Hour of Slack #1461 - Monster Sclub High


This special episode is an exposé of weirdo subversion planted in seemingly harmless Pink Conspiracy programming for young girls. Using a collage extravaganza, Rev. Stang illustrates and over-analyzes the peculiar similarities of certain odd toy franchises, especially Monster High, to the Church of the SubGenius. The monster-SubGenius connection is thoroughly discussed also in clips from Puzzling Evidence, X-Day Drills and the Ask Dr. Hal show. Even Billy Bob Thornton tells of his monster fandom experiences (which happen to echo those of Dr. Hal and Rev. Stang). Three marvelous children's disco monster songs from movies plus Lonesome Cowboy Dave's "Monster Club" provide a considerable change of pace from our, er, "usual" musical selections.

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1 TM-MonsterSound 00:17

2 LeMur: HOS Intro #881 - Outer Limits 13013 00:38

3 Jackson In Normalland 00:40

4 Monster Synth Snarl 01 00:03

5 From Monster Squad movie: Monsters Aren't Real 00:56

6 Dr. Hal-You thought you saw a monster?1 00:35

7 U dont believe about normies do ya? 00:12

8 Normie Vs. Monster Documentary 00:38

9 Monster Screech 01 00:04

10 Watch It, Normy! 00:22

11 planetx_1-Monster Zero 00:25

12 Stang: U Know Not of MONSTERS end 00:35

13 Frankie Stein Meets Ken 01:13

14 HoSlack at X-Day: Sex w Monsters-CoffeeAnally 00:57

15 Normie Halloween Documentary cont 01:42

16 Stang at Starwood: Frankenstein Bonfire 00:38

17 Holt the Normy Slayer 01:13

18 HoSlack at X-Day - Monsters - the FEELING 02:37

19 Monster High(tm) Fright Song 02:55

20 "Bob" in It Came From Outer Space 01:05

21 HoSlack at 10X-Day: MONSTERS & SUBS! 00:58

22 LeMur: Lake Monsters 00:23

23 Ask Dr. Hal: DESERT MONSTERS 00:18

24 Monster Growl Screams 00:15

25 Dr. Hal at 10X-Day: The Mummy, sad monster deathss 03:05

26 Pink Monster, Normie Make Friends 00:56

27 Dr. Hal: So You Thought you saw a monster 2 00:40

28 Happy Monster ending - I'm a Monster 01:21

29 Vincent Price on the Monsterliness of Humans from The Monster Club 02:44

30 Madison beer - We Are Monster High 03:10

31 9 LIVE 4-20-2014 11:45

Stang edits out failed attempt by Dave to call in; analyzes Monster High and knock-offs. No fat MH girls. Anti-bullying message: don't bully other monsters -- just humans. Just like Church of the SubG! Garbage Pail Kids. Monster Hunter Hunter High. YouTube videos by ambitious young MH fans.

32 Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Mondo Retardo band live at beachland Ballroom: Monster Club 02:34

33 Live-NCN-Credit; intro Monster Squad 01:25

34 The Monster Squad Theme 1 01:19

35 Puzzling Evidence & Dr. Hal: Monsters and Spiders 01:04

36 Billy Bob Thornton on Famous Monsters 01:35

37 Puzzling Evidence and Dr. Hal: brain monster 07:23

38 Monster Squad Theme 2 00:58


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