily essences wrecked by pot - pot bad for car, pets, bathtub, soul - different from Frop. (Music keeps ending). "Bob" is the Abattoir of Slack. Where the blood of the Slack drains from "Bob's" victims. Slack gather-basin - can't remember words due to Frop, almost as harmful as marijuana -- Wei can't even remember! Dobbs' third nostril mucuus with rice and beans - Wei horrified - Stang's soup made with Dobbs runoff discharge - Wei won't wear her French maid uniform, now wears nothing. Fear of clowns poo-pooed - clowns are the saddest, most fiendish people - Stang has fear of being a clown, due to the horrible job as a mime, stuck in elevator scaring a child, car breakdown outside Salvation Army. "Can I have a balloon?" Yelling silently at the homeless guy. Dave in the political lunatic asylum - The Prisoner! I am not a number, I'm a fremen! From Dune! Mr. Smarty-Pants. Don't poo-poo his French oui oui. This show sometimes dives into garbage can. First half of show was good. Stang does HoS I.D., i.d.s Rudy Schwartz Project background music. Rudy Schwartz and Jethro Tull as nonpersons. Rudy is not a real dudey. Like Dave, Stang, Wei = characters created by "Bob". Marvel settled with the Jack Kirby estate after all these decades. Discussion of Tom Lehrer - intro to Andrew the Impaled performing "Masochism Tango." Show about to end. Our time flew quickly -- but usually it crawls interminably. When is this godawful show gonna be over? 300 days of pure show. The ones in Germany can't stop listening.

10 Andrew The Impaled - The Masocism Tango 02:18

11 Multiple Fisted Tails of Connie (Pisces vocals, Baby Bear bass, Rev. Angry Larry) - I Am SubGenius  01:57

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