Hour of Slack #1448 - Xister Cram-Ups! + Live "2014"-1-19


Rev. Xister (of Ministry of Slack infamy) sent us a massive collection of collages and mashes and froptunes, and the shortest of those form the first 15 minutes, and the end, of this show. In between, well, Lonesome Cowboy Dave called in and it's groin carrions all the way down after that. "Sleep on Through to the Other Side" - "Old SubGenius Home" - "Dick is a Problem" - "Muffintop Brain" - these and other fab tracks are coming right up!

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1     BROUGHT TO YOU BY - bobs steakhouse - edit     00:26

2    HOS Intro #871 - Don't Be Chicken-used1402     00:59

3     stereo bob 00:29

4    man of bob     00:39

5    big bob pt2 and perpetuate heresey     00:47

6     BROUGHT TO YOU BY - bobs meats - edit 00:29

7    Morel Bob  00:54

8    My Incompetince Went Down my Britches     00:09

9    big bob pt3 - lucky than smart X     01:33

10   bob slack rally X     01:08

11     masque of the red bob pt01 - dr hal  01:37

12   bobs in the kitchen - short vers     01:48

13     reports of bob - dumb luck 01:49

14     expose on bob     01:39

15   Live 1-19-14 copy 42:12

Dave calls in. Not a scary show NOW. Pig-America today. Our trip was truncated by leaky pipe, condo, money - old folks leading older folks - Connie condoms - the right way to make "Bob" condoms - true Yeti Love - Hitler as The Smiling Man - Dobbs Vs. Dobbs - Groin carrions - Dobbs genocided the SubGs for their own good - Leni Riefenstahl - "Bob" in Triumph of the Will - Church mentioned on Clyde's Ground Zero show - The Skunk in Our Basement - The Year of Old Folks Taking Care of Old Folks - Power of Attorney forms - send Stang to the old SubG Home - blind Subs get Google Glasses - Dave met horny WWII vets ogling 50 yr old waitress - "Only 50 years young", ugh - Comedy vs. angst nausea - laughing AT Dave - depressed comedians - don't mention the Church at a job interview - My Dinner with Matt Groening & Gary Panter - Sleep on through to the Other Side as we Retirees say - Our parents dying - This must be 1998, the deaths make it easier to say goodbye to Earth - Thanks Obomba - credits for the Rev. Xister collages, mixes and cram-ups that were played the first 15 minutes - RevX @ X-Day Drill - The reign of "Bob" vs. the snow of "Bob" - DEVOtional coming at Beachland, Cleveland, Aug. 16 - The Old Devos - those 5 years older than me: REALLY OLD people. And REALLY old Subs like GGG and Enoch Root. Once we're dead and that movie gets made we'll sell those books. "Whatever I was gonna say, you better believe it, dude." The weak brown-crayon sphinctor in the middle of your forehead. Dave's 3rd eye growing back, with Eye - the Double Mean Baby Head report: the baby-head is gone! Could this mean we could be free of Dick? Evil Dick. Dick is a problem. Ice T's song. Could have been clear, clearer than The Invisible Man. Violent as an egg! Conflict! Muffintop Brain was a good band. Seattle sound. Crazy shit - Hoooo is in the "Bob" Tree? Dave's a Cutter -- that's why he eats all those beans!

16     masque of the red bob pt04 epilouge - letting bob in     01:54

17   hava nagila vs ÏËÌÛÚ (TATU Moscow Grooves Institute mix) remix by revXister     01:21

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