Hour of Slack #1478 - Best of 17X-Day 2 / Self-Castration Special

"Teaching the Unteachable What No One Wants to Know"


First half is performances from 17X-Day: Andrew the Impaled, The Mutant Mountain Boys, Evolution Control Committee, Phat Man Dee, plus rants by The Good Rev. Roger (read by Stang), Rev. Skull (read by Pisces), Rev. Feit C. Taj and Rev. Rachel Weirdagain. The second half is live at WCSB. Stang reads Rev. Eraazu's BLOG OF THE SUBGENIUS and The Secrets of the Skopts from THE SEXUAL RELATIONS OF MANKIND. Other topics: Lonesome Cowboy Dave's leaking forehead problem. Mean Dallas Barbie Soroity MILFs. A bunch of Sheetzes. Obabo the Presiserp. Back to 17X-Day for the end, with Rev. Scapegoat's rant and more horror of Armneji Front.

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1 El Queso All-Stars: HoS Intro 3-Bob? 00:36

2 Pisces intros Andrew songs 00:20

3 Andrew The Impaled - "Low Standards" 03:15

4 The Mutant Mountain Boys at 17X-Day - When You See Those Flying Saucers 04:24

5 Stang Reads Good Rev Roger rant part 1 X 06:21

6 ECC at 17X-Day: I Want A Cookie+ 03:25

7 Rev. Skull's "The Technicolor Microdot" read by Pisces X 03:05

8 Rev. RACHEL WEIRDAGAIN talent show 17X-Day 01:40

9 Phat man Dee - I Wake Up Screaming 03:26

10 Rev. FEIT C TAJ rant at 17X-Day 03:19


11 e LIVE 8-3-14 25:55

Stang does credits re: 17X-day performers. Stang reads Eraazu's BLOG OF THE SUBGENIUS. Stang and Wei moving the Queen Mom's space apartment to Cleveland and selves to Germany. (German drinking songs from 1855) Shouldn't play foreign language stuff on HoS unless I know what they're saying -- always get in trouble. LCDave calls in. Dave's forehead plumbing job problems. Dave's forehead is strange. Stang tries to read fan letter to Dave but he accidentally hangs up. Real or prosthetic forehead? Movie: THE TRAIL OF THE SCREAMING FOREHEAD. Stang goes back to the Dave fan letter: Dave is just like Charles Manson, MUSICALLY. Dave in Vacaville. Dave like Jonathan Winters of the CoSG. Thanks for airwave-scouring dolts. Killing monsters more fun than society. Normals, and Barbie Dallas Sorority MILFs are mean. Saw one at Sheetz. Pronunciation of "Sheetzes." Dave does Sherman Wolven Wear ad. Wei and Stang can't wait for show to end because been MOVING the Queen's apartment -- to keep an eye on Queen Mom. "Power years" between 50 and 70, now in Floaty Years. Wei's mom & dad's dirty book: THE SEXUAL RELATIONS OF MANKIND by Mantegzza. Random reading on the Russian Skopts, who castrate and sexually mutilate themselves. Reading about the Skopts. Russian "drink of water" scientific socialist thinking re: sex on the bus. Quotes from book about the eunuchized Skopts. The rap guy who castrated himself while on drugs recently. The art guy who fell down stairs and cut off wee wee. "Stay off the straw." Dave didn't meme to. Obabo censored Dave's current events opinions. Dave collects his wits about him in a little pile. we'll come back to Dave -- Dave can call back - / drop Dave, drop audio, push right sexy button.  


12 Rev. Scapegoat's rant XX 02:51

13 Live Scapegoat to Armneji 00:41

14 The Armneji Front -stang bitching about them X  00:39

15 End url 00:42

16 Lalalalalala 00:02

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