Hour of Slack #1441 -- The Shocking Truth About "Bob's" Dick (Live 2013-12-1)


They never should have let ANY of us on the air this week. "Us" being Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Princess Wei, Rev. Stang, Puzzling Evidence, Philo Drummond, Dr. Hal, Phineas Narco, The Amino Acids, Mr. Fernandinande Lemur, Einstein's Secret Orchestra, and especially G. Gordon Gordon.

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1 Lemur: HOS Intro #859 - HAL Ain't Talkin' 00:47

2 Puzzling Evidence/Dr. Hal/Phineas: Sugenius and Xtian 04:07

3 Lemur: Bug_Porn23 01:06

4 G. Gordon Gordon: Life like Pipe - suckit 00:10

5 The Amino Acids: The March of the Centipedes     01:22

6 G. Gordon Gordon: that's bob     01:03

7 NCN/Phineas: I Don't Know 01:03

8 Einstein's Secret Orchestra, live, 1999, Euclid Tavern (?): Iodine 131 04:14


9 Live Section Dec. 1, "2013"

Mixed with: NCN/Phineas: Nobody Trusts Anybody Now, Stang music, LeMur cut-ups

Spooky Stang talk over spooky Phineas collage. Credits re "Iodine 131" and ESO, Regis. Credits of songs, collages. Dave calls in, the Doubtful One, refuses to bleed his own rectumony, Iodine 131, gotta frolic in the radioactive debris, Perry nuke plant nearby, spokesperson for BAB DABBS. Bab Dabbs babble. Old Stool HoSlack. Examining discharges in German toilets for signs of disease, Freudian escape into the future - Teutonic Titwillowage and Nazis & Bush's grandfather - Third World War faught with peashooters - commies in the backyard - "Bob" collages in bg - like jellyfish in the rain - insane Dave rant re Chinese catfish - weird Dave collage song - Everybody knows/ I Don't Know -


The double mean baby head on the back of "Bob's" head!


Why not both? Little Dick stinks. Kick "Bob" collage? CIRCULAR BREATHING - inside-out continuous breath singing example, gimmick of Tenacious D. Negativland last week: no original music. The Negativland empire in the '20s. Prague is not in Norway, it's in DENMARK! Dave's pointy forehead. Free-form trapanating hole opening up on its own! From inside! Telekinetically chiseling his way out of his own forehead.

At Thanksgiving, toasted dead folks, didn't taste good. Chas Lunk. Is THIS SHOW all there is? Future people will think 3 idiots in Cleveland weree God.

Guy who killed himself on 4chan. "Bob" collage (Stang/Lemur).

A MOBY DICK MOVE. Looking to peg the cabin boy, Adam Sandler.  K'taden "Queequeeg" Legume. Would you go trolling for Moby Dick Dobbs?

Insane Dave-Stang-Wei "no apologies." Why not both? Take the pie AND nothing! Preturnatural faith - not super or supra. The Whole Universe is Completely Insane!

Dave rant - Condemfailures rant. Accepting sandwich and pickle, Stang salute to esteameries, watering you from on high, Dave at Rancho Deluxe claims he'z not Little Peppe's father. "New" Wei. Horrible thing about Little Pepe! God stops Stang from killing Little Pepe. Little Pepe at Burning Man. Civet beans vs. Rev. Two Beans. Leave me bean!

Still 10 more minutes? Sound Effects for the Drug Impaired.

THE old sound effects record! Now a REAL SubG show with 3 background tracks. An armpit of lust and logic in one greasy spoon. Message re Throat Singing -- horrible examples by Stang. Aupplause when Stang loses voice.

The glaciers erupting! The crackage sound effect. Dave rant re shoelace thieves & the Church. Dave working man rant! Dave and Wei snapple or a napple - can't say napple. Cops approach -- did you notice how the invisibility potion worked so... oh well. GPS directions. State trooper interview by Dave - SHOW IS OVER! Greebo is not here! Dave's last moments and end URL, Stang sings a little song.

Lemur collage w/ Stangmuzeek, from One-Liners CD near end. "Bob" testimonials.

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