Hour of Slack #1401 - StangDoe on Puzzling Evidence 2-08-2013 Pt. 1 - The Crack In the Hole


End of the reruns! We're leaving the San Francisco Bay area after sitting in on a total of 12 hours of live radio on the Puzzling Evidence show (3 2-hour episodes) and The Ask Dr. Hal Show (2 3-hour episodes). Philo's description of Part 1 of the first of the Puzzling Evidence ones: "The Show regulars are joined by KROB and the STANGS (not a new bandname) in whirlwind food service performance that goes beyond the pail or bucket, as it were. In this Show, Church Secrets, Inside-Jokes, Overly Extended Concepts, Preposterously Loveable Conspiracy Theories, are killed while the callers fight desperately for a word. The Puzzling Evidence Radio Show on KPFA. Like an fine old chum bucket filled with half-baked concepts and sweet pickles in an arresting array of florid putrefication."

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LOG of THIS EPISODE:Beginning from some old X-Day HoS - Susie, St. N & Helene Handbasket, ESO Radio on UFOs, sex, X-Day - 'last show' - 7 seals - last 5 minutes of show crazy EotW rants - trying to get Stang to make the Kool Aide - end of old ESO show - Chas sings Water from the Wells of Home - Jimi will be there, Jim, The King will be there / KPFA madness starts -- PE intros guests, callers blab, passing scary guy on bike on dark road over and over, The Big Ass Rock, The Devil's Ass Mtn Chain, Stang and Wei report on THE THING (on I-10 in Arizona) -- kiss the Indian Mummy and she'll turn into a beautiful Indian Princess. (27 min) - Wolfgang Jack - Komodo Dragon slobber - evil doppelganger vs. doubledouger - Stangor in Grand Theft Auto - Echobad the Nude Monster Slayer - the ocean of Show - LC Dave - Cycle Savages - YouTube Oscars for every user - JACK THE GIANT RIPPER - THE KRAKEN - IT CAME FROM THE CRACK IN THE HOLE - CLOWN ATLAS - Escape from X-Day - station ID - Jurassic Park is a Mean Dinosaur - JurassicParkasaurus - "Bob's" Lunch Hour - Fissures of Men - Dobbstown is a stinkin old hole crack - This hole has a hole in it. This crack is cracked. I can see the meat in me. Victor Street and Lee Harvey Oswald. Munger? I just met her. Philo's old house. Crank Poebucker died.

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