Hour of Slack #1473 - The Day After X-Day - Dr. Hal @ WCSB, July 6


Recorded on July 6 at WCSB in Cleveland immediately after the return of Dr. Hal and Rev. Stang from the 17X-Day Drill at Wisteria. We have decided to release the story of what happened at 17X-Day gradually so as not to traumatize others as we were traumatized, and also to prevent liability problems. We skirt the issue for now for everyone's own good; you'll just have to take our word for it. The mysterious and terrible events are discussed, or rather hinted at, also by Lonesome Cowboy Dave and Dr. Sinister. The show opens with some more carny barker talking by Nate Eagle as well as a weird piece about UFOs by Joe Jeziorski. Nenslo's classic X-Day hymn closes the show.

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1 The Funny Noises Show 00:58

2 Lemur: HOS Intro #880 - Japanese 00:18

3 Nate Eagle 03-The High Striker 01:25

4 Joe Jeziorski: UFO Phenomenon 04:22

5 Nate Eagle 09-The Midget Bible 03:31

6 The Amino Acids: Coaxial Fludder 01:01

7 Live Track 7-6-14 44:53

We've returned to earth after astonishing 17X-Day. Credits. Anachron's review of X-Day. Hal recalls the Burning of the night before. Great times at Wisteria. Unthinkably weird things happened, such as GREAT WEATHER (because the jerks didn't come this time). New dances Twerping and Dorking. Twerk related injuries. We saw the Gates of the Universe! Bloaters and Floaters at the Wisteria Sweat Lodges. There were giants in ancient Ohio. The science of Dave and bones. Telltale human footbones and teeth. Supersized human teeth of the Ancients. Gullible's Travels. 17th century sea travel sounds. Dave's X-Day. Stang went back in time to kill Hitler but it turned out he was Stang's grandfather, Harold and Maude and Kumar Meet Hitler. Tea Bagger Socialists vs. Nazi Socialists for Jesus. Dave and Axis Sally. Lord Haw Haw. Driving with humans; Stang's driving. When acne is outlawed. Was July 5 just YESTERDAY? Hal on California. Details of the hideous "Bob" mummy, the burning of the mummy at X-Day.The mysterious THING stalking X-Day -- killed a dog. Description of "Snuckles." We suspected Legume or Philo. Grisly discovery at the Bobtism. There was no body so therefore no murder. Must release the full story gradually so as not to traumatize others as we were traumatized. A redneck "Noah" in Pomeroy trying to build Ark. The "Econoclasm." Burning "Bob" like Bohemian Grove. Attack of the Crab Monsters and other crab monster movies. Bad monster movies vs. good ones. Duane Johnson's nipples in Journey to Mysterious Island. Are we being sexistful? Sex with rocks. X-Day filth and profanity among the kids. Each X-Day attendee's memories all confused together. Did ANY of this happen? But there is proof. The puppet masters in the background. Wheelchairs pushing wheelchairs -- the terrible vision of the Old SubGenius Home. Oh yes madam -- there were flip flops. There were monsters. Skeletons of Zrdoz. The End of this HoS, but the beginning of a million hours of Synaesthesia!

8 Nenslo, King of All Anarchists - Take Me Off to Space 02:16

9 Rev. Baby Bear: SubGenius Mailing Spot-ECHO 00:33

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