Hour of Slack #1467 - Rants for Handling Panhandlers

64:48 (radio version is 59:49)

First part is a fine new collection of clips and original songs by The Large, interspersed with Lemur's PR Gnus and Papa Joe Mama's classic sermon on the SubGenius diet. The live part of the show after Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in is unusually live. Stang, Doe & Dave share various past responses to panhandlers at length (some of which might be helpful advice) but then the yabbering morphs through several other rant-subjects and builds up to some pretty good mini-rants. One might say that this episode features more interesting visuals than most. The background music is from Rudy Schwartz Project, The Psycho Skeletons, and our old buddy, Bootleg Jimi Hendrix.

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1 LeMur: PR Gnus #1721 00:22

2 The Large - Not Normal collage, songs Part 1 07:29

3 Papa Joe Mama: "Bob's" Kosher Kitchen sermon     05:48

4 PR Gnus #1724 00:26

5 The Large - Not Normal collage Part 3     05:27

6 Live at WCSB 41:17

June 1 2014

Credits - The Large secrets - (philo sounds) Dave calls in - What is funny anymore? The secrets of Wei R. Doe and 13013. The hand of Dobbs hiding in plain sight. Secrets of Rev. Feit C. Taj. Convenient not to remember what happens at X-Day Drills. Getting the noodle TOO wet at Bobtisms. Nursing the fever blisters and other puppies. Making fun of the 7-breasted. Wei laughs at Stang -- that's assault! Dave's and Stang's Many Tales of Funny Encounters with Panhandlers. "Naughty person." "Look at my shoes." "Hang in there bro." "I'm hurtin' too dude." Panhandling from a panhandler. Entitled cigarette panhandler. Thou shalt not urinate freely -- back then. Nobody will notice you unless you're visibly wetting your pants while you're yelling at them. Bill Hicks' panhandler response to "Spare change?" - "No thanks." Stang is mean yet good, like Batman. When Batman Falls on Hard Times. The dozen people who invented the Church of the SubGenius but don't want to have anything to do with it anymore. Dave spills the beans, Stang does DELAY DUMP (pretend). We're all Beliebers here. Mandrill butts, Dave's wish for a purple sphinctor. Passing mustard. Benign Prostate Hyperphasia, Philo and me. Riding a horse without a saddle and a meat cleaver attached to the right area. A snail crawling along the edge of a straight razor. Apocalypse Now, Full Metal Jacket and Vietnam vets. Movie vs. foxhole. Stand describes Mickey Grant, war zone documentary director: THE CU CHI TUNNELS, and CHINA RUN. Book of the SubGenius, Tianamen Square, and Kent State. The TV news footage of all the protestors dressed in Statue of Liberty costumes, bloody on the ground at Kent State and Tianamen Square. 4 in Ohio, 4000 in China. Dave and Stang on what they know of the Tianamen Square massacre. The Maypole virgin sacrifices, Starwood and Kent State -- what's the difference? "I want to be a virgin so bad." Dave the enzyme life-creating babby-former. It takes a village to eat a really fat child. Radio for the Future Times. There will be no future - just people in vats thinking they're hearing a radio show. With an iPed you only need thumbs. They THINK they're talking to other people when they "send." STANG MATRIX RANT. If the placebo is working, why did the C of SG come along and wreck it? Wake up sleeple say the coppertops in unison, in the Hour of Slack. "We Are Abnormals." "I can't believe you're still doing this." "Neither can we." All is occluded, occult. "He always lies, and he's always right." George Tirebiter mini-history. Mrs. Tirebiter was pretty good in Donovan's Frane. What do you think of Edward the Snowman? Corporate spy. Job of govt is with other govts, not with the subjects of the govts. Home made propaganda, Dave the news cub reporter, Dave's catamite coming out in the Pomeranian papers - Old Lady Dave - Why don't we try raising some MAYONAISE? Mr. White taught us about the EMULSIFIER. Very strange Dave statements. Show is nearing end -- there's no right or wrong on this show. Mr. White vs. Mr. Wong the English teacher. Math/science vs. english/hist- lieing slickly enough. "Howard Stern for Eunuchs" Stang rant. The Operating System. Show clock is WONG. SG addresses and URLs. Good PO box commentary. Google is not the World Brain. The "Bob" we mean. Credits for background music. Not Hendrix.

7 The Rudy Schwartz Project -Quiet Evenings with Gimpy 03:56

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