Hour of Slack #1454 - Snip the Evil Wire or the Good Wire? (Live on Oscar Night)


The original plan was to worship various guitar players of the Church of the SubGenius, but Stang's attention was snagged just before leaving for the station by something else: not the Academy Awards, which were happening that night, but the intensely jealous comments from "the peanut gallery" following a Yahoo news article about the red carpet getting rained on. Amazing how the most trivial subject matter still leads inexorably to vehement dissertations about the evils of the Negro President and climate science. So, Stang & Doe read the Yayhoos of Yahoo again. Despite this distraction, Time Control is discussed at length with Lonesome Cowboy Dave, along with every other damn thing, especially the Conspiracy. The episode opens however with a kick-ass major collage by The Large plus some great LeMur bits and PR Gnus. Musical guests: Einstein's Secret Orchestra, The Psycho Skeletons and The Rainmakers. The background music for the live yakking is a great jam recorded at 9X-Day Drill involving The Amino Acids, Lonesome Cowboy Dave and Princess Wei.

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1 Reverse Wei Chuckle     00:04

2 OhYe     00:02

3 Lemur: PR Gnus #1707 00:54

4 Lemur:HOS Intro #873 - One, Two...HOS Six Grenades     00:36

5 StangDoe Shalakandala Debasoya     00:05

6 Purple Johnson Blimp Sitaution-Blimps for _Bob_ 00:18

7 The Large - On the Other Hand 08:50

8 PR Gnus #1706 01:01

9 the Psycho Skeletons - Chumaloni Transplant     01:48

10 PR Gnus #1705 00:31

11 Lemur - Soupman #09 - General Zort Movie     00:57

12 Live Track 2014-3-2     40:22

Dave calls in, spleenly. Time & the SubG. Hating NOW. The Movement to End Now. Now is too fleeting. THEN is always warm and squishy. Wei is a Nowist, Stang a Thenist. Credits. Dave madness Now. The Church of the SubG -- the Antidote to All Placebos! No Bob No Aim No Race. Dave's "then" on Santa Monica Blvd, L.A. - It's Oscar night, this recording period. Pinks watching the Oscars. There was an article online about it raining on the Oscar red carpet, and we present the Yahoo Comments that followed: dissertations on the evils of "Pres. Obozo" and global warming believers. "Truth Seeker" and "Hardman" Yahoo comment quotes re: Liberturds Moochelle etc. U mad, bro? The Two daves Jam at 9 X-Day, playing in the background. This is Day 4 of America in crisis and we're at war with Russia. Gay-bashing Yahoo commenter - Dave says RNC generates them? Obozos were on the bus. Stang on the Bozos. Bozos won't be on the back of the bus in the furue - Pinks surgically made to look like clowns. Evil bozo knives sharpened on YOUR TONGUE as a razor strop. Wei reads "Please crash a plane into the Oscars." Hollywood communist homosexuals! Joe Stalin, Joe McCarthy, what's the dif. Dave has no leanings, wobbling in middle of road. Dave's neighbors out to get him. Bill collectors on Dave's phone are AUTOMATED! A.I. robot phone people -- same way we do shows sometimes. Evil Western Dave. Snip the evil wire or the good wire? Jiggle it a little, it'll open. I guess he GREW OUT OF CoSG!?!?!! Dave calms Stang. Old Time "GAY TEENAGERS" 1960s exploitation narration. Yahoo commenter response to "Why Gays Scare Conservatives" article. Potheads and gays all EQUAAAAAL?!? Rant. Dr. Sinister struggles to get a word in edgewise. "Yahoo is censoring hard tonight." But Hardman posted twice! Liberturds like Clint Eastwood and Mel Gibson. "John Wayne was a queer" and Repo Man vs. Repo Men. Comedy, Dark Comedy, Darkness. Are we letting our lord Satan down by trivializing these important issues? Devil, Joe Hoover and J, Ron in a bar. Pappy said the Devil is the other God. Because he's a Bible scholar he doesn't believe a single word of it is real. Jesus wrote the Bible in English. Background Two-Daves X-Day "Bob Raping Jam" with Rev. Angry Dave and Lonecow Dave. Turn your radio up and hold your phone to the speakers! (Dave can't hear bg music) - tribute to our guitar player buddies. Rainmakers song to come, guitarist apologizing to all girls for all musicians. Will play Dave's IODINE 131.

Einstein's Secret Orchestra - IODINE 131

Col. Libtard Dave credits. Stang intros song about guitar players apologizing to all girls. Show ID. Dave sphincter and electroshock, URL.

13 Rainmakers (live) - Another Guitar     04:36

14 Baby Bear: SubGeniusMailingSpot-ECHO 00:33

Background music in live sections: 9X-Day Wednesday Night Jam

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