Hour of Slack #1459 - A Monster High (Live 2014-4-6)


Roping "LoneCow Dave" into the station by phone has been tricky lately, so we spent half of this episode replaying some 2005 recordings made when Dave was actually in the WCSB studio. These sections, which we found on a special disc while cleaning, are very rantful although they were originally selected specifically for Wei's Mom to hear, ten years ago. Suddenly, in the middle of the show, Stang, Doe and Dave age 10 years and (among other things) struggle with the issue of racism among monsters -- especially the monsters of a con-for-kids franchise called Monster High. (It attracted our attention for the obvious reasons: girls and monsters.) The "Bob"-"Oyeh" song at the very end is by Rev. Circle Maker.

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(BITS OF HoS #996)

1 7:25 - Title - Coffee Collage (by Norel Pref?) - The Marching, Smoking Dead "Bob" Clones in the Garage - Bathtub Meth bathtubs

LIVE: Stang explains that we are playing old show recordings because we don't know if the station phone line has been repaired.

2 4:20 - Dave feels up Wei - Children of Tomorrow - PO Box - collage "All in the mind

3 15:11 - I wanna see LCD and Bro Justin - Carnivale - Red Mist - All is Backwards - Wei & Dave -

LIVE: Dave Calls In (live April 6, 2014)

Ban the ocean! Our hearing problems. Everybody going deaf?!? Dave thought Stang beefy, meaty, now fading into the red mist. Wish I could spend all my time on the potty. Ever heard of MONSTER HIGH? Stang analyzes MONSTER HIGH in great detail, monster history. Where are the humans? Eaten? "Time to kick some bat." Dave is hearing dwarf reptiles. We wasted/enjoyed a day of Monster High -- plots, dialog insipid, but art details show much bulldada. Their hypnotic blob hair. The little role model girls walk like hookers and are monsters yet ALL PRETTY. Our granddaughters raised to be pretty monster hooker girls, nerdy and smart. What's not to like? Stang's daughter's sneaky make-up at school. Racism among monsters - villain Count Stoker is racist or monsterist vampire, oppressing "all other monster types." Stang's fave: Ghoulie, the Very Special Monster of the school. The autistic monster child and yet "the smartest kid in school." The only monster girl that's not almost completely Normal looking. Dave on worldwide anime meme. Dave vs. Bernard and their different implants. Discrimination even among monsters. Yeti in a cage, playing a video game. Monster Club and Mondo Retardo Band. The real monsters are the humans - Hitler, Pol Pot, Paul McCartney. Our actual monster friends. Dave re: religion as a cargo cult. Monster High fan club site wouldn't let us use username "PeepPeep Longstalking." Used Rev. Seek, should have used "Audrey Tistic." Who is a monster? The Hunchback is a victim. Sometimes the movies come up with silly ideas -- Frankenstein's Monster might not REALLY have been afraid of fire. Mary Shelley -- more different words per novel back then! Civil War letters didn't use LOL, OMG. Old timey lit was the Bible and Shakespeare. People actually read novels for Slack!! Hard to do anything on a horse. Stang's dislike of horses kicking him in the head over and over, hence leading to this show. Often a lucky accident solves the mystery -- Scooby Do = Gilligan = "Bob" - HooDude. All a trick by the evil old Republican. The rich guys are always the bad guys. No, the bad guys are the rich guys. Stang wants to be a bad guy, but. . . Can't all the types of monsters live together in peace in Monster High? Whereas in Monster Hunter all monsters must die, by Stangor's hand. The vampires wouldn't feed Dave so he had to pick nits. Carnivore blood not tasty. Human blood not good unless a baby. A HUMAN baby. We will be eaten by superior beings: worms. Dave mistaking his wife for a hat. Jedi Vulcan Mentats. The frozen tissue problem. Can't make a third nostril with a floor tack. The sound got better as soon as I complained about it. Keep complaining! Wheeky squeal. Internet is for whining and complaining and snarking. Hearing the crumpled frozen tissue paper. "The only time I don't hear the crap is when we all shut up." Famous last words: "Don't worry about it" - the sound getting bad, Dave sounding even older than he is (unimaginable!) -

Track 3 from HoS #996 con't: Spank the future? Abusement Park carnival rides: The John Wilkes Booth, Arturans - 996 - credits that make no sense - Draft coming back, to fight for New Mars, Old Earth, Media! - X-Day approaching (2005) - X-Day promises - costume ball ((WARRIORS)) - False Idols on the Highway - Bobtism  - great X-Day, Dave rants - You'll be there. Our priests don't chase children - too small. Field of SubG children doing Things - Slack-off artists - Wei's UFOs coming. "Bob" is a forgetful god. X-Day revenge on bullies. "Bob" the perfect drug. False prophets. Let's dance amid the bombs! 

LIVE: End, explaining old recordings, URL (with beginning of Bobsongs 7 album) 

"The N "Bob" Song" by Rev. Circle Maker

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