Hour of Slack #1392 - Rerun #926, BACK ON "BOB"


This is truly an old-school "Bob"-centric episode: SubGenius "back-to-the-Pamphlet" fundamentalism, with everything from the oldest Glassmadness Dobbs hymns to more recent Dobbsedelia by LeMur and Einstein's Secret Orchestra. Well, recent by Church History standards; this rerun is from 2004. Includes Stang rants, Heart Ignition, Norel Pref, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Nenslo, Zappa, nu-monet and the one-man band, MAN (now "Man, Incorporated.") A mouldin' oldie, in other words, yet as fresh today as it was in 2004, give or take 8 years or so.

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1 LeMur: HOS IntroB 00:25

2 LeMur: "Bob" ah 00:40

3 LeMur: My Friend "Bob" 00:13

4 LeMur: Protect "Bob" 00:12

5 "BOB""BOB"fart 00:16

6 ESO 11-2-00 PipedSmoker Cometh! 00:56

7 Call Him "Bob" 00:05

8 LeMur: Praze"Bob"40 00:13

9 Bleepo on "Bob" 00:23

10 Stang at Starwood '04 g-FaceBasedReligion 03:10

11 Stop"Bob"MindGoing 00:14

12 LeMur: "Bob" Passing2 00:15

13 "Hello"Bob"" -- Glassmadness 03:48

14 Glassmadness Credits 00:40

15 LeMur: Atomic "Bob" 00:29

16 LeMur: Chicken Sez "Bob" 00:19

17 LeMur: LetterFrom "Bob" 00:28

18 LeMur: Watched By "Bob" 00:20

19 Stang at Starwood '04 j2- Slack Luvs "Bob" 00:50

20 "Trust-Dobbs-Not 2 b A Wolf" - Heart Ignition  00:31

21 "Wilderness O' "Bob""- Einstein's Secret orchestra 01:43

22 Cred Chaz to WCSB 00:14

23 ESO12-14A3 Texans; "Bob" Is God! 02:40

24 This proves "Bob" 00:10

25 "I Wanna Die for "Bob"" - Doug 0 01:51

26 Credit Doug 0 00:12

27 LeMur: Praze "Bob" rev1 00:01

28 LeMur: Call From "Bob" 00:34

29 Traced-Call-"Bob"" - Heart Ignition 00:21

30 LeMur:  yes He Was "Bob" 00:24

31 LeMur: Kill "Bob" 00:14

32 LeMur:  "Bob" Yeah 01:13

33 "truelice" - Norel Pref 01:17

34 Cred Liar Pref 00:03

35 Stang at Starwood '04 s - LIAR; ShorDurPerSav 01:48

36 LeMur: Amazing "Bob" 00:35

37 "Trouble-On-Line-"Bob"" - Heart Ignition 00:11

38 LeMur: Did "Bob"Call You 01:16

39 LeMur: I wonder Who Of "Bob" 00:06

40 ESO 9-503p - Dave Slime Rant 01:24

41 "Gross-Interview-Slight-Reverb" - Heart Ignition 00:26

42 MAN -  "Go Fuck Yoursel" 01:19

43 ""Bob" is Innocent" - El Queso All-Stars 03:03

44 "Bob" followed through - $13 g 00:14

45 Credit  LeMur, Ques, Man 00:34

46 LeMur: Good Smoke 01:11

47 Stang at Starwood '04 v - Pre-Tarded 02:51

48 "There's a Feller Down in Texas" -- Nenslo 02:46

49 Nenslo-P.O.-Zappa cred 00:20

50 Frank Zappa - "You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here" 03:37

51 What is Dobbstown by nu-monet Intro 00:19

52 ESO 112-01 - "WHAT IS DOBBSTOWN?" 10:59

53 LeMur: "Bob"head 00:30

54 Shut Up Like Hell 00:13

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