Hour of Slack #1466 - Are You a Terminator Too?

61:41 (radio version is 60:00)

We couldn't resist comparing classic SubGenius rants with the pompous YouTube rant of spree-shooting Pink Boy Elliot Rodgers. His preaching sucks. Papa Joe Mama's sermon, "Are You a Terminator Too?" was a perfect match. We SubGeniuses will let the aliens or "Bob"," or God, do our dirty work for us, thank you very much. Early in the show is more of Rev. Susie the Floozie's Dobbs-centric collage work and some good old-timey "Bob" hymns. When Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in the conversation veers all over the place, occasionally returning to the subject of weekly American shooting sprees and conspiracy theories about them. Obama is blamed for pretty much everything. There is a fascinating discussion of Dave's punk youth as well as thrilling details about the old-world ancestries of Dave, Rev. Stang, and iDRMRSR, and the royal treasures they are owed.

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1    Elliot Rodgers 1 - you women 00:34

2    HOS Intro #669     00:39

3    i  Elliot Rodgers 2 - obnoxious brutes     00:36

4    PR Gnus #1710     00:34

5    2 Susie Bob Show 3 - Bob Songs including "On and Off the Road for "Bob"" by Rev. Bleepo Abernathy 08:44

6    3 Elliot Rodgers 3 - popular kids 00:48

7    3 PJM-Terminator Too  07:09

8    4 Elliot Rodgers - mtns of skulls     00:20

9    4 PR Gnus #1722     00:25


Earliest Man: LC Dave. Credits (Amino Acids first album in background). The similarities, differences between this week's mad shooter, Elliot Rodgers, and SubGenius rants. Had trouble getting a date too, but didn't kill anybody, not even self. Let God, "Bob" or the aliens do the dirty work. "Mal-aligned normals" vs. SubG. Kill "Bob" not strangers. Our scarecow of "Bob" - the dummy built by Legume. Legume did heart surgery on the "Bob" dummy and then later underwent heart surgery himself -- karma. Maggot based artywork by David Lynch. Reading Pappy's letter about being contacted by Spencer Tunick, who wanted him to organize a giant nude photo shoot in Stangsville, Texas. How we tend to be like our parents - Pappy a lawyer, Stang a liar. Dave's dad liked to do impressions, his mom a musician. The ancestral homeland of Lonesomeian Crypto-Pomeranians. Dave's cyclops ancestor. How Daves procreate. Dowry of Dave's wives. Tribal elders on Fox News said the shooter was killing people because he was a repressed gay person. Conspiracy theories of mass killing "hoaxes." The hand of the Kenyan traitor in tornados and hurricanes. The Hollywood elites lie in their sleep. Free press if you own a press. "Isn't the Bible just a... a book? Anybody could make a BOOK." Stang's main job: proofreader for "Bob." Shouldn't have made up "antimusic." Nutless chimp clerk Stang. Stay friends by not being on Facebook. Everybody blames Stang when the aliens don't come, set him on fire. Stang's sequined Pope suit by Catherine Cartwright Jones. Dave's home made piano in background... he's playing while talking. The Pink Boy mass murderer who couldn't get laid -- an affected asshole, a corny Disney villain, crappy forced mad scientist laugh. Dave is against shooting sprees. He was jealous of the idiots in Wal Mart instead of the elites. When Dave was a bad little boy. Playing at X-Day Drill: Amino Acids, Rolling Stones, Pussy Riot, Led Zep, Blue Man Group, Penn & Teller. All doing it for no pay, just to be cool or for the frop. Keef still climbs trees. Transmitters in your fillings in false teeth. Punks with Pacemakers - Dave's old bands where you cut away half your body. Dave's Mohawk and Rockabilly Poebucker hairdo. Mistar Sistar's about to prove he's the true heir to the crown jewels of Sistarvania. Stang heir to the Romanov throne. End of show.

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