Hour of Slack #1427 - Live 2013-8-25 - Man, Marijuana, and The Man / Internet Hate


The piteous whining of Lonesome Cowboy Dave's prisoner is heard in the background of the live discussion involving Dave, Dr. Sinister, Stang & Doe. MANY subjects both topical and uber-trivial are discussed, including: 'Frop; cops harassing outdoor festivals; souls in canisters; brain eating amoebas; GTA IV as a murder weapon; the horrible racist trolls of the Internet and AM radio, versus reality; 'Frop; good news is no news; the Life After People golf course. Non-blabber includes two live Rainmaker songs, "There's a Frop farm Over Yonder" by The Mutant Mountain Boys, some mind-fuckery by The Large and also The Bishop; instrumentals by The Psycho Skeletons and Uncountable Fisted Tails of Connie. And of course, PR Gnus.

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1 The Large - Pink'o Slime collage 03:43

2 The Rainmakers: Half a Horse Apiece (live) 03:15

3 The Large collage 2 02:59

4 The Toyes: Smoke 2 Joints excerpt 01:14

5 SubG Audio 3 by The Bishop - Marijuana collage 02:35

6 SOB drugs levitate clip 00:11

7 Media Barrage 3: WORLD OF THE FUTURE Drug Culture 00:38

8 The Rainmakers: "Drinking On the Job" (live) 04:45

9 SubGenius Media Barrage 3: Coffee Rant - Spazz - Drug Poem 01:18

10 Live at WCSB Cleveland, 8-25-2013 33:58

Credits - Rainmakers for rest of year, and Lonesome Cowboy Dave's Huffy Town Poots - Dave World - Collecting Wei laughs for ring-tones - Wei in the Now - The Movement to Eliminate Now - Time Control broken - The Alarm Clocks not Dave's band - the band Man - jam music from 16X-Day - the busts at Rootwire Festival in Ohio - cops stopping people outside festivals - 24 pounds of nitrous oxide! - nothing to laugh at - we use the cannisters for souls - Dr. Sinister's heavy soul and sick aura - Brain Eating Amoebas and Tommy Amoeba - amoeba non-erections - You can buy a case of brain eating amoebas at Gabe's in Stang County -- brain-eating amoeba hunts - amoebas "yay"-big - giant insects, cells - protozoan taste in clothes - 8-year-old who played GTA IV then shot Granny ((NOTE: We have since noticed that this happened in SLAUGHTER, Louisiana)) - the radio stations in GTA, better'n what yer listenin' to now! - fake radio in the SubG game - everybody on drums at 16X-Day - Rev. I Puked On You Now is not coming back to X-Day - switch to Rolling Stones as covered by Roqueville Orchestra - The Horrible Racist Crap on the Internet and the paranoia in America caused by the media. Sinister's show built on Troll meat. The world of the Internet and the News is not like the world outside my house in Cleveland Bluffs. When people get along that makes zero news -- in my world I see more races not only getting along but making out. Mean World Syndrome. Our mixed nice neighborhood - because not in poverty. Another Wei-Laugh. Dave witnessed racist nut screaming in store. The AM radio media "controlled by liberals" -- yeah right. The cartoon liberals of AM radio vs. real life. The trolls SAY so much you wonder how they have time to get THEIR jobs done. LOL SOCIALISM. Nazi = Muslim = Communist = Liberal. The Unholy Triangle of political finance of media - Time Control and the invention of the second hand on clocks - Dave's prisoner is making noise - leaking soul containment tank - Mexican implements - The Life-After-People Golf Course - giant ant lions - this awful Stones cover elevator music - Let's try the elevator music version of Gimme Shelter - just a snot away - froppy songs and The Mutant Mountain Boys - Dave's dog sounds like a person pretending to be a dog - DAVE HUNG UP!! A first. A bluegrass DEVO SubGenius band

11 The Mutant Mountain Boys: Theres A Frop Farm X 03:09

12 Rev. Baby Bear - SubGeniusMailingSpot 00:36

13 LeMur: PR Gnus #1654 00:51

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