Hour of Slack #1453 - See You on the Saucers, Rev. Bob Casale


Contains VERY RARE DEVO. It's a bummer to think that I, Stang, wasn't prompted to discover just how many unheard DEVO songs I had preserved in the Bulldada Time Control lab until a member of the band suddenly and unexpectedly died -- a stern reminder that X-Day could come when you least expect it. Therefore: SLACK OFF AS IF YOUR VERY LIFE DEPENDS ON IT! The other members of DEVO have always been supportive of the Church but Bob 2 and his wife Lisa were the only ones who actually ponied up the (then) $30 for Ordainment. Also he was a swell guy in person. All of the music in this episode is by DEVO and most of it gets heard only by the most devout DEVOtees -- many of whom we see every year at the DEVOtionals in Cleveland, and whence come our copies of some of this swell material. Thanks especially to Rev. Toth Wilder for extreme rarities.

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1 Lemur: HOS Intro #865 - Hot Rod 00:27

2 Mark Mothersbaugh showing off his new Fairlight, 1984: Bobaloid 00:27

3 DEVO: Psychology of Desire (demo of song that mutated into "Super Thing") 04:06

4 Stang Intro over Bobo Homo (Mark M) 01:17

Rev. Bob Casale of DEVO 1952 - 2014 -- through being cool.

5 Very Early DEVO  prank description (Mark M.) 01:12

6 DEVO: Please Baby Please 02:38

7 Mark M's Bobaful World with Stang doing Credits 01:54

Stang explains the "Bob"-sample DEVO songs (recorded at Mark M's house in 1984

8 "DOVE" - I Saw Jesus in the Morning 01:27

9 "DOVE" - You Gotta Serve Somebody (Bob Dylan) 05:42

10 DEVO - Can U Take IT? 00:51

11 DEVO - Goo Goo Itch (alternate) 02:19

12 Live 2014-2-23 A 09:52

Dave calls in. The Passing of Bob - another Bob down the Bob trail, out the Bob window - already on the escape vessel. "Bob's" Promise Came True for Bob 2. Only 61 years young - Gerry born 1948, Mark in '50 - Casales from Kent - Who can replace Bob? Chas! Art show at Amy Mothersbaugh Roos' Studio 2091 in Cuyahoga Falls OH, art of Rev. Apostacy Fnord aka A.P. O'Stacy aka Ms. Tori - Stang's wrong directions in Dave's dream - Dave losing faith: Good! That's stage 2. We kill everybody named Bob except "Bob" - Another Casale brother in Akron, the smart one who didn't get into the rock and roll biz. Devo vs. Dove, Boogi Boy & Bob Dylan born again. Boogie Boy hasn't aged, still a big fat baby with finger in toaster. Too many sound receptors in Boogie Boy's ears. We're all Devo -- Dr. Sinister, P. Wei; DEVOtional of 2014 in August at Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland. No hip straddlin' in this bizness. Songs from Recombo DNA, DEVO out-takes coming up.

13 DEVO: Some Things Don't Change (demo) 02:52

14 Live B 08:46

The way of the world -- corruptigated world full of spineless creatures - Dave reads letter to Rev. Ivan Stang very badly - Dave had a stroke? I've had 3 just today. If you can stroke you don't have to hump, but let's not go deeper into that. Background music: DEVO EZ Listening. Strange Dave talk mixing crisis in Armenia vs. Venezuela vs. Ukraine, revolting against the Monkey Kings. Take out the neck bolts and you got a boltless Frankenstein. We need pertinence.  Bob Casale cooked chicken for everyone at that DEVOtional, put extra reverb into it. Casale's death on CNN front page for 2 days! Sinister on Chicken Hunting - Stang does Foghorn Leghorn - been watching Looney Toons and Merrie Melodies - Porky Pig's sister smokes ham. Porky is wearing NO PANTS! Like Dave. Intro Devo song.

15 DEVO: Love is Stronger Than Dirt (demo) 02:09

16 Live Pt. C 07:50

Discussion of song lyric. Bacteria stronger than dirt. Song "Time Bomb"about sex? ALL rock about sex? Predicting the money shot - can one "money-shot" on cue? "Bob" could come on command, but refused to. Connie: "Bob" - come!" - Deus Sex Machina. Zeus and babes days.. promise under a thin veneer of lies. Tissue of lies - snotty used tissue of lies. Assassins for "Bob" -- oh no, said ASS twice on radio! "Assclowns" vs, "Asshat." Don't say "real world"! Don't say anything real on SubG show! Dave on Eye in the Wilderness. Devo's newish album. Time passes too quick because NOT ENOUGH MILESTONES! Kidney stones that sing Star Spangled Banner. Canadian National Anthem insanity...

17 DEVO - Time Bomb (demo) 03:10

18 Devo - Modern Life (bonus track on special New Trad LP releases) 01:35

19 Rev. Baby Bear - SubGeniusMailingSpot-ECHO 00:33

20 DEVO - Modern Life Pt 2 XX 01:26

Background music in live sections: DEVO EZ LISTENING

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