Hour of Slack #1445 - Drugs Special Pt. 1 (Rerun of #51)


A legendary 1986 episode! Seriously. For some reason, at least three major-league SubGenius Doktors have told us that the single thing that initially got them seriously interested in The Church of the SubGenius was this specific episode (or maybe its follow-up, which we'll play next week). It evidently hit a number of listeners where they live. The subject was drugs, as well as the War on Them and how it has affected the SubGenius Race. It has a cast of hundreds. There are some scathing sermons interspersed with amazing Media Barrage tracks by Byron Werner, Puzzling Evidence and others, and great D.K. Jones music. The mix was slightly altered when we reran it as #788.

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01 H51 Titles

TITLE-OuterLimits, Disclaimer     DRUGS MB 8 -- backmasking,


02 New Credits,


03 Old Intro


04 Drugs barr.1


Stang: Bob Said Gonna Give Ya Drugs

PuzEv: Mrs. Valium


05 Bleepo "PILS" & rant

DRS. CON RANT "Bathtubs of Pils"

Buck devival "Wise Pils o Bob"

Clip "Possess these children"; drugs-teens

Clockwork Orange: "Stinkin' World" w/ docu.


06 RAINMAKERS: "Everybody's Drinkin' on the Job"


07 Stang Rant -- "Pleasure Center Stimulator"! w/ bg music by DK Jones "Hirasaki"


08 Drugs Barrage

No Safe Pleasure Drug

Dick Gregory -- car cancer

Tiger Lily Egg Salad

Pleasure Center Threshhold Resetting

Outer Limits "Consciousness Expanding" rant


09 Drugs Barrage

Record Montage: "Goddamn the Pusher" Steppenwolf, Firesign "Pack of Cards", Stones "2,000 Light Years from Home", Nina Hagen, Firesign "Angadrine, Pep Pills", Firesign "Dear Friends"

"Hour of Slack on KNON"

DocuCollage -- Clockwork Alex, Art Linkeletter LSD, Country without a Future

Stang road rant -- Dew on Lips of Sweet Death, Live in the Treetops, Xandy and the Dead Squirrel

10 DRS. 4 "BOB" -- "Half Assed Drunk" (shit already cut)

11 Alice Cooper "Ballad of Dwight Frye"

"Goddamn the Pusher"

12 Stang "WORLD OF HEROIN VS. COFFEE" rant -- music by Rev. Mark Mothersbaugh (clip end?)

13 Palmer Vreedeez & Puzzling Evidence "Dark River Tunnel Ride"

14 Frank Zappa -- "Charley's Enormous Mouth"

15 The Last Poets "O.D."

DOKSTOK II recordings "I Took Too Much; Drs. jam; "Pils"; "What're We Gonna BREATHE now Dr. Stang?";

16 MB 8 Drugs Barr.

Hard Stolen Dollars docu collage, "Superdynamic Overdrive" preacher!

Collage -- "Normal" song,

Alan Watts "Deviant State of Consciousness"

"Bob's Got Ya Hooked" -- Drs. 4 Wotan

Stang & Drummond "Esspresso"

Dick Gregory (Drs. 4 Wotan bg"

Clockwork Orange intro "Korova Milkbar"

Dick Gregory stomach cancer

Preachers collage

Alan Watts on schizophrenia

Stang Headache Wotan "Medicine Fish Hole" -- aspirin

17 Buck Naked "Wirehead Conspiracy", stang credits, Paris Records

18 END, PO Box -- music from Zombofropland by Jay Condom

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