Hour of Slack #1421 - DOBBSTOWN!! - 16 X-Day Show with Dr. Hal #1a - Live from WCSB, June 30


Dr. Hal joined Stang, Doe, Dr. Sinister & Lonesome Cowboy Dave for one last broadcast show at WCSB Cleveland before 16X-Day, but then they talked about almost everything but X-Day, and in an unusually lively manner. Subjects include: Blown blue whales. The Moreau Option and maleable genetics. Monsterdome in Texas. Cowboy outlaw honcho cheroot spouting! The upside-saddle. The Bizarro SubGenius World. ACTUAL PHOTO OF "BOB"!! COSMIC DOBBSTOWN X-DAY RANT. Feral babies in Cleveland sewers. The Declension, the Clenched Fist, and The Rulership. Third Nostril boogers and baby devils or imps. Gran-mal paranoia. Giant Women Movies. We are mere hours from The End - Recess. At the beginning: collages mostly from the early SubGenius Media Barrages and alt.binaries.slack (by Stang, Werner, Drummond, Hambone, LeMur etc.); a fine collage by Rev. Susie the Floozie closes things.

This quintet of yakkers went on that night for another two hours of radio on Dr. Sinister's show, Radio Synaesthesia. Clips from that will probably be rerun here later, but not necessarily in sequence.

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LeMur: Flying Saucers

Dr. X - U.S. cease to exist; Perilous Times preacher; Alice Cooper line; UFO and EotWorld radio clips (thanks to St. Byron Werner), Stang on TV re: X-Day; Something New to Die For clips; ESO & Stang "Sex Day"; Wrath of God; Sterno - First Moment of Noise; chanting at X-Day 6; UFO contactee tape clips Werner collage

Stang explains this show and future shows while driving in rain after 16X-Day

Collage continues:

Rev. Stevie Hambone UFO contactee collage (666 lady); Rev. Jimmy Swaggart on Devivals; Zozodada mix; EotW clips to "prince o' Peace.

LIVE AT WCSB: Ivan Stang, Dr. Hal, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Princess Wei, Dr. Sinister:

We shall eat of The Pig at X-Day. Edible packing peanuts. Stang's turducken recipe improvement. Blown blue whales. The Moreau Option and maleable genetics. Bringing fave video game Monster Hunter to life on X-Day. Monsterdome in Texas. Texas State Senator Wendy Davis; Texas politics; Baby Bear's immortal "SMALL GOVERNMENT" line. Stangsville TX vs. Cleburne and Stephenville. Racially offensive Texas town names: Drowned SubGenius Creek. WESTERN STYLE BIT w/ Morricone score. Grand Theft Palomino. Cowboy outlaw hindmost honcho cheroot spouting! The self-pruning aroma. The upside-saddle. String 'em up or string 'em along. Non-Kryptonian powerlessness colors. Me Bizarro SubGenius! This world IS The Bizarro SubGenius World. The SCARY RECENTLY-DISCOVERED ACTUAL PHOTO OF "BOB"!! -- discussed in detail. Like Pickman's Model. The profound mystery of the photo from which The One True Dobbshead must have been made. WESTERN-STYLE COSMIC DOBBSTOWN X-DAY RANT by Stang over Morricone music! THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY. Can't say "bitch." It's the 60s at WCSB and 1984 at KPFA. Cameras at KPFA radio station mean cowering in the parking lot, not rocketing away. Radio callers = flame war trolls. Dr. Sinister arrives. "X-Day is Here" song ~ Apocalypse babies not cute; good for baby oil. Baby powder? Feral babies in Cleveland sewers. Feral vegetables. "Ghost Babies in the Sky." (Dick Dale excerpt.) The Declension, the Clenched Fist, and The Rulership. Third Nostril boogers and baby devils or imps. The ocean-like noise that goes with the WCSB phone lines this month. The repair robot needs repair. Gran-mal paranoia. Souls of shuffling buffalos. Teepees of the natives of England and Germany. The slaves of Gruntesium and the invention of work. Romans in clown suits and the disease that killed pumans. Peach Bellini's 8 1/2 prequel. The Giant Fellini Prostitutes and Giant Women Movies. Nino Rota music from milk commercial. Not from Planet Giant Cornfed America. Milk fed giants tiny pineal glands. We the plump and oily rise to the top and make the starving watch us on TV. We are mere hours from The End - Recess. We're graduating to New World! Mrs. Darden. Texas abortion fillibuster - aneasthesia for circumcision! Janor's non-appearance on TV. End of show #1,420 One. 2 more hours of this? We need a triple. "It's a PHONE BOOK!" "BOB" DOES NOT COUNT, BECAUSE HE'S ALREADY GOT YOUR NUMBER" -- Rev. Hauer. Signing off gradually. LSD trip is a series of flashbacks. PO Box. URL.



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