Hour of Slack #1439 -- The Dobbs-Nobbs Feud - Blatter & Oinkment Special (Live 2013-11-17)


We had so much fun doing this live show that we forgot to post it in a timely fashion! Also, The Time Being threw some changes our way. Friday turned into Sunday and vice versa. The first 20 minutes of the show is tossed best-of, by Glassmadness, LeMur, Rev. Bleepo Abernathy, RSO, and a minute or two of Slack from Rev. Stang. Then the live part starts and it's all like vomitous pronunciation of "Bob" as magma beneath crust of reality - practical sentences that sound like surrealism - Emperor God-Man Stang. Wounded foot to Femur Camp. Velveena. Swollen heads in Hell. We laughed at eggheads who said the ocean was tripping on acid rain. Econocataclysm - "Bob" can surf solar waves using a 55 chevy as a surfboard  - the Nobbs versus the Dobbs! With background music by Christian Blatter!

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1 LeMur: I Wanted To Be An Artist 00:32

2 Glassmadness: "Bob's" No Slob 00:34

3 Dr. Hal on SG! 01:11

4 Stang with ESO at Pufferdome, Starwood '99: God Looking 01:18

5 LeMur: God GivesYou Money 01:13

6 LeMur: The_Presidents_Speech4 01:23

7 Bleepo Abernathy: On and Off the Road to "Bob" 02:36

8 Rev. Ivan Stang, Minute of Slack #14: Legalize Porn, Ban Work 01:18

9 LeMur: Angry Male1 00:39

10 Glassmadness I Do Like Bob  02:53

11 Live Track -- Stang, Wei at WCSB; Lonesome Cowboy Dave call-in 01a 45:58

Vomitous pronunciation of "Bob" as magma beneath crust of reality. Dave calls -- Dave Rectal Exam Rant 1 - Local weather from Wotan - tornado in the studio - credits Glassmadness, Bleepo - Iodine 131 cued up - Stang groupies - collages - my cute named hard drives - practical sentences that sound like surrealism - "you got the circle of lizard penises right..." - the lizard skin penis buffet jerk in the parking lot - ALL the listeners know what I mean! Dave-Wei on SubG Argument - Circus clown Repub Senators and Small Gov't Vagina Car - We're working with ((all secret services)) to put everyone in a FEMA camp. Emperor God-Man Stang now. Power-mad Stang rant. Wounded foot to Femur Camp. Velveena. Tiny soldiers for $1. Expanding head and pop. Swollen heads in Hell. We laughed at eggheads who said ocean was tripping on acid rain. Econocataclysm -- you voted for it. We ALL deserve it. Xists -- would "Bob" lie? Dave blather on "Bob" - "Bob" can surf on ANY Waves. Uses YOU as a surfboard. Can surf solar waves using a 55 chevy as a surfboard and lands Est of the Flats. "Bob" wants your snotrag to make his enemies sick -- the Nobbs versus the Dobbs! The Dobbs clan lived on... his cousins Alfred Newman, Chauncey Gardiner - Dobbs DNA level C. Dave madness re DNA clan gene. Challenge to Pappy Nobbs! Steamin hot lard. Texas length rant -- Texas vs. Ohio rant. Dave rant. Drowning in another person's blood. Infected earwax from listening to this program - show infection. Lard Brand Chili in Pnobbscott. Nobbstock full of Quaites and Monskoes. Fizz, fuzz, fizz-fuzz etc. Always examinate even if you have to lift the sac. Punch the blackboard guards! What are we selling? A way out! Way out of your job, an escape INSIDE! Pinks minds in cages -- Moronitites! Higher realms of orgiastic partying in your mind in jail while being tortured! Dave rant over Dick Dale "Ghost Riders". When Dave was stung by 200 tons of bees - true story. DAVE RANT over Christian Blatter instrumental! Boy Dave and Mom Wei, guilty boy Dave, not gonna be okay with "Bob." Dave American Family rant -- it's weird here. Re: Christian Blatter music. Analog electronic music - old synthesizer fart sound. Bladder vs. Blatter. This is the Blatter Show -- Time of PeE - plug 4 Blatter, and for StangDoe Winter Trip YouTube video slide show. Our brag - best stuff, not the driving-to. My enemies will grind teeth in jealousy. Aliens in the background. Demon in control of Stang's blatter? The blatter and a one-hour radio show. Stang's YouTube uploads list inc. Microbugporn for B,A,s. Daves parents were consumated under a tree with bitter fruit, discovered Church in '93, became cultists, Dave called authorities. Scum like CoSG. Back to SubG Hoarders after this. CoSG Hot and Wet package ad by Dave. Brat Wei cries. Is this a weird show? What's happening? YOU DOSED ME! This isn't a show, this is real, it's all messed up, but you don't wanna take me to the hospital. Dave Doctor voice. My mind is no longer my friend. Dave broke my head again. The Blatter CD is still half full because it's CHRISTIAN blatter. Does go back long way like the Nobbses and the Dobbses. Iodine 131. Instead:

with The Swingin' Love Corpses: Pick a Booger

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