Hour of Slack #1414 - SubGenius in Movie Prophecy & Alien Science (John Dies at the End) (Live 2013-5-19)


This episode is designed not only to make you feel as if you've lost your mind, but to actively rot that selfsame mind, for reals. Though recorded live on WCSB, 2013-5-19, half of it is music, collage and extremely (coincidentally?) SubGeniusful movie dialog clips. "John Dies at the End" (2012) and an episode of "Tales of Tomorrow" (1951) both contain uncannily SubGenius-centric stretches, which flabbergasted us when we saw them at an iDRMRSR/Dr. Dark movie night. Dr. Dark also provided us with a "scientific" monograph which describes alien cultures as researched via remote viewing -- a classic of its kind, read in UFO Channeling Voice by Stang. Mind-wrecking music is by Fishbone, ESO, The Rudy Schwartz Project, and The Amino Acids with a new song (!); collages are from Rev. Royal deCapitator and The Large. We also hear preaching by Brother Freddy of the rogue SubGenius hate group, The Westeros Bobtist Church. Special guest stars: Jack Chick and Lonesome Cowboy Dave (whose buzz this time proved to indeed emanate from the station, not Dave).

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1 WCSB's Joel HoS Intro 00:13

2 Rev. R. deCapitator - Jack Chick 2 01:06

3 John Dies at the End clip - Korrack Rant X 03:44

4 The LARGE-E-Alexander-HoS Title-TalkinTrash 00:44

5 Bro. Freddy- Might Think You Know Bob 00:10

6 The Large-A - I Met My First _Bob_ 02:33

7 FISHBONE - 05-Akkafoo XXX 03:52

8 Arms of a black man 00:18

9 John Dies at the End clip - Intro 01:58

10 The Rudy Schwartz Project - 12-Full Frumbarella XXX 03:15

11 John Dies at the End clip - David Wong side effects 01:26

12 Rev. R. deCapitator - The Ocean1 01:14

13 Rev. R. deCapitator - Climate Change-I Mean Wow Man 2 01:11

14 Rev. R. deCapitator - Jack Chick 3 00:35

15 Bro Freddy-Eternal Salvation 00:20

16 John Dies at the End clip - Harvest Insects XX 00:59

17 John Dies at the End clip - Lovecraft Cop rant XX 01:33

18 Tales of Tomorrow_intro 00:11

19 Live in Studio 2 Tales 02:49

20 Tales of Tomorrow_mutant_speech 02:05

21 Live to John Dies 00:51

22 John Dies at the End clip - Everything U Know is Wrong 01:02

23 Live to john dies 2 00:12

24 John Dies at the End clip - Own Eyes-PlanetX XXX 02:14

25 Live - Journal of Space Exploration Reading 18:44

26 Rev. R. deCapitator - The Device 2 01:04

27 Rev. Baby Bear - SubGenius Mailing Spot 00:36

28 The Amino Acids - Theme From The Slack Hole (side A) 02:52

29 Bro. Freddy - Westeros - GET RIGHT OR BURN 02:20

30 John Dies at the End clip - Wanna Shoot U So Bad My Dicks Hard XXX 00:14

Background music: "Witch Disco" by Einstein's Secret Orchestra

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